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Bier Beurs Broechem

Started by David Thornhill, March 11, 2023, 06:17:50 PM

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David Thornhill

Just got alerted to this festival on 1st April via Facebook. Refers to Bieren Van Begeerte and that they are a microbrewery. Are they? Or is it from Proef? 60 beers at the festival, but no menu, so tricky to decide if worth the journey.


Hello David,
Bieren van Begeerte is a real Belgian brewery!
I also don't find any beer menu from this festival.
Although a couple of the beers are mentioned on Facebook: incl. Bieren van Begeerte.
It seems you need to follow their FB page and website to see what breweries will participate, once they are all published. That's ofcourse quite late already  :chin:
It sure looks like an interesting beer fest to me.
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