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Started by Trappist, June 10, 2021, 10:47:04 AM

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The UEFA European Football Championship starts tomorrow.
Specially for this event, a Belgian red beer has been launched.
Jupiler Red, referring to the Belgian Red Devils soccer players. ABInBev's support!

The Jupiler beer will literally turn red for two months during the European Championship.
After the campaigns in 2014 and 2016, and the name change from Jupiler to Belgium in 2018, Jupiler now goes one step further and the main supporter of the Red Devils changes the color of the beer itself.
For two months, a limited edition of Jupiler, just like the Red Devils and the whole country, will turn red inside.
Thanks to innovative brewing techniques, only the color changes, while the exact same taste is guaranteed.
The special European Championship edition Jupiler Red are available in shops and restaurants from 17 May.
This stunt is part of a large-scale supporters campaign that wants to unite the supporters for the Red Devils, covid-proof, during the European Football Championship.
Jupiler and the Royal Belgian Football Association have been partners for more than 30 years and today officially present the campaign and the red beer during a press conference from the King Baudouin Stadium.

Yes, a nice initiative this is  t_u

Tasting give the regular Jupiler pils though. Not a sweet kriek or similar.
A nice gimmick. That's all.

The beer itself is a typical example of a mass produced industrial pils. Not my favorit ofcourse  ::)

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–- Thomas Jefferson