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Firestone Walker/Russian River STiVO Pils

Started by John B, January 23, 2022, 01:42:05 AM

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John B

And here's the Firestone Walker, Russian River collaboration, two of my all time favorite breweries, STiVO pils. The name comes from a combination of Russian River's STS Pils and Firestone Walker's Pivo Pils. This beer itself is also somewhat of a combination of the two beers, with some small tweaks according to head brewers Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River and Matt Brynildson of Firestone Walker. This one is referred to as a Keller Pils.

It's a very smooth and easy drinking brew, very much a traditional pils. It has a slightly lower level of carbonation than I expected, and if you're looking for a hop monster then you'd better look elsewhere. I'd previously had Russian River's STS Pils as well as Firestone Walker's Pivo Pils, and this one seems to lean more in the direction of the STS pils as far as taste goes and mouthfeel. All in all I'm liking this STiVO Pils quite a bit for a refreshing late afternoon thirst quencher.