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Started by Viv, December 06, 2022, 10:38:01 AM

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STOUTILICIOUS  t_u  t_u  t_u

Imperial Stout aged on wine barrels from de Bock, with an ABV of 9.0%. New brew and new brewery for me.

Pours a jet black with a huge light brown creamy bubbly head. Some lacing.

Strong aroma of wine, fruit and hops.

It's thinnish bodied, and nicely carbonated. Velvety smooth, with good depth of flavour, but I'm not sure it's that rounded or complex. It's sharp, crisp, tart, sour, fresh, and very fruity with lots of gooseberries, blackcurrant, plums, prunes and figs, along with raspberry flan. There's background Stout flavours only with some caramel, malts, chocolate and coffee. The wood- pine and oak- eventually strongly prevails and dominates with some background umami and raisins, resulting in a long, dry and quite bitter finish. Almost like a Flanders Red in profile. Think stout in red Burgundy wine. For me the wine is too over-powering over the Stout, but it's certainly an interesting brew.