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Started by Jay, December 06, 2023, 05:28:38 PM

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Hi everybody

We've been back a few days now from a wonderful trip to Hamburg, it was just the absolute perfect getaway (at the perfect time of year)

We had an amazing time, visiting some great bars, drinking great beers and filling our bellies with delicious German food.

Things took a bit of a dive on our return home however as we've all tested positive for Covid (so that's us off work until next week) but at least we can relax before the festive madness starts and despite feeling under the weather we're all doing fine.

Time off work will give me chance to post my report (which I'll do soon) and at least we didn't feel any ill effects whilst in Germany (plus get it out the way before Christmas)

So speak to you all soon.

Jay 😷

John B

Welcome back Jay, good to hear that you had a nice trip. Sorry to hear to hear that you all got Covid. Hope you recover quickly mate!

Cheers! - John


Welcome back Jay,
I've seen all the pictures on FB, and they truly showed how good your vacation was  t_u
Too bad about that Covid, but today, nobody dies from it. Let's say very good for your resistance to the virus.
Get all well soon mate  F_C
"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson


Hi Jay,

I look forward to hearing about your recent German trip!

Let's hope you brought back a few German Festbiers and Weinachtsbiers
for the current Christmas season ( which seems to have started sometime
back in October!?!? )




Hi everyone,

First off I'm glad to report that the Covid bug has gone and we're feeling much better (back to work tomorrow)

So to our trip 🇩🇪

We arrived midday Monday in a damp and cold Hamburg, so after checking into our hotel we hopped in a taxi and made our way to the main Rathausmarkt for our first experience of a true German Christmas market

This large market located in front of the town hall was filled with festive food stalls, the obvious thing was to order a couple of Mulled Wine (served in Hamburg Christmas market mugs which we kept) and a delicious Bratwurst (fresh and crisp and good value at 5€) with our Anna trying her first proper curry wurst

After exploring the market and surrounding streets we decided it was time for something warm to eat (and a beer) so visited the nearby Muncher Hofbrauhaus, a massive Bavarian restaurant filled with wooden tables and set over 2 massive floors - food was traditional German and our Anna ordered Curry Wurst and me a Paprika Schnitzel, my Schnitzel lovely and crispy.

Heading back to our hotel we first paid a visit to Beyond Beer, a one room bottle shop filled with shelves and fridges full of bottles and cans with a small bar towards the rear with 5 beers on tap.
My first order was a delicious Harvester of Sorrow, an 8.4% NEIPA from German brewery Sudden Death.
Next was a bonkers fruit sour from ÂRPUS before finishing with an Omnipollo Three Times Three - an amazing 10% TIPA

After Linda and Anna picked me some special beers we made our way back to our hotel (luckily just around the corner) for a wheat beer at the bar before retiring early


Following a peaceful night's sleep in the biggest bed we've ever been in we awoke to a cold but dry Tuesday, so downstairs for a wonderful breakfast (absolutely loads to choose from) and so with bellies well and truly filled we decided to head into town.

Seeing as our hotel was slap bang between two train stations (Schlump and Christuskirche) and either just a 2 minute walk away we bit the bullet and rode the underground towards the town hall.

The day was filled with visiting the various markets around the town hall, coffee shops and supermarkets

Gluhbier - boozy cherries

Heading back to our hotel to unpack first it was a quick detour to Beyond Beer for a bottle or two - any bottle or can can be drank inside for just 1€ extra

That evening w decided to visit a few bars in the St Pauli area of town, starting at Craft Beer Bar and an Ocean-man Submerged, a NEIPA from Sudden Death (pure tropical pineapple) before finishing with a crisp German pilsner

Next bar was Brewdog Hamburg and of all the bars we visited in Hamburg this was the biggest letdown - design wise it had that typical Brewdog layout but the tap list was completely uninspiring and as for the beer fridge...the worst we've seen, just row after row of what seemed like supermarket cans.

An enjoyable couple of hours were spent at the fairground before another bar, Goat Bar a brewery owned bar.
A Baby Baby Goat Goat DIPA was enjoyed so much a couple of cans were purchased

After that it was a train back home as an enjoyable day 2 came to a close.



Hi Jay,
Thank you so much for reporting back your great Hamburg beery visit.  t_u  t_u  t_u  t_u  t_u
Reading your comments and watching your great pictures makes me feeling that I actually was there too. Sooo realistic this is... wauw  t_u
Reports like this are really so priceless  :appauding-1:
Thanks Jay  :appauding-1:
It's already a main page article Jay. as usual !! with great honor  t_u
CHEERS  :smileysdrinkingbeer:
"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson

John B

Those German Christmas markets are really something aren't they Jay? Thanks for sharing your great photos and remembrances of your trip. Very happy to hear that you're all doing well now too.

Cheers Mate! - John


Thanks for the kind replies guys, Hamburg really did deliver the goods and a revisit is definitely on the cards.


Part 2 to follow 👍🏻


More from Hamburg

Day 3

Woke to a snowy Wednesday and so after another delicious breakfast it was brewery time but first it was some shopping (got to stock up on sausages and smoked ham 😄) then it was a gentle half hour stroll and we were at the Ratsherrn brewery - or rather stood outside their store, situated on an industrial estate.

The large open plan shop was filled with everything you need that's beer related - bottles, cans, clothing, glassware, ornaments, decorations all bearing the Ratsherrn logo, beers available were mainly from the Ratsherrn brewery but there were also shelves and fridges filled with other breweries.
Prices were the most reasonable we saw with their own bottles around the 2€ mark(bottles and a glass the obvious choice)

Seeing as it was now 1pm we decided to have a bite to eat at their onsite restaurant, so across the picturesque cobbled courtyard and we were in a lively modern woooden bar and restaurant

Linda ordered a wheat beer and me a tasting plank featuring pale ales, ipas and kellerbier.
Food was pasta and a delicious tomato soup before a last look around the brewery store, then it was homeward bound to unpack

After a couple of beers at the hotel bar it was back out in the same direction as the brewery only this time it was Omnipollo and their bar.

What greeted us was a small 3/4 room cellar bar painted and lit bright neon pink with quirky dangling lights, Omnipollo logos and signs.

A dozen beers from tap ranged from IPAs,DIPAs, TIPAs to barrel aged Imperial Stouts all from Omnipollo plus a fridge filled with cream of their barrel aged series and DIPAs

First off was their Three Times Three (that amazing TIPA we sampled at Beyond Beer) before Linda picked us an Andromeda - a mighty 15.2% Imperial Stout with coconut aged for 26 months in Buffalo Trace Rye Whisky Barrels

Next up was an In Plenty (12% coffee almond Imperial Stout) and Fatamorgana DIPA, both from tap and both utterly amazing

Our Anna ordered one the infamous pizzas (Chorizo and chill) served with beer themed sauces, the pizza was one of the very best we've had, everyone devouring every last crumb.

Time for one last beer and Linda picked an absolute beauty, a bottle of barrel aged Lorelei to share...what an indulgent couple of hours it had been

Homeward bound but not before one last bar - Dorlam.
First beer was a traditional Schwarzbier from Buddelship before a beer from Lost Horizon Farm and their Tafelsmoor - an 8% Imperial Stout brewed with Japanese seaweed, nutmeg, apple skins and then aged in Japanese Whisky barrels before it was time to catch our train home.

Last full day to follow


Day 4

A day to explore a bit further afield and so took the underground train to visit the St Pauli Elbe Tunnel.

So taking the longest train journey of our trip we arrived at the large dock land area on the vast river Elbe.

The tunnel was accessed via a rickety wooden lift down 80ft to the walkway below, a bright and clean 200ft arrow straight tunnel that stretched as far as you could see.

Walking to the other end brought us to another wooden lift upwards, Linda and Anna took the easy option whereas I opted to walk up the many flights of stairs winding their way upwards inside what looked like a Bond villains lair.

Exiting on the other side of the river Elbe the sight was much more industrial, so after a Quick Look around we decided to venture through the tunnel once again back to the bustle of the harbour side...amazing to think that you're free to walk around this area and all for free too.

After a stroll along the harbour side we jumped on the train (with its elevated track raised above the main road, like something out of Chicago) we headed back home.

That evening we explored the Christmas markets (Hamburg has 14) indulging in hot baked goods (Pfaffengluck) and hot Gluhbier and so sampling the legendary Feuerzangenbowle (fire bowl) hot Mulled Wine with a rum soaked block of sugar lit so it rains hot and sugary into the festive brew.

Time for one last bar - Dorlam for their Mikkeller tap takeover, my first beer a Beer Geek Konfekt (11.5% Imperial Stout with hazelnut, marzipan and cocoa nibs) my this was marzipan overload as one was enough so my next choice was a absolute beast.

By now the bar was crammed so I chose some beers to bring home and we made our way back to our hotel


Our final day

Today we fly home (but not until late afternoon) so after packing all our beers and foodie goods away and leaving our hotel room we ventured out for one last look around beautiful Hamburg

A look around the large department store gave us quite a surprise, a large spiral slide that you rode 4 floors down (of course our Anna had to have a go 😄)

Lunch was back at the wonderful Muncher Hofbrauhaus for a Dunkel beer and a dish of Cod with potatoes and mustard sauce.

Just enough time for stocking up with some amazing German breads to bring home

Our time in Hamburg was now drawing to a close, so it was back to our hotel to wait for our taxi to the airport.

Hamburg had been everything I (we) hoped it would be and most definitely a whole heap more...the bars, the beers, the sights, the food, EVERYTHING

It's fair to say that it ticked all the boxes with all our family and a return is an absolute definite

Jay  t_u

John B

Fantastic report Jay! Your pictures, your descriptions, simply amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to share this with us. I truly appreciate it mate! 


Cheers! - John


Wauw, yes Jay,
What a truly fantastic report!!!
Such a pleasure reading all the details and watching the pictures.
Thanks so much for all the efforts and time you spend making the reports !!!  t_u
A BIG  :appauding-1:  :appauding-1:  :appauding-1:  :appauding-1:  :appauding-1: and a massive THANK YOU  t_u
Jay, why not making a YouTube channel and make video's too ? It's only an idea :)
Cheers mate,
"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson