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Duvel Barrel Aged Jamaican Rum Edition - 11 vol%

Started by Trappist, January 04, 2022, 11:26:07 AM

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Newyear's eve was Duvel Barrel Aged Jamaican Rum Edition tasting moment at home !!
I must confess that I was quite sceptic with this tasting, as ageing golden ales isn't really that well known.
Mainly the heavier sweeter beers are used for that, i.e. barley wines or Russian Imperial Stouts, quads, in that league.
But see, the outcome can be called PHENOMENAL !!!

This beer is sold at 24.99 Euro.
Goes with a most beautiful packaging box that also includes a unique Duvel glass (without stem) - see pictures below.
This is already their 6th. batch.

390 quality barrels from Jamaica, resulting into precisely 101.325 75cl. bottles. Wow, that's quite alot !

Weighs in at 11 vol% with a best before of October 2026.

The beautiful box already gives some tasting notes!

This beer pours clear amber, with a nice frothy head, not that rich as their normal Duvel.
No bottle refermentation here.
Nosing gives wood and alot of sweet rum.
Tasting gives a very soft mouthfeeling, not that much carbonated.
Immediatly the rum is noticed! Really very prominent ! Did they add rum too for reaching that 11 vol%?
Presumably, I would say yes, or the barrels must've contained "alot" of rum.
Actually, the Duvel is normally an 8.5 vol% beer  :eyes:

Wow, what a delicate beer this is!
Not that heavy sweet malty, but rather light in body, due to the use of golden ale. Makes it al that less heavy on the stomach.
There is caramel, that sweet vanilla, and that woody aroma and flavor. Flowery in the nose too (esters?).
Especially those sweet alcoholic rum flavors are the main attraction here. It gives the Duvel that richness and deliciousness.
Please, don't expect that typical Duvel flavor. This has disappeared into rum barrel flavors, and a sweet velvery soft liquid.

As Viv would point:  t_u t_u t_u t_u t_u (a masterpiece, yes!!!!)

"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson