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Remarkable Cooperation with Oud Beersel!

Started by Trappist, May 03, 2023, 11:30:08 AM

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Hi folks,

Quite some remarkable message now.
It's mainly about cider, although there is one beer that has been blended with Belgian Lambic!
Hence not being posted inside the Chit Chat section.
My Ukrain friend Vitalii Karvyha has escaped Ukraine for safety measures, and this after his meadery was bombarded and destroyed.
What a disaster folks  :-\

Note that I had a splendid memorable Ukrain Beer Tasting, offered by Vitalii (Mead) Karvyha himself.
That happened in Kiev - July 2017 - when we had a stop-over to Bangkok.

Here is the footage:

This has left me a hangover the next morning, but the pleasure we had that evening was phenomenal. Massive thanks to Vitalii  t_u

But see, today a great cooperation has been achieved between Vitalli and Gert Christiaens from

It's the objective that all profits will go to Vitalii to re-start his business. Most preferable in Ukraine.
Ofcourse, this won't happen that soon, as the war needs to be ended ofcourse. I hope ASAP  F_C
In the mean time, Vitalii can already start a new business somewhere here in Europe. I think this is a great idea!!  t_u (Belgium would be a perfect location I think  t_u )

This news has reached the local television here in Belgium.
Source: (starts at 6:25)

I wish Vitalii good luck and much prosperity for the very near future  t_u  Success 100% guaranteed  t_u

Filip (hoping that war will soon end)
"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson


This is great news Filip, the wonderful things people in the brewing world are doing to help get Vitalii back on his feet (last year with Mikkeller and now with Oud Beersel) it shows there's a lot of love for him out there...and rightly so -

We have both experienced his warmth, hospitality and willingness to share...what a true gentleman and I wish him every success.

Jay 🇺🇦