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Karmeliet Grand Cru

Started by Jay, November 07, 2023, 11:46:05 PM

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Hi everyone,

There's a new version of the iconic Triple Karmeliet, a beer famous for being brewed with three grains - the new Grand Cru however is brewed with four grains, the new 4th grain being Rye.

Looking forward to trying this.

Jay  t_u


Hi Jay,

Great scoop!

It looks fantastic, and I bet it tastes the same too so, like you, I can't
wait to taste it.....

Karmeliet Triple is fairly easy to source and at a sensible price but I
imagine that this Grand Cru might be pushing nearer the £10 per bottle,
but hopefully I will be wrong.




Hi Jay,

I have viewed their website and a bottle is 15.99 euros!

( Three times the price of the Triple for this 750ml bottle! )

You can order online for delivery in Belgium only, and the number of
bottles are limited.

Hopefully one of the Belgian online beer shops I use can source a
few bottles!

Longer term I do hope that it becomes a regular beer like Duvel
Triple Hop did after an initial limited edition.




Great scoop Jay,
But not really sure if that rye will be justifying that 3 times more expensive.
But for that, I need to taste first......
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