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14th. Bruges Beer Fest

Started by Trappist, October 29, 2021, 03:14:51 PM

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Hi Belgian beer lovers,
Today was not a working day for me.
This means: Time to make the BBF2022 pictorial impression!

About half hour long, which means some beers needs to be savored when watching ---> much more enjoyable ofcourse  :beer:


"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson


What a fantastic "virtual" visit to the beer festival that was Filip  :appauding-1: it feels kinda weird not seeing it in person but we knew we could rely on you to transport us there picture wise  t_u

To veer slightly off topic a second but after what's been a very unstable few weeks things are on the the up...

With less than two weeks to the festival both myself and Linda caught Covid, thankfully we're both fully recovered but it knocked us both off our feet. Linda tested positive for 10 days and myself 8, then halfway through our youngest Anna caught it as well (she also is now fully recovered) but my tastes still aren't exactly A1 and have a tickly cough but nothing maybe missing the festival was in hindsight possibly for the best.

Also today I received the news that I've secured another job inside Sainsburys, it's more hours and more responsibility but I'm very much thankful for the opportunity and we can now look forward to happier (more secure) family times  :)

We can also look forward to our next trip away to Copenhagen for MBCC in 4 weeks times, it really has been a weight lifted off our shoulders.

Now back to Bruges and its beer festival, here's to June 2023....we will be there  B_FLAG

Jay  t_u 

John B

Another excellent report, befitting a great festival. Some familiar faces in your pictures. So many new beers to try. How many new (to you) beers were you able to sample? What were some of the standouts? Thank you Filip for sharing your report with us!

Jay, it's wonderful to hear that you've found employment already, although it doesn't surprise me. Sounds like Sainsbury's knows that they have a great employee and appreciates the work you've done for them. Congratulations to you Jay!   :appauding-1: 

Cheers! - John


Hi guys,
It is such a great news that Sainsbury's got you another job Jay!  t_u  :appauding-1:  Congratulations  :animated-jumping:  :animated-jumping:
Like John says, they do know what your qualities are, and not employing you would be some big mistake.  :appauding-1:  VERY NICE !!!!
Happy to hear your family, and yourself survived that Covid wave. Me myself and Katrien are lucky not have caught it, but future is a question mark. At some point we sure will get it.  F_C  for not.
Anyway Jay, having the disease can only give better antibodies that stay much longer. Not precisely a bad thing.  t_u

About the Bruges Beerfest.
The new venue is so BIG, and has 4 floors too !!!!
The fest happened at ground floor. The reception on Saturdday morning was on the 4th. floor.
Because of the much bigger space, it was very difficult to say if there were more people than the previous editions. It looked less, but could be a trompe l'oeil. No problem, there was too much beer, so what are we talking about  :animated-eat-and-drink-image-
To answer your question John, I must confess that on Saturday, I didn't had that many beers. That's just because the Beer Swap the evening before at De Bierboom took till 3.30am (night).
Actually, Saturday was more kind of sobering day for me, but still I tasted an acceptable variety ... with moderation.
Sunday, I felt MUCH better and could taste with much more enjoyment. But always with moderation too ofcourse (as usual). After all, I'm getting 60 in a couple of months.
I noticed that many breweries made some Saison style! That's great.
Many IPA's too. Barley wines getting a bigger footstep too.
But what surprised me was the vast availability of barrel aged beauties! It' is a trend, and I can only encourage that move.
Ofcourse, it is not possible to savor all the beers, even the new comers (68 new beers!) are that step too far to taste them all. That would be very unwise, and I sure are no ticker for Ratebeer, Beeradvocate or Untappd.

One of my favorits came from a Dutch brewery! Frontaal Into Outer Space at 11 vol%, a Double Pastry Imperial Stout. Wow, that was a WOWZER !
Actually, this was the only foreign entry. A true exception, but I love exceptions like those  :)

See you next year !!!! Glad you will come Jay !! LOVE it !!! And it sure will be warm and sunny in June over here.
There is place outside ! (but not that many seatings inside though...something to work on I think)


"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson


Hi Jay,

Great to hear your good news! That must be a worry off your mind, so now you
can just relax and settle back into the role.




In the mean time, I also published the pictures on FlickR.

"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson