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Aux Trois Savoyards

Started by David Thornhill, April 07, 2024, 02:43:20 PM

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David Thornhill

There are references to a brewery of this name in Ypres which I believe is nonsense. However, the café with the same name does serve beers brewed by Aux Trois Savoyard. Ha, ha! However, digitally I can trace nothing about this beer. I don't think this is my sort of drinking venue, but anyone know more about the beers?


Hi David,

The restaurant you name in Belgium appears to have three house beers,
but you might have to visit, buy a bottle, and then look at the label
to see any mention of where they might actually brewed if not on site.




Hi David,
Three house beers indeed.
When looking at the Tripel Maman ( it says: Collaboration with Leroy Breweries !
A tripel at 10 vol%, made at Leroy is the Kapittel tripel. It wouldn't surprise me that those three beers are just label beers.

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