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Started by Trappist, November 23, 2023, 12:42:36 PM

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So shocked and sad I was when I noticed a couple of months ago that Kings (formerly called De Kingsclub) here in Bruges went bankrupt.
About 3 weeks ago we went there, and indeed the place was shut down with the message bankrupt on the entrance door.
But see, last Sunday the place was open again, as if nothing has changed.
This place is not really a beer pub to be precise.

They offer about 30 quality beers at reasonable prices.
Normally we always go for their precious Gouden Carolus Whisky Infused from tap, from which you always get about 40cl. @ minimum :) (€4.80)
But that day the tap was dry, but they still had the Gouden Carolus tripel from tap, which was a great relief.
I like this place because it has that local feeling (no tourists), easy free parking, no need for reservation, and great affordable tasty comfort food too.
It is quite some relaxing Sunday afternoon time spending, just outside the busy Bruges' centre.
Also: Friendly staff (as usual).

Starting with an excellent unspoiled Karmeliet tripel.
Unspoiled because ABInBev hasn't changed the original recipe after the take over from Bosteels brewery.
This is one of the ultimate best triples from Belgium!

Gouden Carolus triple from tap and a gorgeous Trappist Rochefort 10!

Gouden Carolus triple from tap is always such a fresh experience.
A beer that has it from that fresh spiciness (coriander included), actually quite similar spicy to the Karmeliet triple.
From tap it comes with that delicious looking creamy head. A surplus factor  t_u
After the foam settles, one gets that beautiful lace looking foam remainings (see picture), decorating the inside of the glass. Just beautiful!!

As said, they didn't have the Gouden Carolus Whisky Infused from tap, but this beer easily replaces that.
What a great Trappist beer folks!
Coriander spiced, as today we are 100% sure of  t_u
11.3 vol% strong, and having such a malty sweet'n spicy perfumy flavors, so hard to copy!!
Most probably the best beer in the world IMVHO :)

Needless to say that the food is excellent.
Katrien had a lasagna and I had their normal spaghetti.
Tasty satisfying comfort food at it's upper best folks!

For more details about Kings, feel free to visit their website at

"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson

John B

Lovely Filip! Nice to have a place like that nearby, and yet not full of tourists.

One question though ...  :chin:   

I clicked on the link you provided to their website, and was looking at their lunch menu. Under "Daily Special" for Tuesday November 21 it lists "Tree trunk" as being the entree. What the heck is Tree trunk?  ???

Cheers! - John


Hi John,
Tree trunk ?? Ah, you mean "boomstammetje".
That's a description for a tree trunk shaped minced pork & minced veal meat sausage with cheese, coated with bread-crumbs, topped both ends with dried parsley, giving that tree trunk with bark image.
Very popular here in Belgium and also in Holland.
Yes...... delicious !!!
"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson

John B

Thanks for clearing that up Filip.   t_u

Cheers! - John