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Started by Jay, July 24, 2021, 06:48:56 PM

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John B

Quote from: Trappist on February 05, 2023, 10:53:29 AM
Quote from: John B on February 04, 2023, 09:39:28 PMSo it sounds like Patrick has been keeping very busy since leaving The Bruery.
Wow John,
I didn't know Patrick Rue has left the building. It's great they actually keep the name The Bruery as it is.
It's a very nice wordplay.
I just visited the Erosion Tap House Winery and Brewery website and looked at the location too.

<iframe src="!4v1675590233998!6m8!1m7!1ss9v2botCBDsPc1GLzQWWlA!2m2!1d38.5042523239229!2d-122.4686659678601!3f46.85755289488698!4f-0.147845405344043!5f2.0637451283067" width="800" height="600" style="border:0;" allowfullscreen="" loading="lazy" referrerpolicy="no-referrer-when-downgrade"></iframe>

That's really a very nice (touristy too) location for wine tasting. Alot of restaurants and hotels too.

This is a great read about how things happened:

Looking at their website, I also found these 75cl cans.

This is something you don't find here in Belgium, but it sure is a great idea!!

Wishing Patrick and his family all the best for a great future!!

Cheers, and thanks John, for mentioning all of this over here  t_u ,

On a somewhat bittersweet note:

Yesterday Patrick Rue, the proprietor of Erosion posted on the Beer Advocate forums that he will be closing the Erosion taphouse at the end of this month. He is doing so with his family's interest in mind. I wish he and his family all the best on their move back here to southern California.   (Post #35, towards the bottom of the page)

Well Wishing Cheers! - John

John B

A couple southern California beers here:

First up, from Stone Brewing in Escondido (near San Diego)...

Patio Magic, an 8.8% double IPA brewed with white grape skins and sweet orange peel. It has a very smooth and slick mouthfeel to it, and not as much bitterness as I was expecting. I'm not really picking up the grape skins or orange peel here, but that could just be me. Perhaps other folks with better tastebuds might pick up those ingredients. Overall a nice pleasant double IPA, but I can't say that it really stood out in what is these days a sea of available IPAs to choose from. I'd chalk this one down to "Maybe I'd buy it again but it probably wouldn't be my first choice" status.

Next up, from Three Weavers Brewing Company located in Inglewood California (where I was born), next door to Los Angeles...

Citra Puffs, a 5.2% "juicy pale ale", brewed with Citra, El Dorado and Comet hops along with flaked wheat and rolled oats. First, may I say that I feel Three Weavers is one of those "Under the Radar" breweries. I hesitate to say "underrated", because ratings can be all over the place and who really knows what or who to believe. But I think they put out some pretty solid beers without a lot of fanfare. Citra Puffs is one of those.

It's described by Three Weavers as " An easy-drinking, juicy pale ale with a soft mouthfeel offering notes of citrus peel, stone fruit and pineapple." I couldn't describe it any better. Not a hop monster, for those who like that sort of thing, but it's a beer that I find enjoyable and would purchase again.

Cheers! - John


Quote from: John B on March 08, 2023, 05:36:21 PM   (Post #35, towards the bottom of the page)
Wauw John , what a big decision Patrick has made there  F_C
And he even doesn't know what to do next!! (Patrick: "I have no plans or ideas on what that might be, though!")
I hope the plans for the future will be about making quality beers again. He sure is the perfect man for that purpose.
Whishing him and his family all the best  t_u  t_u  t_u  t_u
"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson

John B

Firestone Walker's latest release, Double Hopnosis. It's an 8.3% abv imperial IPA. Their regular Hopnosis (6.7% abv) has been out for a year or so, and I found it to be pretty enjoyable. As you see, this 8.3% version kicks things up a notch in the alcoholic content department. However in this case I think less is more, at least as far as the actual taste goes.

That's not to say this Double Hopnosis is a bad beer. But it's clear to see what market Firestone Walker is going for. This beer is only available in a single tall can, that's 19.2 ozs to be exact. There are no 4 packs or 6 packs for sale. And this is pretty cheap, just about $3 for that large can.

Like I mentioned though, I think less is more in this case. I liked the regular 6.7% Hopnosis more than I thought I would, espcially since I'm not the world's biggest IPA fan. This Double version however is just ok as far as taste goes. But I think that's not what Firestone Walker was going for here. This is one of those beers that will compete against a growing number of others in your local convenience store which cater to the "get me buzzed cheap" crowd. And I'm guilty of that sentiment sometimes, like many other folks. In fact I'd dare say that this one certainly one of the better tasting "get me buzzed cheap" beers out there, and I'll probably buy it again at some point when the mood and situation strike.

So, is it worth a try? Yup. Is it going to replace your regular favorite IPA? Nope.

Cheap Buzz Cheers! - John


Hi John,

Thanks for sharing some more tastings, and your thoughts.

I have only ever tasted 11 different IPAs from countries other
than Belgium ( and the UK ), and it is a style that I have
little interest in whether standard, double, triple, new
england, or milkshake.

I think if that's all the choice there was I would drink wine






Quote from: John B on March 09, 2023, 10:02:46 PMIn fact I'd dare say that this one certainly one of the better tasting "get me buzzed cheap" beers out there
Thanks for sharing  t_u
"get me buzzed cheap" beers are a thing here in Belgium too.. unfortunately.
8.3 vol% is still not that strong according Belgian standards though :)
I see that the can contains 19.2 fl.oz.  ===> that's 0.567812 litres exactly. Quite a big volume  :o
No prob for me drinking one of those cans at 8.3 vol%, but handling two of those big cans isn't my thing really  :chin:

Belgian Gordon's Finest has a lot of those booz beers too

Actually, these are more kind of bottom fermented malt liquors , always having those same rather malty flavors and alot of sweetness  and density.
In Belgium they are exactly 50cl. volumed, a bit less than in the US. Call you lucky John :)

Just like Viv, IPA's aren't my thing either.
I sure would try them, but mainly in hotter weather and when I'm thirsty. That grapefruity sensation..
But all those IPA's are so similar to eachother. That could easily become very boring after a while I think.
Personally, I prefer the styronger IPA's, to name one: 120 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head.
Things like that are really my thing, but not for every day ofcourse. I would easily skip to a Belgian barley wine or Quad instead.


"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson

John B

A few more from my home state:

From MadeWest Brewing in Ventura California: 7th Anniversary Hazy Double. It's an 8% hazy double IPA. It's a fine beer, one that I'm drinking as I type this. It reminds me very much of their "regular" Hazy IPA, except with a little more alcohol kick to it and maybe a bit more melon flavor, such as cantaloupe. It's good, but not exceptional. I'm enjoying it enough though.

Next up, a collaboration from Karl Strauss and Topa Topa. Karl Strauss makes some pretty average beers. Topa Topa, in my opinion, can be either hit or miss. Their limited edition or special occasion beers are pretty good. Their regular everyday year 'round beers are pretty average. So I wasn't' really expecting much out of this beer, but thought I'd give a single can a try anyway. And it pretty much delivered on my expectations. It's an ok beer. Not one I'd buy again, and one I'm glad that I only bought one can. Is it bad? No, not at all. Is it memorable? Not really. It's just ok. Well, I guess all beers can't be great.

Finally, from Henhouse Brewing in Santa Rosa California: Stoked!. It's a hazy pale ale. I bought a can of this for two reasons. One, I knew that Henhouse is known to be a good brewery, and two, I thought that I'd never had this before and wanted to give it a try. Well as it turns out, I now remember that I have had this one before a while ago, and I didn't recognize it because they changed the art on the can. It's a smooth beer, very easily drinkable and agreeable to my tastebuds. However it's not what I'd call a real standout, and there are a good number of other beers out there which fall into the same flavor profile. Nothing wrong with that, but maybe what I'm saying that it's not what I'd call a "Wow, that's great!" beer. Then again, it's been a while since I've come across one of those. Well anyway, if you're looking for a break from the glut of IPAs out there, this one might tickle your fancy. And don't we all need our fancy's tickled once in a while? Cheers! - John

John B

Was hoping for the perfect photo op when I was taking a pic of the Henhouse beer, but alas, the next door neighbor's chickens decided to be camera shy at the last moment. They were right next to the fence about 10 seconds before I was able to take the Henhouse shot, then they ran back to their safety zone. Oh well, as you can see, one of the dogs there decided to check out another beer later. Maybe he was thirsty? Bow Wow Cheers! - John



Hi John,

That dog is really focussed on your glass of beer!

He's thinking really hard about how he is going to be able to taste it!

As for the chickens, they're busy with other more important things...




Nice to see those environment shots from where you live.
I'm sure the dog would fancy that beer too. Actually, dogs do drink beer and love it.
About the beers you tasted.
All too frequently we see those average beers here too.
Beers that are all the same and no wow effects, what so ever.
To become successful, one really needs to make a beer that stands out from all the average rest.
Probably the most difficult part of brewing  :chin:
"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson


Hi everyone

Got home from a very busy day at work yesterday to a surprise package of beers from Salford (Manchester) brewery Pomona Island.

The two large barrel aged Imperial Stouts were only released on Wednesday and just 2 days later they were in my possession. There's also a couple of of which I opened last night.

Pomona Island - Good Morning,Captain...8.2% DIPA...the can is less than 3 weeks old

Masses of zingy pineapple chunks, tropical mango, citrus zest, fleshy peach... bloody delicious stuff.
I think this is my first DIPA from Pomona and which a juice bomb it was - can't wait to try the barrel aged Stouts, one in Rye Whiskey and the other in Cherry Liqueur barrels 😋

Jay 🐝


Hi Jay,
Very promising beers there, and such an eye catching, simple, yet beautiful made labels.
I always wonder how they invent those remarkable beer names  :chin:
I'm sure you'll have some treat when savouring the BA beauties  t_u
"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson


Well folks I've sampled a couple more of the beers from Pomona Island, a micro brewery located in Salford Manchester...we can drive through Salford when we visit Manchester so maybe a trip to the brewery is on the cards  :chin:

Anyway here's what I opened...

First off is Quasimodo On Bells...11% Imperial Chocolate, Tonka, Vanilla and Cinnamon Stout

Rich dark bitter chocolate, coffee beans, mocha, vanilla milk chocolate, sweet baking cinnamon...a right thumper.

Next up is one of the large barrel aged bottles...

If I Only Had A Dollar 2022...12.5% Imperial Stout aged in an 8 year old American Rye Whiskey Barrel

Dark chocolate, spicy Rye Whiskey, leather, charred malts, oak bloody tastic.
No adjuncts, just a big heavy stout aged in a Whiskey perfectly shows how barrel, time and patience imparts such wonderful flavours.

Two wonderful beers and yet again Pomona show their barrel aging prowess 🐝 oh and regarding the names of their beers all the other Pomona beers I've had have been named after lines in songs so maybe the trend continues?

Jay  t_u

John B

A couple of rather decadent sounding beers there Jay. Yes, a trip to the brewery seems like the right thing to do.

Cheers! - John


Quote from: Jay on March 28, 2023, 12:48:01 PMFirst off is Quasimodo On Bells...11% Imperial Chocolate, Tonka, Vanilla and Cinnamon Stout

Those are IMPRESSIVE beers!!!
They also do show the trend of artisanal quality beers today.
The ingredient Tonka beans is one of them!
By coïncidence we had a Tonka flavored beer at the Surprise beer tasting last Saturday.

From Dutch brewery de Moersleutel.
This was one of the most WOW-ish beers we had.
13 vol% !!! and such a creamy "calory rich!" beer.
Maple syrupy too, which is a perfect match to the sweet Imperial stout and rich amount of Pecan nuts.
Not sure if this is a pastry stout, but it sure had some cookie flavors to me.
Sweet, dense, roasty, creamy all the way (even the head), nutty, and that so unique Tonka bean flavor, hardly to describe really, but it matches so gracefully. Tonka beans do rule these days in the quality beer world. Yes, not bad really  t_u

This picture needed some Photoshopping because the back side of the removed label didn't give anything readable.
This actually shows the Willy Tonka's Golden Tickets initiative.
Yes, I really love those gimmicks, but the beer itself is just that more important ofcourse, especially if it has the quality we tasted last Saturday  t_u  t_u

"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson