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Bierstro Nieuwege - Jabbeke

Started by Trappist, September 29, 2021, 12:41:03 PM

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By coincidence, this article greatly adds to Jay's recent message:
New "non resale" Westvleteren boxes

Last Sunday, we went to Bierstro Nieuwege in Jabbeke. Close to Bruges.
Here is what the chalkboard mentions as greatly available vintage beers.
Oh yes, it includes a Trappist Westvleteren 12 from 2013! Came at €12.00.
That really is a reasonable price for such an old Westy 12. As I always say: "You really can't drive for that price to Westvleteren"

Yes, I ordered!  :Manger:
Is that OK for the monks?  C:-)
But yes, that sure is OK for the monks  t_u  O:-)
Nieuwege sure won't get rich from that, and that beer gets into the right hands, i.e. Filip Geerts, webmaster BBB.
I really can't see anything wrong with that.
Also, because this beer is past its best before, it could have already being poured into the drain  :drunken_smilie:

Bottled: 23 May 2013
They use a best before of three years. In this case 23 May 2016.

Nice dusty bottle. Cleaning that bottle would be a shame.
The beer pours quite frothy. Nice foam layer that stayed.
A wonderful perfumy aroma escaped the bottle, just after I uncapped it. Estery components.
It's great that Jim gave me the bottle un-opened. Wonderful !!!

Even the foam layer says this beer is from a big WOW-effect!

This bottom shows the last bits I poured from the bottle, including the yeast sediment.
I tasted and got some freaky "bitter" yeast flavors. Not really that tasty  :eyes: but I finished the glass with ease.

Unfortunately, some carboard flavors were present. Yes, oxidation has got its hands here.
But, after all, it wasn't really that annoying.
That typical bread flavors were still there.
Nice sweetish, but ofcourse without the local hoppy flavors and aroma.
Port/sherry notes have been produced within that 8 years of bottle conditioning.
Quite an enteresting drink, but ofcourse the fresh or let's say 6-12months old Westvleteren 12 is much more delicious....even only for the hops.
After all, a wonderful experience which, I loved sip by sip.
This makes beer pub visiting so much more attractive and enjoyable. Essential really  t_u

As usual, we always go for food, and ofcourse ...........  another beer   :zicon2_beer3: :Manger:

I choose their mixed platter

Katrien went for the farmers ham and a Trappist La Trappe Quadrupel.
They always have the Sint-Bernardus Abt from tap. That was my choice.
Love that beer from tap, its so much more fresh and tasty.

That ham really is so delicious, and filling too. I can only recommend to try this when heading to Bierstro Nieuwege.

Sint-Bernardus Abt from tap. That creaminess is just amazing!

Always funny to see that they offer free beer every morning after  :chin: :find:   ;D ;D ;D ;D

"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson