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Taverne Saint-Pierre - Malmedy

Started by Trappist, April 22, 2023, 10:45:36 AM

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On the way back home from Germany.....
We took a long break at Taverne Saint-Pierre in Malmedy.

Another picture from the pub:

Their beer menu is big enough to be a worthy Belgian Beer Pub Map entry  t_u

Great rustic looking bar with alot of Achouffe items, and a nice row of Trappist emblems decorating the back wall.
Placed on the bar is a small carton box, containing some booklets.....

And see, these are the Trappist Gouverneurs booklets. The tavern is mentioned inside, hence being available.
That's a nice and thick booklet which you can take back home at no charge. Great Trappist beer pub guide!

Personalized BIG Chouffeleir glasses + a big bottle too. That bottle is a 1 litre one to be precise.

Kwak commercial on the table.

But we went for a delicious and affordable local beer, called Malmedy Triple, brewed at nearby brewery Bellevaux.

Second order.
Note that this one is not an Authentic Trappist Product anymore, but it still says "Trappist" on the label, and the beer itself didn't change at all.

Paired with a delicious mixed platter (Planque de Bière)(€8.00). The meatball on the right side was a true delicacy - yummy.

There is also the possibility to have much more food.
For more details about that, I can suggest to visit their website at from where you can also see more pictures from the enterior, etc...

No hesitation, this place is already a SURE come back !!  t_u

BTW..... there is a wonderful butcher's shop across the street opposite square place.

We bought many delicacies, and after tasting I can say they are all from exquisite quality! Smoked Ardennes salami, charcuterie, name it....

"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson