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Tayman's Brewery

Started by Viv, March 27, 2023, 11:13:38 AM

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Hi Filip,

New brewery Tayman's..........

At an unsuspecting location in Jette, buildings of the historical Taymans Brewery and Malthouse have not seen brewing action in 50 years. Now, inside of one of original buildings, 6 brothers, all grandsons of the last brewer, are reviving the family brewery. We brew special beers such as an IPA and a Saison. We also aim to revive the historical (Lambic, Gueuze, Kriek) beers and always with organic ingredients.

Full details at their website     brasserie-taymans-brouwerij




Hello Viv,
Thanks a million for mentioning over here  t_u
Has been added to the BBB brewery list.
This really looks quite amazing, knowing this is a true revival of an old brewsite.
The idea to make lambic (Gueuze) as well makes it that more interesting and exciting  t_u
Success to bry Taymans  :appauding-1:
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John B

Very nice story, thanks for sharing that Viv. I wish them well, and like Filip, and most interested in how that Gueuze will turn out.

Cheers! - John


Hi guys,

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