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Author Topic: Grimbergen new brews  (Read 57 times)


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Grimbergen new brews
« on: August 26, 2021, 12:19:25 PM »
Hi Filip et al,

Grimbergen apparently have started up brewing using a microbrewery
to create several new brews. These are only limited in availability and
distribution, for the time being anyway. I cant wait to taste them when
they come my way, even though that could well be next year.

-Ignis Quadruple     10.0%

-Magnus Opus Brut   8.0%

-Astrum Pale            6.0%




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Re: Grimbergen new brews
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2021, 09:58:57 AM »
-Ignis Quadruple     10.0%

-Magnus Opus Brut   8.0%

-Astrum Pale            6.0%

Hi Viv,
Waiting fore the beers to arrive to the Bruges' beer scene too  F_C
The beers actually look very promising to me.

Nice to notice the special ingredients on the front label.

Magnum Opus Brut beer: Fermented with sparkling wine yeast
Ignis Quadrupel: Brewed with beech wood smoked malt
Astrum Pale Ale: Dry-hopped with Galaxy hops

No doubts, those are signs of quality.

It seems has them for sale, but they sure are not the cheapest beers around.


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