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Family trip to Rivington Brewery

Started by Jay, April 19, 2023, 12:57:15 PM

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Hi everyone

Last weekend was (for us) a rare weekend off work so what with the sun shining in a bright blue sky Linda suggested a trip to Rivington brewery...who was I to say no  :))

So less that 30 minutes later we pulled into  Home Farm (the home of Rivington Brewery) and it seems like the nice weather had brought out the crowds as it was packed - what with the main car park and both overflow car parks full but as luck would have it a space was available as I pulled up.

As we entered the outdoor seating area every table and chair was occupied with families and people in walking gear (Rivington is a popular hiking spot) but a few tables were available in the covered seating area.

With more and more people joining us it soon became packed in the covered area and what with the sun shining down outside people were moving their tables outside to enjoy the nice weather, so we joined them and Linda and our Jess went to the bar whilst me and our Anna explored what was on offer from the food stalls

A few moments later they returned, Linda carrying a tray of drinks and our Jess an armful of cans and bottles to bring home.

My first was a colab beer with Bolton and Preston Beer Girls, a 6.5% DDH IPA and what a beer this was...juicy citrus, bubblegum, sweet grape and loads of saturated hops.

Time for a bit of food and what with three food stalls available we were more than spoiled for choice - our Jess going for the crispy chicken burger, Anna going for Birria Tacos and a Wild Boar salami pizza with Siracha fries to share...delicious food.

This really is an amazing brewery set in the stunning West Pennine Moors just 10 miles from our front door, the brewery overlooks the reservoir and both Rivington Pike and the Pigeon Tower.

View from our table, reservoir below with Rivington Pike (the large mast) with the Pigeon Tower to its right (you can clearly see the mast from our house)

Time for one last beer and it was my turn to go to the bar and there was quite the queue but we were quickly served (whilst in line I spied the new Rivington glass so had to pick one up) my choice had to be Rivingtons best known beer Never Known Fog Like It, a 5.2% New England Pale that was as fresh and juicy as every other beer on offer that day.

With bellies and bags filled we made our way home but not before stopping off at Wrights to pick up just a couple more beers

So all that's left is a beer haul pic and in it you'll see 2 large bottles, this is the new 2022 American Barley Wine from Rivington. It's brewed just once a year and released around January with this years vintage being limited to just 400 individually numbered bottles, one of which I'll be bringing to Rudys for the bottle share...a special local beer that I can't wait to open with good friends.

Jay  t_u

John B

Very cool Jay! It must be nice having such nice beery places so close to home. Got a chuckle out of seeing Corona and Coors at Wrights. Man, those lousy beers seem to be everywhere.  :icon_puke_l:

Cheers! - John


Quote from: John B on April 19, 2023, 05:10:47 PMVery cool Jay! It must be nice having such nice beery places so close to home. Got a chuckle out of seeing Corona and Coors at Wrights. Man, those lousy beers seem to be everywhere.  :icon_puke_l:

Cheers! - John

It's a fantastic brewery mate and just a half hour drive away, the whole family enjoy it  t_u

...and you're right about the Corona and Coors, mass market shite that appeal to those with no tastebuds...relegated to the bottom shelf where they belong  ;D



Hi guys,

I saw some recent figures showing that the biggest exporter by volume of beer
in the world is...............Mexico!!!

Over the last 5 years it has just exploded its exporting and overtaken all
of the usual suspects.

Corona is everywhere!  I do laugh out loud when I see some hipsters, or
trendy twentysomethings, sipping from their Corona bottles with the slice
of lemon in the neck, thinking they look so cool.




Hi Jay,
That's a very nice report you wrote here mate!  t_u
Massive thanks for bringing that American barleywine to the beer swap! I'm already mouth watered :)
When looking at the beer menu 2/2 I also notice an American barley wine from tap. Not really sure if that is exactly the same beer though.
12 vol% beers from tap are always my favorits :)
Nice sunny report giving many beers and alot of scrumptious looking food. It seems you had a splendid time with the family.  t_u
Thanks for sharing  t_u
Filip (who doesn't like Corona beer :) )
"Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health."
–- Thomas Jefferson