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Tete de Mort Triple Amber

Started by Viv, October 16, 2023, 11:32:12 AM

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TETE DE MORT TRIPLE AMBER  t_u  t_u  t_u  t_u

New Triple Amber from du Bocq, with an ABV of 8.1%. New brew for me.

Pours a deep golden ruby amber with a nice creamy frothy head. Good lacing.

Sweet honey, spicy, raisin and fig aroma.

It's medium bodied, with a slight effervescence throughout. Complex, balanced,
and good depth of flavour. Sweet, with chocolate, caramel, toffee, demerera,
honey, florals, ginger, black pepper, clove, and creamy with hops and malts, all
with a slightly warming presence. Great brew!