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Website / Updates succeeded !
May 16, 2024, 11:13:10 AM
This morning, Siteground upgraded the MySQL version, which is the database engine.
Before, I could not upgrade the Joomla CMS towards 5.1, just because the old MySQL version was not compatibel with Joomla 5.1.
But see:

Dear Customer,

We are currently updating the MySQL on your host server. Brief service interruption (below 1 hour) may be experienced by the sites hosted on this server. The update is expected to be completed before 08:27 AM CDT.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

The SiteGround Team

Finally, I updated Joomla from 4.4.4 to 5.1.0, and things (main page and the forum too) work just FINE !! What a relief.
We are up-to-date again.

I need a beer :)
Beer News / Re: What a surprise !!
May 16, 2024, 10:40:16 AM
This is actually the ever first time I see a full bottle of a 75cl Westvleteren. I'm quite excited :o
I really thought they didn't exist anymore ...... till those picture suddenly appeared on the BBB FB group.
This also proofs that full bottles still exist, and those also could be the case for Westvleteren 12 or the 6.
Westvleteren 12 is first brewed during WWII! 33cl and also 75cl volumed.
I don't know exactly what period inbetween WWII, so it actually could be at the beginning, but also at the end.
There are not that many crates produced I suppose. War period, etc...
Also, after WWII, the monks decided to go un-commercial and handed out the recipe to cheese manufacturer Saint-Bernard with discontinuing the labels.
It is definitely more likely to find a full crate of the 8, simply because that beer was already made way before WWII started.

Interesting detail: When opening one of those bottles Extra 8 graden, you will have a lactic sour beer with wood touches.

Lactic sourness is a great preservative, and I really think the beer is still drinkable  :eyes:

Jeez, how eager I wanna have a sip from those bottles !!! damn......

Beer News / What a surprise !!
May 15, 2024, 02:29:43 PM
What an amazing surprise to see that someone posted a full crate of pre-1945 75cl. bottles of Westvleteren 8 on the BBB Facebook group.  :o  :o  :o  :o  :o  :eyes:  :eyes:  :eyes:  :eyes:  :eyes:

This is the WONDER !!!

All bottles are still FULL. The corks are still intact too!

To give you an idea, I posted here under two pictures I took myself already long time ago.

Same bottle shape, same label, and exactly the same wooden crate too.

Now, I was wondering if there is some falsification done ?

The dust on the bottles is quite thin.
The corks look damn new to me.
The labels are spotless

Knowing that a crate like this - in such a great condition - will sell for a HUGE amount of money.

Actually, I'm clueless  :chin:

Chit Chat / Re: MBCC 2024
May 15, 2024, 02:16:59 PM
Hi Jay,
Good to read that you are both safe back home.  t_u
Looking forward to the report Jay  t_u
I'm sure the pictures will be worth watching again.
thanks for sharing !!!

Beer Tastings / Re: Duivel Dark
May 14, 2024, 09:44:59 AM
Yes Viv,
What a great beer this is  :appauding-1:
Boon is doing a re-branding these days!

New labels, new glasses too. Same beer (VERY important)

Something tells me that this will be a HUGE succes story  t_u  t_u  t_u  t_u  t_u

Hi folks,
What follows are pictures made at Snelle Duve last week.
For mouth watering purposes only :)
All beers and food were truly outstanding  t_u  :appauding-1:

Quote from: Jay on May 08, 2024, 06:43:14 PMYou said it Filip, 10/10 for that glorious spread...Belgian hospitality captured beautifully  :appauding-1: 

Jay  t_u

Actually Jay, the best part was that smokey lard with crumbly last bits of the pork.
Not that many places here in Belgium still offering it.
It was a rather small portion, so it was finished too fast :) But... after asking, we got a second portion at no charge.
Belgian hospitality! YES  :appauding-1:

Hi John,
For your info:

The meatplatter:

Smoked farmers ham
Cooked ham on the bone
Old fashioned paté
Slice of cooked salted bacon (we say in dialect "schelle van de zeuge" = "slice of the sow")
Headcheese (brawn)

The cheese platter:

Young cheese
Old cheese
Wijnendale cheese
Watou cheese
Sint-Bernardus cheese

This message makes me hungry  yummy ... and thirsty too  :drinking:

Chit Chat / Re: Non Belgian beers
May 08, 2024, 08:45:40 AM
Quote from: John B on May 07, 2024, 05:03:06 PMAnd yes Filip, so true ... I don't like when breweries call their beer "Belgian" when they are not made in Belgium.
I'm just thinking of this John, and suddenly I come up with Irish coffee.
Irish coffee is very common here in Belgium after having lunch or dinner as a dessert or digestive.
Not made in Ireland. We call it an Irish coffee, and not an Irish "inspired" coffee.  :find:
This ofcourse is a preparation and not a readily available packaged drink in a shop. There lays that difference I think.

Chit Chat / Re: MBCC 2024
May 08, 2024, 08:35:18 AM
Hi Jay & Linda,
Enjoy your trip to the MBCC.
looking forward to the pix. They sure will be very enjoyable as usual  t_u  t_u
Hi folks,
It's always such an utterly pleasure heading to Herberg Wijnendaele Wandeling nearby Bruges at Torhout.

A great 60+ beers location, where eating is the main thing to do.

When I go there, I always order their Sint-Bernardus Abt straight from tap!

That's 5 Euro for a big volume, more than 33cl. to be precise.
From tap, it always tastes so much more fresh. Especially the hops!!

Katrien went for the ever delicious Bush Caractère. A crystal clear amber colored 12 vol% beauty.

Time for food folks !
Nice that we got that small appetizer when waiting for our food.
It's round shaped crackers with surimi mayonaise salad.

We choose to go for the mixed platters. They are called the Breughel platters.
Sharing is caring, so we ordered the cheese AND the cold meat platter at €17.00 each, and shared everything with eachother by cutting in half.
That makes much more choice, more flavors, and ... more fun  :appauding-1:

The platters are served with these complementary side dishes.
Lard with small bits of pork crackling, Wostyntje mustard (after all we are in Torhout), pickled gherkins and pickled small onions.
There is also that dish of boiled potatoes in their jackets. SOOO delicious  t_u

Farmers bread was presented too. That's where you put the lard on.

A close-up of the piping hot potatoes. Quite an essential addition if you ask me, it simply completes everything !

Folks, if going for a truly Burgundian treat, this is your place!

That's 10/10 for sure, but be prepared to make a reservation when arriving later than 5pm!


Chit Chat / Re: Non Belgian beers
May 07, 2024, 09:50:12 AM
Quote from: Jay on May 06, 2024, 12:50:47 PMIt's not a beer that's ever going to challenge those from our beloved Belgium but credit where credit's due.
Wisely said Jay  t_u
This beer looks very inviting. That color, and that haziness.
It's always such an honor when non-Belgian breweries use the name "Belgian style".
Still, when observing your beautiful picture, I can see this beer isn't from Belgium.
The design on the can and the shape of the glass are not so Belgian inspired. Although some Belgian breweries do use that glass shape too. (Cabardouche for instant)

Anyway, it's damn good that great efforts are done to make something similar to what's brewed over here in Belgium.
If a Belgian style tripel occurs that's so freaky amazing and so similar, or even better than what we have here, I can only encourage to make much more of that Belgian style!
But please, they shouldn't use the name "Belgian beer" on their label., which all too frequently happens.

Hi Viv,
That's what I'm asking myself too.  ???
I tasted them all, but somehow, the footages (I'm sure I took pictures from all the beers) didn't go public.
They sure were all very delicious.

This one was published on the BBB FB group.
That delicious 75cl. Chardonnay barrel aged Preuske Prente Belgian Brut at 10.5 vol%.

Beer News / Re: Bush Mystery!
April 16, 2024, 11:08:51 AM
Hi Viv,
Maybe it was an expirement from the brewery.
BTW: The 75cl are always bottle refermented.
I simply can't believe that such an error would have been occured and above all, unnoticed.
Note that the Bush triple is bottle conditioned inside the small 33cl. and also inside the bigger 75cl bottles.
Is there a future plan to make all 33cl Bush Caractère bottle conditioned?
I think we need some patience and future sure will reveal things.
Beer News / Re: Bush Mystery!
April 15, 2024, 06:00:33 PM
Quote from: John B on April 15, 2024, 04:53:46 PMSounds like your explanation makes sense Filip, but perhaps the good folks at Dubuisson know something else?  :chin:

Cheers! - John 

Maybe, maybe John.
The future will tell John.
Actually, this is the second time in my life that I have this experience.
You won't believe this but the first time was in Thailand !

Chang is the best known lager in Thailand and is "always" a clear beer.
Till ... I got some hazy ones in 2016.
It is still a mystery to me why those two Changs were hazy. They looked unfiltered to me, which is an impossibility.