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Massive Kwak promotions lately

Started by Trappist, December 22, 2022, 03:11:27 PM

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ABInBev is doing some massive promotions lately for their obtained Kwak brand.
Today, here in Belgium, one can buy those 6-packs of Kwak blond and rouge with a 4 + 2 at no charge.

I paid €7.20 for that six pack at my local Alvo supermarket.

But see, there was also a free glass offered when buying two 4-packs.
In my case this ofcourse were two 6-packs as the 4-packs were not available, due to that promotion 4 + 2 free.

You may safely state that I was a happy man!!
Finally, I have that glass :) and actually this beer isn't that bad either. Gives some nice almondy cherry flavors and it's not too sweet either.
That respectable 8 vol% sure makes things more enjoyable too  :)

The new Kwak glass was presented inside a carton box.
But it is not a simple box, because you can make a Kwak holder from it  :o
Not the well-known wooden stand for the previous longish glass, but a very simple stand.
Yes, call this a funny gimmick... but I made that stand just out of curiosity :)

When you turn it backwards, it gives the Kwak blond.
So, it's not really made for the original amber Kwak, and is just a promotion gimmick for their new blond and rouge.

That holder is not needed too, because the new glass has been made much more stable.
The glass isn't that tall anymore and has a much wider foot.
It sure won't fall over.
When savoring the beer, you still got that Kwak glass sensation though.
No spilling when reaching that small part halfway.
Beautiful luxury golden rim too.
Yes, I like it alot!!! Quite some clever move from InBev.

The Kwak blond isn't a bad beer either. I really like it too.
Well, you won't hear me complain. I wouldn't dare :)


"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson

John B

Wow, I bet it's been about 15 years since I've had a Kwak. Nice promotion there Filip. If they had something like that here I would certainly give Kwak another try. Nice glass too, and the do-it-yourself beer holder is a great idea.

Cheers! - John