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Food Pairings / Kings - Brugge
November 23, 2023, 12:42:36 PM
So shocked and sad I was when I noticed a couple of months ago that Kings (formerly called De Kingsclub) here in Bruges went bankrupt.
About 3 weeks ago we went there, and indeed the place was shut down with the message bankrupt on the entrance door.
But see, last Sunday the place was open again, as if nothing has changed.
This place is not really a beer pub to be precise.

They offer about 30 quality beers at reasonable prices.
Normally we always go for their precious Gouden Carolus Whisky Infused from tap, from which you always get about 40cl. @ minimum :) (€4.80)
But that day the tap was dry, but they still had the Gouden Carolus tripel from tap, which was a great relief.
I like this place because it has that local feeling (no tourists), easy free parking, no need for reservation, and great affordable tasty comfort food too.
It is quite some relaxing Sunday afternoon time spending, just outside the busy Bruges' centre.
Also: Friendly staff (as usual).

Starting with an excellent unspoiled Karmeliet tripel.
Unspoiled because ABInBev hasn't changed the original recipe after the take over from Bosteels brewery.
This is one of the ultimate best triples from Belgium!

Gouden Carolus triple from tap and a gorgeous Trappist Rochefort 10!

Gouden Carolus triple from tap is always such a fresh experience.
A beer that has it from that fresh spiciness (coriander included), actually quite similar spicy to the Karmeliet triple.
From tap it comes with that delicious looking creamy head. A surplus factor  t_u
After the foam settles, one gets that beautiful lace looking foam remainings (see picture), decorating the inside of the glass. Just beautiful!!

As said, they didn't have the Gouden Carolus Whisky Infused from tap, but this beer easily replaces that.
What a great Trappist beer folks!
Coriander spiced, as today we are 100% sure of  t_u
11.3 vol% strong, and having such a malty sweet'n spicy perfumy flavors, so hard to copy!!
Most probably the best beer in the world IMVHO :)

Needless to say that the food is excellent.
Katrien had a lasagna and I had their normal spaghetti.
Tasty satisfying comfort food at it's upper best folks!

For more details about Kings, feel free to visit their website at

Food Pairings / Three recent beer&food pairings
November 19, 2023, 11:05:47 AM
Just thought to show some recents beer&food pairing images.

This one was done after our trip to the Ardennes a couple of weeks ago.
It's always a must to bring back some local beers and also some local cured smoked meat from a local "boucherie"
Cuvėe de Bouillon Red - 9 vol%, paired with a rich platter of Ardennes charcuterie, mainly smoked cured sausages.
Two of them are prepared with beer!
Satisfaction guaranteed 🙏💯

A very nice beer at Leon's Birth Day Fest 💯👍🙏
Leon has become 4 years young, and is the son of my sister.

Côte à l'os "saignant" @ home with a great Belgian beer "Avec les Bons Voeux" from brasserie Dupont. 🙏

Great treats  t_u



The Saint Sixtus Abbey was founded on November 4, 1831.
From 1834 the monastery was an independent priory of the French Trappist Congregation.
In 1836 the monastery was connected to the Westmalle Abbey.
In 1871 the monastery was elevated to an abbey.
This is what the monastery looked like then.
On the right we see the old abbey gate, behind it is the old abbey church.

At the rear left is the brewery (with chimney), which was put into use in 1839.

Period 1850-1899

Beer News / New glass Westvleteren
October 25, 2023, 11:06:24 AM
This was posted yesterday on the BBB Fb group.
The brand new Trappist Westvleteren tasting glass!

And yes, I do understand the concept  t_u

Beer News / BBB Facebook Group is Booming
October 17, 2023, 03:04:45 PM
A boom into already more than 15.000 members!
That's quite some impressive figure folks.
And .... ofcourse .... asks for a massive moderation.
You don't want to believe how many "scum" wants to be member. Porn, graphic images, off-topic movies, name it....
The majority of FB groups that reached a 10.000 member do know, and become a "private" group.
But the thing is that becoming a private group is a non-reversible action. You just can't go back to public, which ofcourse is understandable.
I will NEVER make that group private!!! also because I want to make Belgian beer reachable to everyone on planet earth. A dedication.
I just wonder how things will evolve now... It's about 300 new members per week by now  :chin:
Breweries / David's Been in Belgium!
October 11, 2023, 10:30:43 AM
Finally, "David's Been here" has visited Belgium!
David Hoffmann from Miami (US) is an amazing YouTube food vlogger, travelling throughout the entire world.
Food and beer are the main ingredients.
It's always such an utterly pleasure watching his movies. EPIC !!!

These days, David is travelling in Belgium. something I have always waited for.
The footages that's already been made are astounding  :o
Simply, because they capture the true essence of Belgian beer tourism. And so greatly presented, yes... a true pleasure to watch.

I presented them in date order, so you can watch from beginning to end.
I'm not sure if there will be more follow-up movies (I hope so  F_C ), as I'm not really sure if his Belgium visit has been ended or not.
We sure will find out soon ....

Enjoy the movies folks, they are worth every second...  :appauding-1:

100 Hours in Brussels, Belgium! (Full Documentary) Belgian Fries, Waffles and Flemish Stew!

The Best Belgian Fries Tour In Antwerp, Belgium 🇧🇪

The Best Bruges Food Tour! The Most Beautiful City In Belgium!

Duvel Beer Brewery Tour! Making 1,924,701 Beers A Day In Belgium!

The Best Ghent Food Tour! Everything You Must Do In Ghent, Belgium!

Eating In The Beer Capital Of the World! The Birthplace of Stella Artois!

The Biggest Chocolate Factory in Belgium!

Cheers to David,
Last Friday, another beer tasting was held at De Bierboom here in Bruges, run by Rudy and Marina.
All beers were one big surprise.
The evening turned out to be from an excellent quality !!! Great beers, great people to share.

I made a little movie, just to give you all a small impression.
The music is made with AI (Artificial Intelligence), no copyright problems, what so ever :)
And yes, you can find it on TikTok either :)
... and even a different version is available on Facebook:  (again, made with artificial intelligence music ... whatever that means  :drunken_smilie: )

Beer Tastings / Maîtresse Quadrupel - 9 vol%
October 04, 2023, 09:47:18 AM
A new quadrupel has been launched lately.

It is made by (Bry. Eutropius) for beer firm

A creamy dark beer with a nice velvety softness.
9 vol% strong, and bottle refermented.
A subtle spiciness is noticed in the nose and on the tongue.
But it is mainly a sweet malty profile with a perfect hoppy balance.
Definitely one of the better quadrupels around.

Beer News / New - Rodenbach Evolved
September 21, 2023, 09:26:23 AM

With the launch of Rodenbach Evolved, Rodenbach brewers are pushing past boundaries.
Brouwerij Rodenbach, known for its exceptional Flemish Red-Brown beer, announces the launch of Rodenbach Evolved. This new limited edition series marks a bold new direction for the iconic Rodenbach beers. With this launch, the brew and cellar masters are pushing past the boundaries of craftsmanship and embracing the spirit of innovation more than ever before. Each year, they will surprise beer lovers with a new edition of Rodenbach Evolved. With the Evolved line, the brewery is embarking on an exciting journey of discovery, and each edition will blend creativity with our rich brewing tradition and know-how.

The first edition: Evolved Grand Cru Aged 10 Years
The first edition of Rodenbach Evolved is "Grand Cru Aged 10 Years,'"an ode to the iconic Rodenbach Grand Cru. The name refers to Rodenbach, matured for ten years in foeder no. 95. Then the brew and cellar masters blend it with a small portion of young beer. The exceptionally long maturation process gives this beer a truly unique character. The maturation produces organic flavors of sour cherries, green apple, leather, oak and red fruit. Rodenbach Evolved Grand Cru Aged 10 Years demonstrates the unrivaled maturation capability of Flemish Red-Brown beer.

Brew and cellar master Rudi Ghequire:
"Rodenbach Evolved Grand Cru Aged 10 Years (6% alc/vol) is an iconic mixed fermentation beer with superior qualities, in the style of Flemish Red-Brown beer.
Thanks to exceptionally long maturation in an upright 65,000-liter foeder, the matured beer has an even more pronounced wood character. Just like the classic Grand Cru, this Evolved beer is rounded off by the addition of a small portion of young Rodenbach. The organic flavors developed over the long cask maturing period are of exceptional purity and tend towards sour cherries, green apples, leather, oak and candied red fruits, but are more fused by the positive influence of the unprecedentedly long cask maturation process. This is the ultimate proof that a Flemish Red-Brown beer has unique and exceptional maturation capability and, thanks to 10-year cask maturation, it can bring even more complexity and roundness to the beer. In short, an iconic beer that deserves a place in your beer library! A must have."

Beer News / Rochefort 10
September 17, 2023, 11:54:55 AM
A Rochefort 10 was tasted at home yesterday.
Wow, what a great beer and most probably still the best beer in the word (IMHO).
For me, personally, it was a historic tasting  :find:
I tell you why ....

Looking at the back label, I noticed a change in ingredients!

Actually, after some research, I found that there is a gradual change in the list of ingredients the last 5 years something.
Although, there is no different recipe!!!! That beer still tastes exactly the same as before, for decades...
The pictures here above do show that gradual changes....
The second last picture shows the label that's been used for decades.
It clearly says 'non malted cereals', which was already a mystery to many beer lovers.
But see, the last picture with best before date of 21.08.2023 (brewed in 2018) mentions 'wheat starch' which explains the non malted cereals  :o

I was extremely surprised that today there is the mentioning of "SPICES" !!

I found one back label on the internet exactly showing the one I had last yesterday.
It had a best before of 23.08.2027 (brewed in 2022)
So, it's really a very recent thing.
More surprised I was that the monks eliminated the ingredient "wheat starch"  ???

I always was nearly convinced that the spice coriander is used in all Rochefort beers, even way before Rochefort Triple was introduced.
But many people believed (even brewmaster Johan Brandt from Smisje) that the spice flavor could come from the yeast profile.
I can remember me an old article published on the internet - way back in time - from an American beer lover visiting the brewery where he mentioned Coriander.
But officially the monks always denied this info to be correct!  :eyes:  :eyes:  :eyes: (secret of recipe)

The thing is that it's always been a mystery to me if I really taste that coriander, or was it really that yeast profile.
Yesterday, that mystery was solved in one glance on that back label !!
And note that all dark Rocheforts have the same recipe! This means coriander in the 6 and 8 as well.

WAUW !!!!!

New Beer Firms / Update 11 Sept 2023
September 11, 2023, 12:06:44 PM

More new beer firms are always welcome  t_u

New Breweries / Situation as of Sept 2023
September 11, 2023, 11:25:49 AM

Brewery Hopspot
Vaartstraat-West 1

Brewery Deneef-Moortgat
Kwalenhoekstraat 1

Brewery De Swerte Arend
Dorp 13

Noob Beer Co
Lohirville 41

Dum's Brew / Br du Renard / Maenhout / Ardenn'Or / No Science /
Hepta / du Larron / Van Vlees en Bier / Br Cubus


Food Pairings / Bistro Flandria - Bruges
September 01, 2023, 11:56:34 AM
Hi folks,
Just a couple of pictures taken at Bistro Flandria last Sunday afternoon.

This is possibly one of my better shots. It actually gets a 10.955 people reach on the BBB FB group, which is something yes ... F*CKING AMAAAAAZING  :o

Comfort food was the key, the beers were top notch and the most affordable here in Bruges !!
Gouden Carolus Whisky infused at €3.80
Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel at €3.40

Website / Update PHP version
August 31, 2023, 08:51:45 AM
You probably will not have noticed, but yesterday I upgraded the PHP version from 8.0.30 towards 8.1.22.
This was really needed, because the support for the 8.0.30 stops at the end of this year!
A couple of things weren't compatible anymore with this new version.
The search function for instance on the main page.
This needed to be changed into the newer "smart search" plugin.
There is that extra advanced search option now. Very nice.
The social share buttons have been replaced too into another version.
From now on one can actually share the article's content towards Facebook and others.
Good to see everything works fine, even the forum has no problems.
New Beer Pubs / Bernie's
August 19, 2023, 08:32:37 AM
Hi guys,
There is a new beer bar in Bruges! About 80 beers strong.  t_u
Bernie's Beer Bar (
Vrijdagmarkt 16 - 8000 Brugge
This is where famous Dickie's used to be! For those who remember :)
Here's the beer menu:
Definitely not the cheapest beer bar around, but the quality choice is a top-notch for me.
Need to visit ASAP....
Beer News / Chimay Cinq Cents in a CAN !
August 11, 2023, 10:09:36 AM

The first Belgian-Trappist Cans are hitting the U.S.! Now available in select markets and nation-wide by Fall 2023!

One can expect the same world-renowned Trappist quality...

✓ Can Conditioned
✓ Authentic Trappist Product
✓ Smooth mouthfeel of draft
✓ Can prevents beer from being light struck

Now the CHIMAY experience can safely travel to the beach, campsite, golf course and beyond. Just don't forget your chalice...


The fake one:

Beer News / Achel
August 07, 2023, 10:01:37 AM
I just noticed Achel has new labels!

That's today without the word "trappist" and the design has been changed too.
The first picture was published on the BBB facebook group by Beeronweb (=Filip Rotsaert)
The second one comes from Untappd.
This means the blond at 8 vol% is now called a tripel.
The Achel Extra at 9.5vol% is now 33cl. available and is named Achel Superior Blond.

??? strange ???

Who is Where? / Semois region
August 03, 2023, 11:46:26 AM
Last Sun-Mon-Tue, Katrien and I did a last-minute surprise trip to the Belgian Ardennes, more precise the region of the Semois valley.
I didn't have to work on Mon and Tue, and Katrien is still in her Holiday period that ends mid August.
Why not making a nice trip to that region? After all, we only live once, do we :)
It is not the first time we head to the valley of the river Semois. Just because it is such a beautiful region, where you can really unwind yourself.
Still a 3 hours drive from Bruges  ::)

We stayed at "hotel Au Central" in the heart of that cosy village Alle-sur-Semois. ( (Their breakfast is MAGIC !!! such a treat!!)
Belgian beer is always nearby!

At the hotel for sure, but also next door at friterie Chez Fernand et Marguerite, where we tried these beers, brewed at brasserie de Bouillon.
They came with those metallic mugs, which frankly is not my thing  8)
But tasty they sure both were!
The food was tasty and affordable too. We had frites, a frikandel special and a brochette Ardennaise.
Somehow, I didn't take a picture... strange...

Alle-sur-Semois even has a beer bar called "Au Roy de la Bière" (

We tried a Malheur 10 from tap there, and the glasses were nicely filled too.
We paired with a nice platter of Ardennes sausage slices. Smokey, garlic, and truffle flavored.
Great presentation too with this edible flowers. €4.50 for one Malheur 10 and the platter came at €4.30.

It's a place that is always full packed with many tourists. Cosy figure: 100%.
We only visited once, due to time shortness (as usual).

At nearby Vresse-sur-Semois, we went for two great Trappist beers

Rochefort 10 and Westmalle tripel. You may guess who went for the Westmalle.  :)
That was €5.00 each. A good price for the Rochefort 10.

This was tasted at Le Relais de Vresse.

We were sitting outside there on the right side, and felt hungry.
After all, it was already lunch time!

I choose the rabbit in Trappistbeer sauce. (€28.00)

And Katrien choose the rabbit croquettes, which were quite huge..... and tasty too! (€18.00)

There were two rabbit legs here. The beer sauce was quite pale in color, which suspect they used a pale Trappist beer.
The beer in the sauce was tasted, but quite subtle really.
I was mostly impressed by the creamy texture of the sauce, and the overall delicious flavor. The legs were so tender too. 10/10.

The next place we visited is as usual always a MUST TRY when in this region.
It is only 4km away from our hotel. A short drive really.

Brasserie de Rochehaut

It's a pleasure that a brewtavern and a shop are attached to this wonderful Belgian brewery  t_u
We have been there for a couple of times before, and always had great memories.
Starting with a Rochehaut tripel from tap.

With your first ordering one gets this salted smoked cured ham dish at no charge. What a great gesture!  :appauding-1:

Rochehaut Triple Blonde (8 vol%)
A sweet spicy hoppy wonder of brewing.
Nice dense flavor too and a highly satisfying after flavor. Soft on the tongue and nothing harsh.
A true pleasure and one of my favorit tripels. From tap even much more fresh and more delicious.
And... we got more than 33cl. too. One can also order a small 25cl. and a bigger half liter.

Our next order is this 10 vol% Rochehaut Hivern'ale.
Note that the Triple and the Hivern'Ale came at €4.50 for a rich 33cl. volume, both from tap.
That Hivern'Ale was such a treat!
Sweet and spicy and warming too.
At 10 vol%, this is one of their strongest beers. Although they also do that 11 vol% Icestout, which unfortunately wasn't available during our visit, even not at the beer shop. Understandable as this one is only brewed once per year. I suspect at winter period.

That Rochehaut Hivern'Ale was paired with a mixed platter of cheese and charcuterie. (€26.00)
Consider this as our dinner folks  :o
Because that platter was HUGE !!!!!!!

Not even halfway we discovered that there was another layer of meat, including a rich portion of Chorizo! (definitely a whole sausage!)
Impossible to finish that platter, even not the half, so we took the left over back to our hotel (1 kg for sure !)
At some point, we thought we ordered a platter for 4 people, but that couldn't be possible as the menu only mentioned it for 2 people.
But we were only 100% sure when the bill needed to be paid. That really was a two person platter folks  :o

Simply AMAZING !!!! and the beers were such a treats too.
Needless to say that when hitting this region, this place is a true must do.

This is a picture I took at Bohan-sur-Semois.

More precise at Café des Ardennes bij Gina and Rudy, a fixed Belgian Beer Pub Map entry.
We always try the Rochefort 10 over there at €4.50, which is a great price.
Nice to see that plastic La Chouffe cuckoo clock there hanging on the wall next to me.

This really was a very short trip this time.
See, after that short while, we were already heading back home to Bruges.
We passed beautiful village of Anseremme, close to Dinant and spotted this van.
Great van, showing a +150 beers bar, called Le Creve Coeur. (
But that'll be for a next time.
In the mean time, I added this beer bar to the Belgian Beer Pub Map.

Well, that's a bit what we've done there. We also did alot of walking and admiring the nature.... etc....


Beer News / Vedett at 6.5 vol%
July 26, 2023, 10:42:42 AM
Hi folks,
This morning I was doing some research.
I strangely found out that there is a Vedett (Duvel-Moortgat) at 6.5 vol%
Normally, here in Belgium, the strongest Vedett is the Extra Ordinary IPA at 5.5 vo%.
Apparently, this 6.5 vol% Vedett is only sold in China! (I could be wrong here).

The regular Vedett Extra White is sold in China as Vedett Sapphire.
Same alc. strength like here in Belgium being 4.7 vol%

But see, there is also this mysterious Vedett at 6.5 vol%, which is a mystery to me though  :chin:

The three beers on the right side are not available for Europe as well!
The Rose, the Elderflower, and the Seasalt Kiwi.
BUT... it seems, according Untappd, that they could be tasted at Café Duvel Depot next to the brewery at the source.
Maybe they also offer that Vedett at 6.5 vol%.  ???  ???  ???

Website / Update lists
June 21, 2023, 01:00:15 PM
Today, I updated the Belgian brewery, beerfirms, blenders lists.

Beer Companies:

Unfortunately I had to remove alot of breweries too. Incl Smisje with pain in my heart though  ::::::(