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Tre Fontane Triple

Started by Viv, January 02, 2023, 10:36:04 AM

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TRE FONTANE TRIPLE  t_u  t_u  t_u  t_u  t_u

Triple, with an ABV of 8.5%, from Italy's Trappist Tre Fontane Brewery. New brew and new brewery for me.

Pours a lovely crystal clear copper amber blonde, with a good sized frothy bubbly creamy head. Good lacing.

Floral herbal medicinal hoppy aroma.

It's medium bodied, and well carbonated with a fizzy mouthfeel. Complex, layered, balanced and with good depth of flavour, although overall quite subtle but it's top quality and refined, with a classy smooth and luxurious taste and texture. Sweet start with a dry and bitter finish. Herbals, florals, honey, mint, caramel, berry and orchard fruits, cherry stone and almond, medicinals, malts, hops, menthol, clove, candy, pine and eucalyptus. Great brew!