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Started by Viv, June 17, 2021, 10:34:31 AM

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Hi Filip et al,

As mentioned in my tasting notes for Vliegend Varken wheat is used.

I have noticed, for example, that wheat is finding it's way onto the
list of ingredients for several beers recently, although they aren't
classified as wheatbeers. Maybe wheat is cheaper than barley.

On a recent Abbaye beer re-tasting that shall remain nameless I noted
that dextrose and sucrose-syrup was named. It may be a different
name for sugar of course. The beer was a couple of months past it's
date but it did taste rather of industrial chemicals to me.......   




Hi Viv,
Wheat is the normal ingredient in the famous Belgian wheatbeers (witbeers).
They use alot of wheat, which always gives a hazy appearance.
It is quite normal that wheat is also used in different beer styles. Maybe for the price, but also for the flavor.
The wheat is not malted, so it doens't give any fermentation results. A flavor thing yes.
Personally, I always prefer malted barley.

About dextrose, etc..
Actually, a good beers sure doesn't need extra sugar additions. The sugars that are formed after the maish process are already enough IMHO.


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