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Waardams Wit

Started by Viv, July 25, 2021, 11:40:38 AM

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Wheatbeer from Stokhove, with an ABV of 3.9%. New brew and also my
first ever brew from Stokhove.

Pours a cloudy blonde amber, with a large initial bubbly head, which fizzes
away quickly but does leave a continual residue right to the end. No lacing
is produced.

Spicy aroma with grains and malts. 

It's medium bodied, and has a high level of carbonation creating a fizzing
and filling soft mouthfeel. Initial sweetness gives way to a rather
appetizing dry and bitter middle and finish. Not that complex, but a nice
refreshing summer drink. Some fruits, spices, hops and malts in a smooth
and subtle depth of flavour. Below average for the style.