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Dikke Jan Blond

Started by Viv, November 05, 2022, 11:37:34 AM

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DIKKE JAN BLOND  t_u  t_u  t_u

Blonde Ale from Dikke Jan ( brewed by themselves at the Deca brewery ), with an ABV of 5.5%. New brew for me.

Pours a golden blonde with a huge billowing frothy bubbly head. Some lacing is produced.

Lovely fresh crisp hoppy aroma with spices, florals and herbals.

It's medium bodied, with a high level of carbonation resulting in a fizzy, soft, and filling mouthfeel. Good complexity, goos depth of flavour, and very rounded. Fresh sharp and crisp when coldest it does mellow as it warms, with lots of hops, malts, florals, herbals, spices, cut grass, citric fruits, peel, caramel, grains
and honey. Sweetness gives way to a dry finish. Very easy drinking, would make a great session beer. Great brew for the style, definitely not far off the very best. 


PS I see that they have now released a Quadruple, and I cannot
wait to try it..........