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Redor Pils

Started by Trappist, September 29, 2022, 06:33:55 PM

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Time for one of the best pilsners of Belgium!

Redor Pils, brewed at brasserie Dupont. (5 vol%)
A beer I brought back from our recent visit to "Tourpes en Activité".
Folks, this is amazing stuff!!
Such a full flavored bottom fermented beauty.
Refreshing, very crisp, hoppy, and that artisanal authenthic flavor, pointing towards it's excellency.
Mass produced Belgian pilsners like Maes pils, Jupiler, Stella Artois, Cara pils, etc... have zero flavor compared to this beauty.
This is nothing industrial, nor mass produced into a watery product.

Frankly, I'm speechless  :-X


"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson