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La Cambre

Started by Viv, May 01, 2023, 11:10:21 AM

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Hi guys,

I've tried a couple of brews from the Brasserie La Cambre, in Brussels, namely La Cambre Triple and La Cambre Blonde, in 2021 and 2022. They were
brewed at Anders.

When visiting the Het Anker website I noticed La Cambre listed
on their beers page so clicked on it.

In 2022 a new duo of beers, namely La Cambre Blond and La Cambre IPA, 
will now be brewed in Mechelen under licence from Het Anker, and
on behalf of the La Cambre Abbey. They also have the Certified Belgian Abbey mark.

So, Anders previously brewed for the now defunct brasserie, and now het Anker brew for the Abbey, and have changed the brew lineup.




Exactly Viv!
But why they did they do that  ???

This could well be the reason I think.

Here is my tasting from a while ago (november 2017)
The amber to be precise. It sure was a tasty beer.

They brewed much more beers then. A triple too for instance, as you mentioned Viv.

Today, there is indeed only those two La Cambre beers available.
A Blond and an IPA.

Those 2 beers will be found frequently at Het Anker tied taverns, cafes or even restaurants.
Not from tap, but from bottle only.

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