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First Christmas beer tasted!

Started by Viv, November 01, 2021, 11:55:18 AM

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Hi Filip et al,

Perfect, complex, and layered from du Bocq. Creamy, smooth and luxurious
mouthfeel and taste. Toffee, coffee, chocolate, mocha, cream, toast, caramel,
fruit cake, and Dundee cake. Lovely stuff!

My first Christmas beer was tasted yesterday, on the 31st October! 

I am still working my way, albeit quite slowly, through my enormous stock of
bottles, and some are just over or near to the "drink before date" hence picking
this beauty. Some that I have tasted over the last few months have aged well,
others not so well, so it is a bit of a race to taste them ASAP!

Coming up soon are a few brews that are new to me so I am really looking
forward to tasting them and putting my notes on here.



John B

Hi Viv, now it's official. Christmas season has begun!  :beer:  I noticed you didn't rate this with your usual  t_u rating scale. An oversight, or have you stopped doing that?

Cheers! - John


Hi John,

I only give a rating (  t_u  ) to beers that I am tasting for the first time!

I have tasted Gauloise Christmas many times since 2003.........