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Hi folks,
Yes, you read that correct!
No end of an ERA at all  t_u

The 11th edition will take place at brewery Bourgogne des Flandres, starting from 7pm onwards on the Friday evening before the Bruges Beer Fest takes place.
We can use the whole ground floor, incl. the outer terrace (near the street) and also the bar.
Exactly the same concept. This means a totally free event! Essential!
This could only happen with that great help of Rudy Vossen and David Tonnard from bry Bourgogne des Flandres. (what a gesture!!!)  t_u  t_u  :appauding-1:  :appauding-1:  :appauding-1:  t_u  t_u

Highly looking forward ....


I just can't wait ...................  :taster:

Hi Jay,
What a blast we will have !!!
And so generous from David Tonnard (bry Bourgogne des Flanders) to offer the whole floor space at no charge to our beer swap convenience, incl the outer terrace at the street side (not the canal side) !!
The next 11th. International pre-BBF BeerSwap 2024 will take place !!!!
All has been arranged by now.
Not at the Bierboom obviously, but at brewery Bourgogne des Flandres!
MASSIVE CONGRATS to Rudy Vossen and David Tonnard (Bourgogne des Flandres) who made the initiative.  :appauding-1:
Concept? Exactly the same as previous editions! this means totally at NO charge :)
Time to make a Facebook event page and publish on a much wider scale....
Hi guys,
I thought to share this highly satisfying beer and food pairing at Kings here in Bruges (

Aperitive: Keg conditioned Gouden Carolus Whisky Infused from tap (11.7 vol% and a sure 40cl. volume) --> €4.80

The food pairing beer: Keg conditioned Gouden Carolus Tripel 9.0 vol%, also from tap. --> €4.50

Those two beers are THE serious reason why we frequently visit this so convenient eating and drinking place.
The food is also very satisfying, delicious and nicely presented.

Authentic artisanal Northsea shrimp croquettes. A true Belgian delicacy.

Paired with crispy Belgian fries and a nice bowl of fresh vegetables soaked in the most delicious vinaigrette.

That's another authentic Belgian dish: Croque Boum Boum.
Actually, this is a croque monsieur with spaghetti sauce on top. Another famous Belgian dish to savor with upper satisfactions.

Filip (sharing is caring)
Chit Chat / Re: MBCC 2024
June 05, 2024, 09:36:49 AM
Quote from: Jay on June 04, 2024, 12:34:56 PMOur next break is the Bruges Beer Festival in September
See you soon  :animated-belgium-flag-image-0
Chit Chat / Re: MBCC 2024
June 04, 2024, 09:46:47 AM
Hi Jay,
What a great read this was, just like we were part of the trip  t_u
It's also great to see you had such a wonderful sunny weather too.
It's only 5 days, but how packed those days were with such a massive amount of wonderful beery spots, incl. that great Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen beer fest.
I still wonder how you and Linda manage to do such a concentrated 5 days of utterly fantastic pleasures. I'm speechless  :-X
As usual, a report like this NEEDS to be on the main page.  Worth every single letter and picture  t_u
Also great to read that the MBCC 2025 is already fully booked. That's another blast for next year to come  :appauding-1:
CHEERS Jay & Linda!!! Thanks fo sharing  drink_sm  drink_sm

Beer Tastings / Re: Leffe Blonde in UK
June 02, 2024, 10:09:50 AM
Interesting Viv!
Leffe blond in Belgium is 6.6 vol%.
But our law says that a tolerance of 1 vol% is permitted for beers more than 5.5 vol%.
This actually means that Leffe blond in Belgium can be 5.6 or even 7.6 vol%.
Orval for instance is not 6.2 vol% but rather 6.8 vol%. Completely legal over here.
So, it is only a measure from ABInbev to decrease the UK duty payments.
Chit Chat / Re: MBCC 2024
May 31, 2024, 08:53:02 AM
Hi Jay,
Again, what a marvelous report of the MBCC 2024!!
Highly impressed with all those quality beers, and there are so many with such a high alc%. heavy monsters, barrel aged, etc etc.
I'm also highly impressed with that full glass of Karmeliet from tap. That's sure a 40cl+ volume you got there mate.
Part 4 & 5 ? Wow, you amaze me
Thanks so much for sharing your truly fantastic moments  :appauding-1:  :appauding-1:  :appauding-1:  :appauding-1:  :appauding-1:
Chit Chat / Re: MBCC 2024
May 31, 2024, 08:37:52 AM
Quote from: Viv on May 30, 2024, 07:13:32 PMAs regards your 2nd Covid infection Filip did you have any other
symptoms, and how long did the tiredness last? How many injections
have you had? It's quite hard to believe it's still going round even
now! There's also a few weird other bugs going around too!
Hi Viv,
Tired for one full week. I had a 38.1°C fever too. But only during one evening, the second day.
Headaches, running nose, and a very deep cough. Nothing really extreme. I didn't need my bed though. Resting is the key.
Katrien didn't feel well either a week before I had it. So, I'm nearly sure she got it too. But she didn't feel the urge to go to the doctor.
She must have got it from the school where she works, and that way infected me.
You see, after three vaccinations, there are no antibodies left, and one gets that Covid every while and then.
But because we have memory cells in our body, the disease isn't deadly anymore. And that's a good sign.
But we will NEVER get rid of this Covid. It's there to stay for ever I'm afraid.
The thing is that many people get it, but aren't aware that it is Covid. You are not really that sick you know.
It is only because I work in the lab of our hospital that I know I had it. A small screening test (rapid test) was done by me just to satisfy my curiosity.
Knowing not everyone works in a lab gives me the conclusion that a massive amount of people simply do not know they have Covid  !!!

Chit Chat / Re: MBCC 2024
May 30, 2024, 10:31:49 AM
Hi Jay,
Thanks for sharing your great beery moments in Denmark and Sweden.
The pictures are all mouth watering.
Not really sure if there is a third episode :)
BTW... I just recovered from my second Covid infection.
One of the major characteristics. feeling very tired .. but that's been corrected by now. Damn virus.

Website / Updates succeeded !
May 16, 2024, 11:13:10 AM
This morning, Siteground upgraded the MySQL version, which is the database engine.
Before, I could not upgrade the Joomla CMS towards 5.1, just because the old MySQL version was not compatibel with Joomla 5.1.
But see:

Dear Customer,

We are currently updating the MySQL on your host server. Brief service interruption (below 1 hour) may be experienced by the sites hosted on this server. The update is expected to be completed before 08:27 AM CDT.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

The SiteGround Team

Finally, I updated Joomla from 4.4.4 to 5.1.0, and things (main page and the forum too) work just FINE !! What a relief.
We are up-to-date again.

I need a beer :)
Beer News / Re: What a surprise !!
May 16, 2024, 10:40:16 AM
This is actually the ever first time I see a full bottle of a 75cl Westvleteren. I'm quite excited :o
I really thought they didn't exist anymore ...... till those picture suddenly appeared on the BBB FB group.
This also proofs that full bottles still exist, and those also could be the case for Westvleteren 12 or the 6.
Westvleteren 12 is first brewed during WWII! 33cl and also 75cl volumed.
I don't know exactly what period inbetween WWII, so it actually could be at the beginning, but also at the end.
There are not that many crates produced I suppose. War period, etc...
Also, after WWII, the monks decided to go un-commercial and handed out the recipe to cheese manufacturer Saint-Bernard with discontinuing the labels.
It is definitely more likely to find a full crate of the 8, simply because that beer was already made way before WWII started.

Interesting detail: When opening one of those bottles Extra 8 graden, you will have a lactic sour beer with wood touches.

Lactic sourness is a great preservative, and I really think the beer is still drinkable  :eyes:

Jeez, how eager I wanna have a sip from those bottles !!! damn......

Beer News / What a surprise !!
May 15, 2024, 02:29:43 PM
What an amazing surprise to see that someone posted a full crate of pre-1945 75cl. bottles of Westvleteren 8 on the BBB Facebook group.  :o  :o  :o  :o  :o  :eyes:  :eyes:  :eyes:  :eyes:  :eyes:

This is the WONDER !!!

All bottles are still FULL. The corks are still intact too!

To give you an idea, I posted here under two pictures I took myself already long time ago.

Same bottle shape, same label, and exactly the same wooden crate too.

Now, I was wondering if there is some falsification done ?

The dust on the bottles is quite thin.
The corks look damn new to me.
The labels are spotless

Knowing that a crate like this - in such a great condition - will sell for a HUGE amount of money.

Actually, I'm clueless  :chin:

Chit Chat / Re: MBCC 2024
May 15, 2024, 02:16:59 PM
Hi Jay,
Good to read that you are both safe back home.  t_u
Looking forward to the report Jay  t_u
I'm sure the pictures will be worth watching again.
thanks for sharing !!!