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Broers Raspberry Porter

Started by Viv, November 22, 2021, 12:18:05 PM

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Porter flavoured with raspberries from Broers, with an ABV of 8.5%. New brew
for me.

Pours a very deep dark black albeit with a burgundy tinge, and with a good sized
head, although this dissipates quickly but does leave a small residual to the
end. No lacing is produced.

Bitter aroma of burnt malts, cocoa powder and baking powder.

It's thin to medium bodied, thinnish and slightly fizzy when cold, but thickens
up and becomes medium bodied, quite slick and oily when warmed up. Very smooth,
with a soft mouthfeel, balanced, enough complexity for the Porter style, and
overall a very good example for the style, even though fruit flavoured Porters
are very rare anyway. It's quite bitter and dry, with cocoa powder, baking powder,
sourdough, burnt toast, coffee, caramel and dark chocolate, with more and more
raspberry flavour as it warms although it never overpowers the brew. Good stuff!



John B

Viv, when you come across a beer among those many that you have tried that gets a 4 or 5 thumbs up, do you make a note of it to have it again later? Just wondering, because you have sampled so many, and it would be a shame when you come across a real gem if you never had it again. I can't imagine trying to remember them all.

Cheers! - John


Hi John,

Interesting question...........

I have numerous files on Belgian beers that I have created, including a beer chart of merit
order. It now has 1,701 beers listed that I have tried, and I still have another 86 to try yet
too. I try to taste my favourite 500 or so as much as possible, although that is simply a
moving target as each year another 100+ new brews are released, and how many bottles
can I drink a year anyway...!

I think that I have now reached the stage where I have no inclination to try the brews of
any new brewery and will only try the brews that are likely to be a 4 or 5 rating.  Otherwise
it is becoming more and more time-consuming and never-ending!