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des Loups Stout-IPA

Started by Viv, December 04, 2021, 12:18:42 PM

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Stout ( American ) brewed with hops usually associated with an IPA, from des
Loups, with an ABV of 5.0%. New brew and new brewery for me.

Pours an almost black deep dark burgundy, with a huge rocky creamy frothy head.
Good lacing.

Malty hoppy fruity herbal aroma.

It's thin bodied, and nicely carbonated. Bitter and dry, with both hops and malts
coming to the fore. Toast, burnt malts, chocolate and caramel are present as the
Stout element, whilst pine, oak, mango and pineapple are present from the IPA
element. Smooth creamy texture, and nice depth of flavour for the ABV. It
certainly tastes like 2 types of beer, but they simply taste like 2 distinct
brews fighting for supremacy rather than a complimentary blend, so the question
for me is why? And is it a fruity hoppy Stout or a malty IPA? It's neither!
Strange brew but I suppose it has a novelty or experimental value.