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Straffe Piet

Started by Viv, October 07, 2023, 02:29:35 PM

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STRAFFE PIET  t_u  t_u  t_u  t_u  t_u

Triple Ale / Strong Blonde / Strong Amber ( which one!? ) from St.Canarus, with
an ABV of 10.0%. New brew for me. As they already have a well-known and long
established Triple it's unlikely to be a Triple, as suggested by some online references.

Pours a deep golden blonde with a good sized rocky frothy creamy head. Great lacing.

Hoppy spicy aroma.

It's medium bodied yet has an incredible soft fizzy filling mouthfeel, with a rich,
smooth and creamy texture and taste. Great complexity, balanced, and with incredible
depth of flavour. Warming, hoppy and spicy, with lots of malts, toffee, caramel,
clove, citrus fruit and peel, florals, herbals, with a long dry bitter and really
earthy finish including black pepper, and even a hint of Cointreau too!  Simply
outstanding... ( reminds me of Dulle Teve! )



John B

Any beer that compares to Dulle Teve is a winner. Here's another one from st. Canarus that I hope to find someday and try.

Cheers! - John


Hi guys,

Witte Piet: Got to be one of the best wheatbeers there is!
Straffe Piet: reminds me of Dulle Teve!

What an amazing compliments!!!

Brewmaster Piet Meirhaeghe will be VERY happy to read this!!!  t_u  t_u  t_u  t_u  t_u
Indeed, two outstanding beers.

BTW, the name tripel has no meaning really. They are mainly blond and above 7 vol%.
But there are dark tripels too (Ostendse dobbel tripel for instance) and a very weak tripel Piedboeuf Tripel at 3.8 vol%.
Let's stick to Strong Blond. Makes beer life much more easier. A tripel is mainly a strong blond.


"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson