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de Koninck Oude Geuze

Started by Viv, April 09, 2023, 10:55:00 AM

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DE KONINCK OUDE GEUZE  t_u  t_u  t_u  t_u

Geuze from de Koninck, brewed/blended at Boon, with an ABV of 7.0%. New brew for me.

Pours a crystal clear pale golden blonde, with a large creamy frothy head. Excellent
lacing is produced.

Fresh crisp sharp aroma of wheat, fruit, and bretts.

It's thin to medium bodied, and nicely carbonated with a very smooth creamy luxurious taste and texture. This is a Lambic for those who don't like the extremes! Everything is just so subtle and easy drinking... yes there's bretts, it's sour, there's horseblanket, ascetic acid, and some puckering but it's delivered in such a mild way. There's plenty of fruit, caramel, and honey too thus making it a complex, balanced, rounded brew, with good depth of flavour. Sweet yet dry, and it also becomes vinous as it warms up. Great stuff!



John B

I've never had that beer Viv, but would not have guessed that caramel and honey would be there in the taste. Interesting!   :chin:

Cheers! - John