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Hi folks,
Yes, you read that correct!
No end of an ERA at all  t_u

The 11th edition will take place at brewery Bourgogne des Flandres, starting from 7pm onwards on the Friday evening before the Bruges Beer Fest takes place.
We can use the whole ground floor, incl. the outer terrace (near the street) and also the bar.
Exactly the same concept. This means a totally free event! Essential!
This could only happen with that great help of Rudy Vossen and David Tonnard from bry Bourgogne des Flandres. (what a gesture!!!)  t_u  t_u  :appauding-1:  :appauding-1:  :appauding-1:  t_u  t_u

Highly looking forward ....


I just can't wait ...................  :taster:

Hi guys,
I thought to share this highly satisfying beer and food pairing at Kings here in Bruges (

Aperitive: Keg conditioned Gouden Carolus Whisky Infused from tap (11.7 vol% and a sure 40cl. volume) --> €4.80

The food pairing beer: Keg conditioned Gouden Carolus Tripel 9.0 vol%, also from tap. --> €4.50

Those two beers are THE serious reason why we frequently visit this so convenient eating and drinking place.
The food is also very satisfying, delicious and nicely presented.

Authentic artisanal Northsea shrimp croquettes. A true Belgian delicacy.

Paired with crispy Belgian fries and a nice bowl of fresh vegetables soaked in the most delicious vinaigrette.

That's another authentic Belgian dish: Croque Boum Boum.
Actually, this is a croque monsieur with spaghetti sauce on top. Another famous Belgian dish to savor with upper satisfactions.

Filip (sharing is caring)
Website / Updates succeeded !
May 16, 2024, 11:13:10 AM
This morning, Siteground upgraded the MySQL version, which is the database engine.
Before, I could not upgrade the Joomla CMS towards 5.1, just because the old MySQL version was not compatibel with Joomla 5.1.
But see:

Dear Customer,

We are currently updating the MySQL on your host server. Brief service interruption (below 1 hour) may be experienced by the sites hosted on this server. The update is expected to be completed before 08:27 AM CDT.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

The SiteGround Team

Finally, I updated Joomla from 4.4.4 to 5.1.0, and things (main page and the forum too) work just FINE !! What a relief.
We are up-to-date again.

I need a beer :)
Beer News / What a surprise !!
May 15, 2024, 02:29:43 PM
What an amazing surprise to see that someone posted a full crate of pre-1945 75cl. bottles of Westvleteren 8 on the BBB Facebook group.  :o  :o  :o  :o  :o  :eyes:  :eyes:  :eyes:  :eyes:  :eyes:

This is the WONDER !!!

All bottles are still FULL. The corks are still intact too!

To give you an idea, I posted here under two pictures I took myself already long time ago.

Same bottle shape, same label, and exactly the same wooden crate too.

Now, I was wondering if there is some falsification done ?

The dust on the bottles is quite thin.
The corks look damn new to me.
The labels are spotless

Knowing that a crate like this - in such a great condition - will sell for a HUGE amount of money.

Actually, I'm clueless  :chin:

Hi folks,
It's always such an utterly pleasure heading to Herberg Wijnendaele Wandeling nearby Bruges at Torhout.

A great 60+ beers location, where eating is the main thing to do.

When I go there, I always order their Sint-Bernardus Abt straight from tap!

That's 5 Euro for a big volume, more than 33cl. to be precise.
From tap, it always tastes so much more fresh. Especially the hops!!

Katrien went for the ever delicious Bush Caractère. A crystal clear amber colored 12 vol% beauty.

Time for food folks !
Nice that we got that small appetizer when waiting for our food.
It's round shaped crackers with surimi mayonaise salad.

We choose to go for the mixed platters. They are called the Breughel platters.
Sharing is caring, so we ordered the cheese AND the cold meat platter at €17.00 each, and shared everything with eachother by cutting in half.
That makes much more choice, more flavors, and ... more fun  :appauding-1:

The platters are served with these complementary side dishes.
Lard with small bits of pork crackling, Wostyntje mustard (after all we are in Torhout), pickled gherkins and pickled small onions.
There is also that dish of boiled potatoes in their jackets. SOOO delicious  t_u

Farmers bread was presented too. That's where you put the lard on.

A close-up of the piping hot potatoes. Quite an essential addition if you ask me, it simply completes everything !

Folks, if going for a truly Burgundian treat, this is your place!

That's 10/10 for sure, but be prepared to make a reservation when arriving later than 5pm!


Beer News / Bush Mystery!
April 15, 2024, 01:26:32 PM

A beery mystery occured last weekend!!

When hitting beer pub Daverlo Sport-, Lees- en Eetcafé ( last Saturday, and ordering a Bush Caractère ambrée, I was very surprised to find out that the beer was..... hazy!

When looking inside the bottle, I saw a yeast sediment  :exclamation:
This looks like real bottle refermentation to me.
But, that would be the ever first time I have a bottle conditioned 33cl. Bush Caractère.
Officially, only the big 75cl. Bush Caractère has that extra treatment.
This happened to me earlier that week as well, so that Saturday visit was done as a confirmation, because actually I wasn't really sure if during our first visit I really noticed that yeasty sediment (I could have been dreaming  ;) ). That second visit is only a confirmation!

The beer had a much more creamy mouthfeeling and also a more fruity yeasty flavor. More complexity too.
Wauw, not bad at all, but very unusual to me, because I expected a crystal clear amber colored beer.

The best before date is 05 Jan 2025. (that's important to know  C:-) )

Anyway, quite a unique experience, and that platter of young Chimay cheese was a great pairing.

But ofcourse that needs more investigations, so I went to my nearby supermarket to buy me a 4-pack, also to expect a hazy beer.

But see, crystal clear and no single yeast cell inside that bottle!
This is how the beer should look from 33cl bottles.
Now, I was thinking that bry. Dubuisson has changed their view, and changed towards bottle conditioning with the 33cl. bottles too.
But this simply can't be true folks.

Looking at the best before date (29 Nov 2025) I noticed that this beer is about 10 months younger!

There can only be one explaination.
I think the bottling went wrong, and a part of the lowest and last part of the fermentation tanks is bottled too with the yeast sediment from that tank added, which could not be the real intention.
But.... ofcourse I could be completely wrong :)

Anyway, that didn't spoil our appetize, and that Spanish meat platter and mixed cheese platter was a feast !!

Belgian beer tasting is always a pleasure and full of pleasant surpises  t_u

Beer Tastings / Leffe tripel
April 13, 2024, 10:08:05 AM
Being a Belgian beer lover, one needs to savor all Belgian beers IMHO.
I spotted this beer at supermarket Jumbo, and thought, why not to buy me a 4-pack at €6.52, that's €1.63 for one bottle.

Leffe blond is everywhere, but this tripel isn't that easy to find over here in Belgium.
Bottle refermented, unfiltered(!), and weighing in at 8.5 vol%.
A good head is formed with pouring.
Nosing gives orange peel, coriander and maltsweetness. Not that hoppy though.
Yes, coriander and orange peel are also greatly tasted. Makes it quite a refreshing beer.
It's also a quite sweet dense beer. Nothing dry.

Wauw, this beer is really very good for such a mass produced industrial Belgian beer.
I really can't complain, and the price is not expensive either.

Beer Tastings / Tripel Karmeliet from can !
April 10, 2024, 10:41:08 AM
We've just done a side-by-side tasting of the canned tripel Karmeliet and the regular from 33cl.bottle.

As you can see, the canned version is 8 vol% strong, which is 0.4 vol% less alcoholic compared to the bottled version.
The can says "bier van 't vat", which means it is canned straight from the big brewing vats, without doing that extra can refermentation. (if that is possible anyway  :chin: )
This is actually the major difference, and it results into a less strong beer. Understandable.

When pouring, I really needed to pull the can to obtain a full head reaching the top.
Yes, I succeeded, but after a while the foam disintegrated into a small layer.
This beer is crystal clear!!
Nosing is exacly the same as the bottled one.
Flavor wise exactly the same too! BUT!!!
This beer is so flat. Nearly NO carbonation, which gives it a very soft easy drinking beer.
It's clear that the recipe is the same. You can taste the spices, grains, etc.. exactly as the bottled one, and this for decades already. No recipe change at all after ABInBev took over. Yes, I'm still convinced.

That bottled triple Karmeliet still gets my vote, and I prefer it way above that canned version.
Bottle refermentation gives it that great satisfying body, that bit more of alc, a somewhat hazy beer, and a great effervescence mouth feeling.
It is that extra yeast inside the bottle that makes the difference, and which makes the beer COMPLETE! Essential!

I paid €7.96 for a 4-pack of Karmeliet from can (= €1.99 for one can)
I paid €9.30 for a 6-pack of bottled Karmeliet. (= €1.55 for one bottle)

Which makes me thinking, how on earth this can be possible.
This actually should be the way round, as that extra bottle refermentation should make it more expensive.

Bottle refermentation is an essential part of brewing excellent Belgian beer.
It is that "finishing touch".

Most possibly this has been done to make export easier and cheaper IMHO!


Beer Tastings / Achel Gallant Jubileum 9,5 vol%
March 30, 2024, 11:23:27 AM

€12.27/btl. at Colruyt.

Achel Gallant Grand Cru Special is a blond specialty beer that has been commercialized in limited editions.

Because it is exactly 25 years ago that it was decided to breathe new life into the abbey brewery under the impulse of Marc Gallant, the last abbot of De Achelse Kluis (1995-2006), a festive anniversary beer has been launched in a limited edition: 'Achel Gallant - Jubileum', a blond specialty beer with 9.5% alcohol by volume and closed with a special cork.

This Abbey beer is brewed with dedication with a blend of three natural grains – barley, wheat and oats. In addition, it is enriched with a unique ingredient: purple heather flowers, which flourish abundantly in the enchanting nature border park De Groote Heide, of which De Achelse Kluis is the gatekeeper.

The result is a brand new, contemporary brew with a rich and unique taste, ending with an exceptionally smooth aftertaste.

Hi folks, what a wonderful abbey beer this is!!
A soft grainy tasting beer with a flowery accent.
Quite malty sweet and a very satisfying mouth feeling and after taste.
Somehow it reminded me of the Achel superior blond (formerly Achel blond Extra). Same texture, same creamy foam, same flavors too!
It wouldn't surprise me if that recipe has been used, but with some extra tweakings like the heather flowers for instance.

This means TOP-QUALITY folks !!!

Beer Tastings / Martha Brown Eyes - 12 vol%
March 26, 2024, 10:17:54 AM
This is a f*cking GREAT beer!

Sexy, crazy, wild, busy, happy, tough strong beer


Martha, taste life!

Martha, that's tasting life.
Hard against unsoft, sometimes happy and wild, busy, but sometimes also chill or sexy.
However we feel, or want to feel, there is always a Martha to suit us.
Busy and in need to relax? Relaxed and in for a crazy party? Sexy and ready to conquer the world? Desiring a cool adventure?
It's always Martha time!
Because you know, there's a Martha in everyone of us....

Martha, taste life!

Get thirsty & visit our social media channels to let your taste buds tingling.

This beer is brewed at the Brew Society in Heule by brewmaster Björn Desmadryl - CEO - The Brew Society.
This Brown Eyes is definitely my favorit beer of this brewery.
It pours so creamy with that creamy long lasting head as result  :appauding-1:
A 12 vol% quadrupel style with second fermentation inside the bottle.
Quite a perfumy estery roasty spicy aroma in the nose, similar to the finest strong Trappist beers, but that Xtra roastiness.
Tasting is a sweet caramel roasty spicy sensation.
That mouth feeling is so dense and satisfying, which makes every small sip such a joy.
There is also that hint of spicyness which comes from anise and licorice. Gives it that next level of freshness.

No doubt folks, this masterpiece is easily within the range of Rochefort 10, Westvleteren 12, Achel Extra dark, etc...

A beer I tasted For John  :beer:


Chit Chat / John
March 19, 2024, 08:42:39 AM
Hi John,
I noticed on FB that you have some rough times lately.
Do know that we are supporting you and praying (well, if that helps anyway) that your life gets acceptable and worth living.
Cheers to a better future for you  t_u
Beer Tastings / The Mystery of Maredret!
February 21, 2024, 12:34:28 PM
Last weekend, we went to beerpub the HOPtimist here in Bruges for some mysterious Belgian beers.

This is what we ordered.
A Maredret Altus and a Maredret Triplus, paired with a delicious mixed platter.
What follows is a bit of info about this rather new beer. It exists for about two years already.

Information comes fromère

Dear visitors,

We are very pleased to share with you of the birth of our twins Altus and Triplus

Two delicious beers from the Abbey of Maredret!

In tune with nature, you know that the nuns of Maredret perpetuate the prodigious craftsmanship of St. Hildegard of Bingen.
A naturopath before her time, the nun used plants as early as the eleventh century to treat various ailments of the body and mind, in the purest tradition of monasteries.

The community continues this tradition today not only through the sessions on health according to St. Hildegard, sacred song and illumination, but, more recently, through a range of craft beers, whose recipes have been carefully selected in line with the know-how passed down from Hildegard of Bingen.

Discover the beers of the Sisters of the Abbey of Maredret, a range brewed from spelt and plants, inspired by St. Hildegard of Bingen.

Triplus 8%

Spelt provides floral, nutty and slightly bitter notes and supports the strong spicy scent of Triplus while imparting subtle acidity. The use of botanicals, including coriander, galangal, and sage for the Triplus, gives it a unique taste.

Altus 6.8%

Spelt provides floral, nutty and slightly bitter notes and supports the yeast aromas of Altus. The use of botanicals, including cloves and juniper berries for the Altus, gives it its unique taste.

Where to find them?

In our monastic shop in Maredret of course!

But also at

  • the Ferme de Mont Saint Jean in Waterloo
  • Carrefour stores
  • Carrefour Hyper
  • Carrefour Market
  • Carrefour Market by Mestdagh
  • Match
  • Prik & Tik stores
  • Drinks from the Delsart brewery
  • at the Ermeton Drink Center
  • the best drinks in Belgium

I must confess that I was utterly surprised with both beers  :exclamation:
Such a wonderful velvety soft beers.
The use of coriander, galangal, and sage with the Triplus makes it such a nice spicy beer. Quite a thymy flavor, but that's from the sage ofcourse.
The use of botanicals, including cloves and juniper berries for the Altus makes it very special too!
BUT !!!!! We also tasted wild Brett flavors in the Altus.
At first, I thought this to be an infection. Yes, really, but at some point, Trappist beer Orval came into my mind.
It sure is a wanted funky Brett flavor, and the 6.8 vol% is quite fitting the alc% of Orval.
Wauw, this really amazed me. It's actually quite a dry beer too. No wonder as wild yeasts eat sugar that easy  :eyes:
Both beers were very soft on the tongue and had a wonderful velvety soft creamy foam layer.
This immediately reminded me of the beers from La Trappe!

The mystery about these beers is that there is no single mentioning of the brewery where it is brewed  ???  ???  ???  ???  ???

Note that this beer is made through beer firm Anthony Martin, in co-operation with the monastery of Maredret.

The typical La Trappe shape of the glass, that very soft water, that legendary La Trappe velvety foam layer, the similarities with Dominus from Anthony Martin brewed at Koningshoeven (is that actually still brewed?), the abbey link, and the huge distribution through Carrefour supermarket makes me think it is brewed at Koningshoeven (La Trappe). But ofcourse, I could be completely wrong :)

Anyway, what a great beers, and they are already inside my top beer list of today !!

Need to pay my local supermarket Carrefour a visit ASAP  t_u

Belgian Beer Abroad / Pescara - Italy
February 19, 2024, 02:00:44 PM
We are back home from a splendid one week of Italian holiday at Pescara, more precise at Montesilvano, a small village just next to the bigger city of Pescara.
The weather was sunny and around 18°C, which was really very comfortable.
In the morning and evening it was adviced to wear a warming coat though, the sun really makes that difference.
Palm trees, orange and lemon trees everywhere. Oranges and lemons massively growing on the trees. Unreal for us Belgians.
We had alot of local food and many local Italian wines too. Everything was so delicious.
You'll find all the pictures on facebook:

Our hotel (Hotel Excelsior) was located close to a fantastic Belgian beer pub!

Here we see the inviting lightboard with the name.

Google told us that bar opens at 6pm, but that actually should be 7pm.
That's because 7pm is at low season and 6pm at high season.
Indeed, we were too early, and needed to wait for a while.

A well deserved waiting! (patience is always a virtue)
Look what a great interior!

We were the first customers, but that'll change drastically after 8pm.
At some point, Italians tend to visit restaurants and bars at quite late hours.
Around 9pm, this place was full packed!!

The tap beer list.

The bottles list. There is only Belgian beer available.
Note that all the bottled beers came at the same price being €6.00.
We ofcourse went for the better quality stronger beers :)

Great quality, and kept at perfect conditions. The beers were fresh......essential!
It's always such a strange experience to find the Biere de Boucanier outside Belgium.
You won't easily find them in Belgium. Well, if you look hard, you sure wil find though.
This beer range from bry. Vansteenberge is mainly exported. I've always wondered why  ???
This Bière du Boucanier Golden Ale comes at 11 vol%!
One would say that this is a label beer from Piraat, but no way, this beer is different!
Not that sweet and more earthy-drier in flavor.
It is such a damn lovely beer! I demand a massive distribution here in Belgium too. Did you read, bry. Van Steenberge? :)

Time to eat something...

That delicious mixed platter was more than enough for us that evening!

I had a little chat with the owner and she showed me the previous beer menu.
That's from before Corona, and the beer list was much more massive.
Damn Corona virus  ::::::(

The Brasserie de Bruxelles tap installation.
Notice the funny Manneken Pis artwork, and that beautiful blue color. Amazing!

More amazing is this Manneken Pis doing his job inside the pub :)

I captured the peeing! What a great gimmick! Makes it all that more enjoyable too.

Even Belgian beer shop "De Biertempel" from Liesbeth De Reyghere, located in the heart of Brussels, is part of the decorations.

Time for another Belgian beer....

Gulden Draak 9000 Quadrupel (10.5 vol%) and Kasteel Tripel (11 vol%) easily does that trick :)
Both are masterpieces of Belgian brewing craftsmenship. This is 100% Belgian beer enjoyment folks  B_FLAG

Leaving this place was really a hard nut to crack.
So we ordered us a nightcap from Italian origine :)

Amaro di Vecchio and a delicious Grappa Bianca.

This truly is "La Dolce Vita"  t_u


Trappist Related / Trappist Westvleteren
January 31, 2024, 01:26:27 PM
Last weekend was a great Trappist Westvleteren weekend!
A week before, I ordered us two crates (which was the maximum volume during that online purchase) at around 10am.
The online ordering took place from 9am till 8pm, which is quite a long period. That really surprised me.
To my upper surprise (that's another surprise) I only had to wait for about 20 seconds! Guess I was lucky.
The payment was done online when you do the purchase. You have a maximum time of 10 minutes only.
Those are actually the shortest 10 minutes of my life :)
I paid €144 for two crates of Westvleteren 12, includes the price of the empty goods that are afterwards refunded when bringing back.
The empty goods which are the wooden crates and the empty bottles come at €20 each.
So, I actually paid 104 Euro for 2 crates. That's €2.17 for one bottle. Damn good price :)
I handed in 3 crates and the Monday after, already €60 was refunded through my credit card.
After leaving the abbey's beer shop, we went straight to Café In De Vrede, opposite the abbey.
Time for lunch and a GOOD beer.
We also went to the café's shop to buy us 4 glasses of their new glasses!! And a nice piece of their delicious cheese.
One can actually buy one glass too, but that came at €6.00. The boxes with 4 glasses came at €20.00 each. Yes, that bit cheaper (€5.00/glass).
My choice was an easy one, ie buying a box of 4 glasses :)

Link to the online beer shop:

Here we have the purchase prices of today at café In de Vrede.
Still acceptable IMHO.

A Trappist Westvleteren Abt 12 for Katrien and myself, paired with a very comfortable and delicious smoked ham with farmers bread dish (€11.00 each).
It is still served with pickled onions and gherkins, Brugge butter, and a small sacket of sharp mustard from Dijon (France).
It seems the Löwensenf mustard from Germany has been discontinued  :eyes: (actually, I prefer the German mustard)
Our beers were still poured into the old glasses, but I noticed that many people got it already in the new glasses too.
A transition period I guess.
We did much more that Saturday, but that'll be presented in (an)other (message)s .... stay tuned folks.

Well, here we have my updated Trappist Westvleteren glass collection @ home.
This should be fairly completely. Well, actually it is.
I put then from old to new. That's from left to the right.
As you can see, the brand new glass is the biggest glass. It is about 4 millimetres taller than the previous one.
As usual, there is no CO₂ producing scratch on the bottom of the glass. 

The rim is silver colored now. No golden rim and golden shiny in the emblem and text like the previous glass. looks a bit like a downgrade to me though.
Also, no line that shows the 33cl. mark. No single indication of CE M 24 0112 Ritzenhof either.
On the other hand we see the circular emblem, similar to the one on the label.
There is also a translucent matte border around the glass with white text written on it.
It seems to show that there is that similarity with the new label on the bottle, which also has that border around the bottle.
The matte border has this white text in Latin: "Ut vivant me coquunt, non vivant ut me coquant"
Which translated is something like "They cook me to live, they don't live to cook me". Cooking should be replaced with brewing ofcourse.
You can see the full text in the pictures here further in this article.

The crowncorks have changed from golden color into plain yellow.
Again, gold has been removed  :eyes:

The foot of the glass clearly shows the text "Anno -1839-"
The text is painted underneath, not on the top of the foot.
1839 was the first official brew year!!
In May 1839, the abbey received the brewing license signed by King Leopold I on April 19, 1839. A test brew was most likely made that same month.
Finally, the first official brewing took place in June 1839. This was witnessed by the 25,45 Belgian francs paid for the rights to two beer brews.

With all that talk, I'm really getting thirsty folks :)
Time to savor ..... Oh YES :)

With uncapping, I got those perfumy estery aromas filling my nose. Wonderful really.
As usual this beer is dark and pours with a nice fluffy longlasting beige head.

Yeast chunks can be seen near the bottom.

And here we have that Latin line. GREAT gimmick  t_u

All the essential information is printed on that longish wide label.
The best before date is still 3 years and the beer is still 10.2 vol% strong.
Sugar and candy syrup are still one of the main ingredients.
And ofcourse that 6-sided ATP logo (Authentic Trappist Product), which is quite essential  t_u

Flavor wise, this beer is still exactly the same as ever.
It has that amazing hop bitterness, perfectly counterbalanced with the sweetness of the sugar and candy syrup.
Local hops from nearby Poperinge to be precise, which gives an "earthy" hoppiness, long lingering afterwards.
Nothing has been overdone here.
It's actually not a bomb of a barley wine either.
A delicate flavor so hard to copy.

Folks, this is one of the best beers in the world! Truely ESSENTIAL !!!!

Breweries / New - De Brakke Brouwers
January 20, 2024, 11:13:10 AM
Beer Tastings / Bertinchamps Pamplemousse - 5.0 vol%
January 16, 2024, 10:51:44 AM

Time for a refreshing beer, made with natural extracts of pink grapefruit and a hint of ginger.
There is a good balance between the sweetness of the fruit and the bitterness of the hop.
ALC 5.0 % - PLATO 14 - EBC 14 - IBU 28

I bought 2 33cl. bottles at supermarket Carrefour at 30% discount (!), ie €1.50 per bottle. (Special bottle shape too)
And..... realized - after tasting - that I had to buy the whole stash. About 8 bottles.
This is such an amazing beer folks!
Already after uncapping, the pink grapefruity gingery aromas pleasantly filled my nose. What a "perfumy" beer !!!  :eyes:  :eyes:  :eyes:  :eyes:  :eyes:
Tasting only confirms the nose. Again those wonderful fresh grapefuit and ginger flavors.
Nicely counterbalanced with a perfect dose of hops! Makes it that more tasty and enjoyable. Wauw, that balance!
It is quite a sweet beer too, and the harshnes and sourness of the grapefruit is not overwhelming at all. Exactly what I love.

Folks, this is one BIG perfumy EXPLOSION !!! What a beer !!!

Food Pairings / Flemish Style Rabbit in Beer Sauce
January 15, 2024, 02:17:16 PM
Yesterday was Flemish Style Rabbit in Beer Sauce at Home!

I always make it with the regular dark table beer.
This one is bought at supermarket Colruyt, and is 1.5 vol% weak.
I dont add any water for the sauce, but instead add an extra 33cl bottle of Guinness Special Export 8 vol%.
Guinness Special Export was specially exported to Belgium in the 1940s, and was the first Guinness beer to be served in Belgium after World War 2.

That's a whole rabbit to be precise!

It's essential to pair with cooked potatoes.
Mashing the potatoes with the beery sauce is a FEAST !!!
According the recipe from my mother who got it from her mother, one should need 2 big yellow onions.
The 'trick' is to firstly fine chop the onions and fry them in margarine till they become nearly burnt!
This is essential, because we need that caramel burnt smokey flavor form the onions.
It's a tricky job, because it depends on seconds. Too burnt isn't ok, but too less burnt isn't ok either.
The finely chopped onions need to have that slight black burnt edge. VERY important!
Adding the black Guinness which is also burnt malty, gives it that extra touch.
It will give a nice caramel flavor to the sauce and makes it also much darker in color.
Note that the burnt malt bitterness reduces with the cooking process (1.5 hours).
The glossy shine on the sauce is essential too.


BTW.... we have alot of leftover, but tha'll taste even more delicious soon this evening!
Things will have evolved into much more completion and much more enjoyment. Can't wait......

Beer News / De Bierboom
January 06, 2024, 01:14:20 PM
Sad news  ::::::(

Rudy and Marina are stopping with running beer pub De Bierboom here in Bruges.
The place is taken over by someone who will make it a tapas and beer tavern.
I'm not sure if the annual beer swap can take place again, but it seems that with an arrangement with the new owners it could actually take place again.
I'll keep you informed when news arrives......

Good luck Rudy and Marina for a still "beery" future. Enjoy !!!