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NEW - Cara Blond and Rouge

Started by Trappist, June 10, 2022, 10:31:45 AM

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Two new beers are launched here in Belgium!
Cara Blond 8.5 vol%, and Cara Rouge at 7.5 vol%.
They both are the successors of that well known budget friendly Cara Pils.
Low prices are the key here!
Cara Blond came at €0.54, and the rouge came at €0.699 (=exact price mentioned on the ticket!)
They both are contract brewed for Belgian supermarket chain Colruyt.

We've tried them both.
The blond is quite sweet and malty. Nothing that hoppy really.
Nice dense mouth feeling though.
The rouge is a typical sweet syrupy kriek beer, classified amongst the more alcoholic kriek beers like Kwak rouge, Kasteel rouge, Delirium red, etc... that kinda stuff.
In this case it tastes somewhat more watery, but the price is also MUCH lower.
Both beers are certainly not bad, and their purchase prices arte damn affordable. Who's to complain  t_u
Could be a great solution to the high inflation rate lately  ::)

More details (Dutch):

But where is it exactly brewed  ???

Quote from link above:
"Waar Cara Blond en Cara Rouge gebrouwen worden is een goed bewaard geheim en zal Colruyt Group nooit onthullen. Hetzelfde geldt voor Cara Pils."

Translated: "Where Cara Blond and Cara Rouge are brewed is a well-kept secret and Colruyt Group will never reveal it. The same goes for Cara Pils."

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