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Bierhuis Oud Beersel

Started by Trappist, March 16, 2022, 01:07:50 PM

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Here is a small report about an amazing re-vived beer pub! Bierhuis Oud Beersel.
A pub that stopped its activities in 2002, and this together with the brewery.
But see, today this gem has been wonderfully re-vived!

Bierhuis Oud Beersel - Laarheidestraat 230 - 1650 Beersel

The pub is attached to the brewery house, where deceased brewmaster Henri Vandervelden lived till his dead in 2018.
He was third generation.

More on the left, we see the entrance towards the beer cellars.

I think they made a tremendous beautiful job with the renovation!  :appauding-1:

This picture, made in 2003, shows how it looked before.

That orange painting was such a great decision. Great move  t_u

Let's enter.....

Entering gives quite a big space. Nice to see that brewmaster/blender Gert Christiaens was present.
Standing on the right side.
Actually, he is the guy that took over the business and re-vived the whole thing.
At this point, only the blending of Lambic is done. The Lambic is brewed at Boon.
I still wonder if it is the objective to re-install the brewery -- not sure about that, but that would be the cherry on the cake  F_C

Looking to the left shows that beautiful wooden bar.

The front room was busy and the seatings were occupied, so we needed to head to the second room in the back.
Turning my head, we see the bar again, and the window that gives out to the street.

The back room is cosy, and much more tables and chairs are available there.
On the wall (front left), we notice a great pictorial history time travel, showing the start towards the actual recent situation.
The complete picture will show up lower inside this article.
Behind Katrien - on the back wall - a televison was playing some great documantary about Oud Beersel.
In the back on the left, we also notice a window  :eyes:

Let's have a closer look......

Wow, amazing!
Kettles, wooden barrels, etc.... this is a view towards the wonderful world of Lambic blending.

Gert Christiaens on TV.

Johan Wanne Madalijns, Lambic/Old Gueuze lover in heart and soul.  t_u

Old ancient public house sale posters.

Here we have the pictorial evolution of Oud Beersel. That's really nicely done  :appauding-1:

A picture of the deceased organ that was installed inside the old In 't Bierhuis.
On the right side we see that old headphone thing. Picking it up and holding at your ear will give the music that came out of that organ.
Now, THAT's a nice gimmick !

Enough talk.. let's have a drink, will we  :zicon2_beer3:

Here is what is on offer for food and drinks..

A big bottle of "Oude Geuze" Oud Beersel, paired with a house-made cooked meatball, made with Lambic.

Not too sour! Which we liked.
Folks, this is the real thing!
A mix of old and new spontaneaous fermented lambic, that's been masterly blended by Gert Christiaens, and bottle refermented into Oude Geuze.
It is HIGHLY delicious and tastes authentic and artisanal, showing how beer was drunk in Belgium way back in time.
A tradition that should be kept alive for ever and ever...... and that's excactly what Gert Christiaens is doing now in 2022! RESPECT!

Our finishing beer was this tasty Bersalis tripel.
Actually made to help financing the Oude Beersel re-vive, but see, still available today.
A good decision, because this is one of Belgium's best tripels  :exclamation:

Well, that's a bit how it looks alike today. Hope you got a bit of the feeling.
For more details, I can suggest to visit underneath link towards the 125 anniversary of Oud Beersel that I captured already a while ago in 2007  :find:

Even more details:

"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson