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Gouden Carolus Whisky Infused - Spanish Tapas Platter

Started by Trappist, March 09, 2023, 10:09:38 AM

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It is always such a pleasure heading to Kings here in Bruges! (
Not really a beer pub, but they still offer about 35 beers.
Included are two excellent beers from Het Anker from tap. GC triple and the Whiksy infused GC beauty at 11.7 vol%

Always nice to see how filled those glasses are. That's really about a 40 cl. of great beer  :o

This is paired with a delicious Spanish Tapas platter for two. €20.00
Formerly, this place was called Kingsclub. That changed about one year ago towards Kings.
A place we frequently visit, because it's has that perfect easy location. There is an outer terrace too, and inside, it is BIG!! Always tables free.
We always go there to sample the Gouden Carolus Whisky Infused from tap!! That's a €4.80 order. What a delicacy folks  t_u
And ...ofcourse, the food is astounding and affordable.
Last month, a huge renovation took place.
New menus, wine decorations everywhere. wooden wine crate sides on the wall, wine barrels, and even a huge pamphlet showing a picture of a most wonderful and huge wine cellar.
Quite a great upscale there. And the prices of the beers didn't go up, which is nice ofcourse.
This Spanish platter is new, and we were curious how that'll look.
Well, I must say, we were very surprised. It's really the real deal, like we are in Spain :)
Albondigas (meatballs) in tomato sauce, Patatas Bravas, mixture of olives and a spicy pepper, Chorizo sausage slices, Serano ham, Manchego cheese, Tortilla, and 2 Pan con Tomate.

Anyway, that was a true moment of joy....... which we sure will do again... and again....  t_u

BTW..... Ordering two of those whisky infused monsters is more than enough, believe me. What a strong beers they are  :drunken_smilie:

"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson