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Beer Tastings / Re: Nursia Extra
April 21, 2024, 10:13:05 AM
Wow, what a description of the taste! You're able to pick out so many different flavors Viv.  :inspector:
 That beer sounds pretty interesting and delicious.

Cheers! - John
Beer News / Re: Bush Mystery!
April 15, 2024, 04:53:46 PM
Sounds like your explanation makes sense Filip, but perhaps the good folks at Dubuisson know something else?   :chin:

Cheers! - John 
Beer Tastings / Re: Tripel Karmeliet from can !
April 10, 2024, 11:01:23 PM
Thanks for sharing your tasting findings Filip. Can't say that I am surprised by the outcome. In fact I'm hard pressed to think of a Belgian beer that's better from a can than it is from a bottle.

Cheers! - John
Beer Tastings / Re: Martha Brown Eyes - 12 vol%
March 26, 2024, 04:32:59 PM
Quote from: Trappist on March 26, 2024, 10:17:54 AMHi,
This is a f*cking GREAT beer!

Sexy, crazy, wild, busy, happy, tough strong beer


Martha, taste life!

Martha, that's tasting life.
Hard against unsoft, sometimes happy and wild, busy, but sometimes also chill or sexy.
However we feel, or want to feel, there is always a Martha to suit us.
Busy and in need to relax? Relaxed and in for a crazy party? Sexy and ready to conquer the world? Desiring a cool adventure?
It's always Martha time!
Because you know, there's a Martha in everyone of us....

Martha, taste life!

Get thirsty & visit our social media channels to let your taste buds tingling.

This beer is brewed at the Brew Society in Heule by brewmaster Björn Desmadryl - CEO - The Brew Society.
This Brown Eyes is definitely my favorit beer of this brewery.
It pours so creamy with that creamy long lasting head as result  :appauding-1:
A 12 vol% quadrupel style with second fermentation inside the bottle.
Quite a perfumy estery roasty spicy aroma in the nose, similar to the finest strong Trappist beers, but that Xtra roastiness.
Tasting is a sweet caramel roasty spicy sensation.
That mouth feeling is so dense and satisfying, which makes every small sip such a joy.
There is also that hint of spicyness which comes from anise and licorice. Gives it that next level of freshness.

No doubt folks, this masterpiece is easily within the range of Rochefort 10, Westvleteren 12, Achel Extra dark, etc...

A beer I tasted For John  :beer:


Wow, that's some wonderful praise comparing it to those masterpieces of brewing! Thank you for having it in my name Filip, I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.   t_u

Cheers! - John
Chit Chat / Re: John
March 22, 2024, 03:18:23 PM
Thank you Filip.

Belive me, I've had thoughts about moving to Europe. In many ways I feel very connected to certain places there. Not sure what my chances doing something like that would be though, as I thought a person would already have to have a job in place before moving there.

That's the thing... Yes, I would need help at first if moving there, but I would never want to be a burden. I'd want to start a new job soon, one that would allow me to take care of myself with the basic necessities in life. Very simple needs such as housing, clothing, food, and most importantly a good Belgian beer once in a while  ;).

For now I'm just taking it one day at a time. The days seem long, the nights even longer, feeling about twice as long as they really are. One day begins and I just want to get it over with, then night comes and I can't wait to get through that even more. It's so true how time seems to fly by so fast when you're having fun, and slows to a crawl when things aren't going well.

Anyway, the joy I get from visiting the Belgian Beer Board is a big help in lifting my spirits. Thank you once again for your kindness and support.

Cheers! - John

Who is Where? / Re: San Sebastián (March ‘24)
March 22, 2024, 01:58:32 AM
Jay, your beery related adventures could be made into a book. So many interesting places and captured in words and pictures so well.

Cheers Mate! - John
Chit Chat / Re: John
March 21, 2024, 02:08:38 PM
Filip, Jay and Viv thank you ever so much. Your kind thoughts and words truly mean a lot, as well as those from our Belgian Beer Board members who post on Facebook.

Yes, life can be a real struggle sometimes. I could never have imagined the things that have happened to me recently, or being in the situation that I'm in now.

Unfortunately it's almost certainly going to take a while before it gets better.

Currently I'm living in my car. A car  with 320,000 miles on it, which just two days ago failed it's smog emissions test, meaning that I can't register it. So I'll be driving around and sleeping (what little sleep I actually get, maybe 2-3 hours a night) in a car with expired tags. To fix the issues on the car so it would pass the test would costs thousands of dollars. More than the car is worth.

I ended up back in California a couple of weeks ago, after spending about 5 months in Texas, hoping to possibly start a new life there. That didn't work out.

I had fled to Texas after nearly being killed in California at 5 in the morning simply sleeping in bed. Multiple bullets came crashing through my bedroom window, missing my head by only 2 feet. Apparently my idiot drug dealing nephew who unfortunately lived in the house as I owed some other drug criminal some money, so they drove by in a car and shot up the house, and almost me.

On the way back to California from Texas a couple of weeks ago due to lack of sleep I fell asleep at the wheel of my car going 75 mph. Went off the road, but thankfully I didn't hurt or kill anyone or hit anything.

There are other things that have happened or are happening that I could go into, but this post is long enough already. I guess what shakes my faith so much is that nearly everything bad that's happened/happening to me is due to things or people that I have nothing to do with.

Currently I'm waiting for my old job to restart, which should be in about a month. Unfortunately it's only seasonal and part time, so it won't be enough to pay for somewhere to live. So I've been looking for other job opportunities as well, but it's difficult to get hired for a guy my age (in my 60's), living out of a car, and little to no access to a computer.

But... I'm keeping my head up and trying to make the best of things. Your friendship and kindness here is a huge part of keeping my spirits up.

My sincere heartfelt thank you!!

P.S.  You can be sure when life gets better I will celebrate it with some dann good Belgian beer!   t_u

Cheers! - John

Currently posting this on my phone in the wee morning hours sitting in my car in a dark parking lot, so please forgive any grammatical errors.

Who is Where? / Re: San Sebastián (March ‘24)
March 19, 2024, 01:41:56 AM
Wow, beautiful report Jay! Very relaxing looking.

Cheers! - John
Beer Tastings / Re: The Mystery of Maredret!
February 23, 2024, 02:32:56 AM
Quote from: Trappist on February 22, 2024, 10:29:17 AMHi John,
I also forgot to mention that both beers have different label measures.
The Triplus has a bigger front- and back label compared to the Altus.
The top of the label says "Ora et Labora" (pray and work), which is not the case with the Altus.
Also, the back label from the Triplus is bigger, actually the same ast the front label.
This keeps me thinking that both beers could be brewed at 2 different breweries. Labels actually can reveal ALOT!!!
That wild yeast flavor (Bretts) in the Altus keeps me thinking, knowing Anthony Martins owns Timmermans brewery where lambic is brewed!! => Bretts!!!

Filip the Beer Detective!   C:-)   I know if anybody can find out the answers it will be you. Thank you for the additional information. Very interesting about the label variations.

Cheers! - John
Beer Tastings / Re: The Mystery of Maredret!
February 21, 2024, 11:35:02 PM
A very interesting story behind these beers. Thanks for sharing that Filip!

Would love to try them someday, but probably not possible unless I can make it back to beautiful Belgium.  F_C

Cheers! - John

Belgian Beer Abroad / Re: Pescara - Italy
February 20, 2024, 10:24:40 AM
Lovely report Filip. Nice to see that Belgian beer is being appreciated in so many places around the world.

Interesting bit about the prices for all beers being the same. I don't recall ever seeing a bar menu like that.

Cheers! - John
Beer Tastings / Re: Fruh Kolsch
February 06, 2024, 04:54:31 PM
Quote from: Trappist on February 06, 2024, 02:06:28 PMHi Viv,
Why does this beer always remind me of that Belgian Früli ??
That is because that look is so similar, especially that written name of the beer.
But ofcourse, it's a beer that is TOTALLY different (opposite) as the Reinheitsgebot German beer you greatly describe over here.
And, that strawberry beer from Huyghe is so difficult to find over here in Belgium. It's a true export product.

Yes indeed, I had the same reaction Filip. Thought it was the same beer at first glance.

Cheers! - John
Who is Where? / Re: Linda’s birthday weekend
February 06, 2024, 02:19:42 AM
My goodness, some fantastic beers you've been enjoying!

It's really nice to see good beer is being made in so many places around the world nowadays.

Cheers! - John
Beer Tastings / Re: Schremser Weihnachts
February 05, 2024, 02:23:21 PM
You don't see a lot of blonde Christmas beers, and ones with a relatively low abv like that. Your description sounds rather tasty though Viv.

Cheers! - John
Trappist Related / Re: Trappist Westvleteren
January 31, 2024, 05:06:32 PM
It just doesn't get any better than that. Drinking one of the best beers in the world at it's source, in peaceful surroundings. The stuff dreams are made of.

Cheers! - John