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This is an external photo of Wynkoop Brewing Company, Denver, Colorado, in the USA.  It is the most famous Brew-Pub in the USA. Click on the photo to go to the place's website
This is a photo taken inside Wynkoop Brewing Company, Denver, Colorado, in the USA.  It is one of the most famous producers of Craft (Speciality) Beer in the USA. Click on the photo to go to the place's website

The above are external and internal photos of "Wynkoop Brewing Company", in Denver, Colorado. The Wynkoop is the USA's most renowned Brew-Pub. The photos were pasted from the place's website.


February's Specialty Beer (Craft Beer) Bar
(Regarded by Many as the USA's Best Brew Pub)

Wynkoop Brewing Company, Denver, Colorado

1634 18th Street and Wynkoop Street, tel 303 297 2700,
www.wynkoop.com (Bookmark)

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Denver, Colorado is close to the Rocky Mountains, which form a superb back cloth to the city. It is a marvellous tourist centre, with the usual things that discerning tourists expect of a big city, such as good restaurants, see below, and top-class tourist attractions and excursion opportunities, see below. However, it is also the epicentre of American Speciality Beer, which the Americans call Craft Beer. This is analogous to the term Bière Artisanale (Artisanal Beer), which is used by a number of smaller brewers in Wallonia, the French-speaking half of Belgium, and in France itself. Denver is teeming with Brew-Pubs offering a wide range of unusual beers, served in exceptional condition. These are beers that are a world apart from the ones that have given America a bad name for the discerning beer drinker. There is much more to American beer than the flavour deficient rice fizzes that have invaded the world. I urge you to come to Denver to try these Craft Beers out. You will not be disappointed.

I paid my first visit to Denver in 1996, being fully aware from reliable sources, see below, that, in the Wynkoop, that the city had a very, very special Craft Beer outlet. Therefore, on arrival in Denver, after dropping off my bags at the hotel, I made straight for the place that they were all raving about, the place that is generally regarded as America's finest Brew-Pub. All the accolades proved to be fully justified. Following my repeated visits to the place in 1996, I have placed Wynkoop very high up in my personal list of the World's Greatest Speciality Beer bars, along with: 't Brugs Beertje (www.brugsbeertje.be, White Beer Travels Web page), in Bruges, Belgium; De Heeren van Liedekercke (www.come.to/heerenvanliedekercke, White Beer Travels Web page), in Denderleeuw, Belgium; Kroegske, in Emelgem, Belgium (www.kroegske.be, White Beer Travels Web page); De Bierkamer, in Kluizen (www.debierkamer.be, White Beer Travels Web page); and In de Wildeman (www.indewildeman.nl) and 't Arendsnest (www.arendsnest.nl, White Beer Travels Web page), in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. It is also on my list of life-enhancing pubs, these not necessarily having large beer lists, but which are simply a joy to be in. These include: the Circus Tavern, in Manchester, England; Zum Uerige (www.uerige.de, White Beer Travels Web page) in Düsseldorf, in Germany, and Aux Olivettes (White Beer Travels Web page), in Liège, in Belgium.

The 'koop, as it is normally referred to by the staff and locals, is in the Lower Downtown (LoDo) area of the city. It is diagonally opposite the historic Union Railway Station, or should I say Union Railroad Station (www.denverunionstation.org). The 'koop is named after Colonel Edward (Ned) W. Wynkoop (1836-1891), first Sheriff of Denver, who was born in Pennsylvania, but was of Dutch origin ("Wynkoop" means "Wine Merchant", in Dutch). The 'koop is stated in its website to be Colorado's oldest Brew-Pub; it opened in 1988. It is housed in the former J. S. Brown Mercantile Building, see the photo above, which was built in 1899. In the history section of the place's excellent website, no link between this building and Ned Wynkoop is given, nor any reason as to why the Brew-Pub is named after him. There was an Edward W. Wynkoop Building in Denver, but it was a different building to this one. The success of the 'koop, has led to a major resurgence of the LoDo area of the city.

The quality of the Wynkoop beers is stunning, and I use the word quality, in the sense of drinking experience: superb taste, aroma, mouth-feel, not filling one up with wind, etc. The big American brewer's definition of quality is that each rice brew that they produce has exactly the same taste, or should I say lack of taste, the same amount of fizz, etc. Give me the Wynkoop type of quality every time. If you have not tried American Craft Beers before, this place will knock you out. Note that, as in all the establishments visited in Denver, no indication of the level of alcohol in the beers is given, but if you ask the knowledgeable bar staff here, they will usually tell you; the strength of the beers is also not declared on the place's website.

Beer sampled on the visits made in July/August, 1996 included: Wixa Weiss Beer, a cloudy Wheat Beer; Railyard Ale; IPA; St Charles ESB, a dry version of the English Gales HSB at its best, which is served at "Cellar Temperature"; Sagebrush Stout; and Anarchy Amber. The latter was brewed to mark the appearance of the Sex Pistols in the city. They were staying at the rather smart Embassy Suites, in Downtown Denver (1881 Curtis Street, tel 303 297 8888, www.esdendt.com), the same hotel as me. By chance, when I got in the lift with them, they were most polite to me. This was very disappointing, of course, I was expecting them to do a Bill Grundy on me! The draught beers are served from genuine handpumps, direct from the conditioning tanks. Typically, ten to twelve beers are available. Note that, most draught Craft Beer in the USA, is served using gas pressure: "On Tap", as they say, in America.

As well as truly being a world-class Speciality (Craft) Beer bar, the 'koop is also an excellent restaurant. For one meal here, I had a superb Mari Mari fish dish followed by a marvellous dessert. Current food and beer offerings are listed and priced on the place's website.

The place itself, both inside and out, is a joy. The pool hall upstairs is very impressive, note the tables with a 90 degree bend in them! In the basement, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, "Competitive Comedy" run by the Impulse Theater (www.impulsetheater.com) takes place. Also in the basement, there is a Banquet Room that can hold around 150, for functions such as the $50 a head Beer Tasting Dinner advertised for the 23rd of September, 1996, hosted by Michael Jackson (1942-), The Beer Hunter (www.beerhunter.com). There are numerous paintings on the walls; indeed the place has its own Art Curator.

The brewery can be visited by appointment, or every Saturday between 1pm and 5pm (phone to check the availability of a brewer to do a tour in advance).

This is a photo of Cornelia Corey, "The Beerdrinker of the Year" for 2001

Cornelia Corey, "The Beer Drinker of the Year", for 2001. This picture was pasted from the Wynkoop website. Cornelia is wearing a finalists T-shirt with the legend: " I may be ... Beer Drinker of the Year". On winning, this was modified by partner Ray, using a stuck on beer mat (coaster), to: "I am the Beerdrinker of the Year"!


A class place such as Wynkoop has regular top-class events, which can be checked out by going to the "Events" page of the place's website. These include beer cuisine meals with eminent guest speakers, see above, and the annual "The Beerdrinker of the Year" competition. On being declared the winner for 2001, Cornelia Corey, was quoted as saying: "I don't drink beer like a girl"!

Cornelia posts regularly on the Burgundian Babble Belt (www.babblebelt.com), a message board for Belgian and other Craft (Speciality) Beers. Cornelia's Beer Resumé (CV) can be found by following the "Previous winners click here" link on the Wynkoop website. For information on the 2002 and 2003 Beerdrinkers of the Year, see below.


This is a photo taken in the Falling Rock Tap House, 1919 Blake Street, Denver, Colorado, in the USA.  Click on the photo to go the Falling Rock's website

The phototo the left was taken in January, 2003, in the Falling Rock, see below, on the eve of the competition to choose "The Beerdrinker of the Year" for 2003. From left to right, in the photo are regular contributors to the Burgundian Babble Belt Message Board: Logan Perkins (www.gr8city.com), Dick Hess, Ray McCoy, Cornelia Corey, Mark A, and Chris Black. On the right is Gary Steinel, who was the 2002 Beerdrinker of the Year. The photo was taken using Cornelia's camera, possibly by Mark's friend, Mike!

In fact, there are three such Beerdrinkers of the Year in the photo, since Ray McCoy, Cornelia's partner, was to be declared the 2003 winner, at the Wynkoop, the next day.

Your cursor is on a photo featuring the 2005 winner of 'The Beer Drinker Of The Year' competition, run by the most famous Brew Pub in the USA: Wynkoop, in Denver, Colorado. Click on it, for more details of the competition Your cursor is on a photo featuring the 2007 winner of 'The Beer Drinker Of The Year' competition, run by the most famous Brew Pub in the USA: Wynkoop, in Denver, Colorado. Click on it, for more details of the competition

The 2005 winner was Tom Ciccateri; Joyce White's photo, above left, shows yours truly, John White, with Tom Ciccateri (www.realbeer.com/nmvbp), at the Zythos Beer Festival (ZBF), in Sint-Niklaas, in Belgium, in March, 2005, only a couple of weeks after his victory. As you can see, Tom is wearing his winner's top. Zythos (www.zythos.be, www.zbf.be, White Beer Travels Web page) is Belgium's premier beer consumers' organisation. The 2007 winner was Diane Catanzaro (dianecat). In the photo, above right, I am with Diane on the morning of the first day of the March, 2007 running of the ZBF, on which day there is always an Open Brew Day, at the life-enhancing Cantillon Brewery (www.cantillon.be, White Beer Travels Web page) in Brussels, where the photo was taken by White Beer Travels Beer Hunt regular, John Wood.

The next Beerdrinkers of the Year competition takes place in February, 2008; click here for more details of the competition.

Also owned by Wynkoop Brewing are Appaloosa (535 16th Street, tel 720 932 1700); Goosetown Tavern (3242 E. Colfax Avenue, tel 303 399 9686); Red Room (320 E. Colfax, tel 303 830 7050); Pearl Street Grill (1447 South Pearl Street, tel 303 778 6475); Wazee Lounge and Supper Club (1600 15th Street and Wazee, tel 303 623 9518); and Cherry Cricket (2641 E. 2nd Avenue, tel 303 322 7666). Internet reviews of the Appaloosa mention Pizzas and beers from all over Colorado. 16th Street is Denver's principal shopping and leisure (entertainment, restaurants, bars, including Brew-Pubs, see below, etc) area. A free tram goes up and down this marvellous street.

In 2004 John Hickenlooper, one of the co-founders of Wynkoop, was elected Mayor of Denver.

Other Denver Craft Beer Attractions

As stated above, before ever having been to Denver, it had become crystal clear that Wynkoop was a very special Craft Beer outlet, but also that the city as a whole, was something out of the ordinary in the Craft Beer World. This was based on reading the Beer Travelers Guide, see below, and the glowing reports on it from The Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson (www.beerhunter.com). A selection of the city's other pubs and brew pubs are covered below, sufficient reason, even without Wynkoop, for making a special trip to Denver. However, there is icing on this very rich cake, since the city is home to the world's biggest beer festival, the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), further details of which are given below.

This is a reproduction of the cover of "The Beer Lover's Guide to the USA", by Stan Hieronymus & Daria Labinsky. Click on it to go to the companion website, www.beertravelers.com

Before setting off on my first and unfortunately only trip to Denver, in 1996, I had a book delivered, which proved invaluable for pre-planning, the idea being to optimise the time there, i.e. to ensure that as many Craft Beer outlets as possible were visited! This book was All About Beer Magazine's Beer Travelers Guide, by Stan Hieronymus & Daria Labinsky, which was published in 1995. However, the same authors have a more recent book, The Beer Lover's Guide to the USA (ISBN 0312246641), which has a similar scope to their first one cited. This is available from  www.amazon.com, at $11.96, as well as from www.amazon.co.uk, at £9.45, and from beerbooks.com, at $11.95. As can be seen from the reproduction of the book's cover to the left, Michael Jackson wrote the foreword to it. The new book has an associated website, which is an outstanding source of info on Brew-Pubs and bars in the USA, www.beertravelers.com. All About Beer Magazine's website is www.allaboutbeer.com. Note that Stan is editor of www.realbeer.com, a site that has links to over a 150,000 websites relating to beer. Clearly, it is an essential on-line information source in this field.

Other Bars, Brew-Pubs and Beer Places in Denver

On the 1996 visits to Denver, I visited other marvellous places, using the leads in the book quoted above, augmented by those places that I found in a book purchased once in Denver. This was The Colorado Brew Guide (ISBN 0964756900), by "PubmastersSM" Geoff Bruce, who is an Englishman, and Andy LaMorte. Clearly, as it only covered Colorado, it has more places in it to check out, and its descriptions are longer, than the previous guides mentioned, that cover the whole of the USA. Geoff organises Beer Hunts, which he calls PubventuresSM, both in Colorado and in Yorkshire, England.

In addition to the above books and their related websites, and the already quoted www.realbeer.com, there are loads of websites which feature the Colorado beer scene, including: www.beerhunter.com; www.beer.com; www.celebrator.com; www.beernotes.com; www.ratebeer.com; www.pubcrawler.com; www.coloradomicrobrew.com; the Alström Bros' beeradvocate.com site: beerme.com; www.beerfestivals.org; etc; etc. The Colorado Brewers' Guild's don't-miss site, www.coloradobeer.org, clearly specialises in the Colorado beer scene. It has links to all its members' websites and many other useful links. Another excellent resource is Mitch Mather's "Colorado Brewpub Reviews": mmather2.home.mindspring.com. Mitch, who is based in Broomfield, a suburb of Denver, is very much involved in the Great American Beer Festival (GABF, see below), as a member of the Judging Staff (steward and table captain).

The following places include those visited in 1996, the narrative generally being as it was at the time of visiting them. I have also updated descriptions as appropriate, and added new places that clearly are of merit, based on more up to date information.

Breckenridge Brewery & Pub
2220 Blake Street, tel 303 297 3644, www.breckenridgebrewery.com

This large "Brew-Pub" is near the famous Coors Field Baseball ground, see the next entry. The brewery is in the main bar. The very drinkable Mountain Wheat was sampled in 1996. The food looked good, but there was no time to sample it. In 1996, there was clearly an operational brewery here and the place's website, which was only launched in 2002, has photos of it, although local Mitch Mather, see above, states that brewing no longer takes place here. He is going to revisit to check out the current situation, so watch this space!

The website gives a further Denver outlet, Breckenridge Brewery & BBQ (471 Kalamath Street, tel 303 573 0431). The site states that bottling and kegging for off premise sales is carried out here. Clearly there are also Breckenridge beers and dishes such as "Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwich" and Chicken & Rib Combo, these being examples from the place's website. The BBQ comes highly recommended by Burgundian Babbler, see above, Logan Perkins. Logan is included in a photo below.

Sandlot Brewing Company
Coors Field, 22nd and Blake Street, tel 303 298 1587

This is "technically not a Brew-Pub, but looks and acts like one", according to Mitch Mather, see above. It is housed in Coors Field (www.coloradorockies.com), Denver's famous Baseball ground (field) - home to the "Colorado Rockies" - is owned by the brewing company, Coors. This is the clue to what Mitch means, the following being his e-mailed explanation to me.

The Sandlot Brewery is owned by Coors Brewing Co. and because of Colorado's weird laws, since they are a brewery they can only own breweries, not Brew-Pubs. Technically, the "Brew-Pub" is called "Rounders at the Sandlot". It is part of the Coors Field Baseball stadium and is open to the public for lunch. As part of the contract with the stadium, all food venues are run by another single company that handles the concessions in the entire ballpark (in this case Aramark, www.aramark.com). ALSO! Since the Sandlot is a brewery and is only allowed to sell beer to distributors and not to retail outlets directly, they sell their beer to Coors Distributing Co. Note that the brewery is visible from the restaurant, but is behind glass. If it were open to the air (as in many American Brew-Pubs) it would have to be considered one location and therefore they could not have got around this rather silly law.

So, although the taps in the "Brew-Pub" are connected directly to the serving tanks in the Sandlot brewery, this technically is not a Brew-Pub since Coors own the brewery, sell the beer to Coors Distributing who owns the lines to the restaurant portion and then they sell the beer to Aramark who run the restaurant (who coincidentally only sells Coors products).

Basically, it is a creative way to get around the Brew-Pub laws. However, since Aramark runs the restaurant, they (and not Coors) decide their opening hours which are only for lunch during the week (11am-2pm, I believe).

The beer sampled in 1996 here was "Belly Slide", which was described on the menu as a Belgian Wit. It was somewhat gassier than other beers sampled in Colorado. It, like all the draught beers here, was delivered by fake handpump, i.e. bringing the handle down slightly, initiates gas delivery. There is a good view from the bar directly into the Baseball ground. Note the colour change of the seat rows. It occurs at exactly a mile (1,609 metres) above sea level. There is a plaque on the State Capital steps in the city at exactly the same height; Denver is referred to as "The Mile High City".

Flying Dog Brewery / Blake Street Tavern
2401 Blake Street (at 24th Street), tel 303 292 5027 (brewery),  303 675 0505 (bar), www.flyingdogales.com

Flying Dog produces a range of excellent beers in a smart looking brewery that can be seen from its adjoining bar, the Blake Street Tavern, a bar popular with locals and beer fans from around the world. With regard to food, it is renowned for its hot dogs. This "brew Pub" is close to Coors Field and thus close to the previous two entries.

Rock Bottom - Downtown Denver
1001 16th Street, tel 303 534 7616, www.rockbottom.com (Click on Denver after following "Locations" link)

In this 16th Street Brew-Pub, see above, I tried the Red Beer and the Black Diamond Stout; the latter was outstanding. Whilst waiting for a table to eat, I wandered around this very big place, happy in the knowledge that the vibrator in my pocket, would come alive when a table came free! The food partaken of was extremely good. The Rock Bottom Brewery chain of Microbreweries often gets criticism from some Speciality (Craft) Beer fans, but, speaking as I find, I was very impressed with the place itself, and its beers and its food.

Falling Rock Tap House
1919 Blake Street, tel 303 293 8338, www.frth.com or www.fallingrocktaphouse.com

In December, 2002, I posted a message on the Burgundian Babble Belt, see above. The message was about my Web page covering the world-class tavern, the Schlenkerla, in the wonderful Baroque city of Bamberg, Germany: www.whitebeertravels.com/schlenkerla. This resulted in a posting from "ChrisB" of this place, stating that he had a Schlenkerla beer on draught from time to time. I took an immediate look at the place's website and it became clear straight away that this is a very special, quality bar, with great Craft (Speciality) Beers from the USA and around the world. Good judges of pubs really rave about the place, and as can be seen above, it is patronised by official Beerdrinkers of the Year! Therefore, it will definitely be visited on my next trip to Denver. It opened in June, 1997, after my previous visit.

Brasserie Rouge
1801 Wynkoop Street, Suite 150, tel 303 534 7543,
www.brasserierouge.com (stopped working, Nov. 2004)

This is about 200 yards/metres from the previous, essential visit. It has a small, but well-chosen selection of Belgian Beers, which can be accompanied by good, Continental-style food. This place was recommended by Dick of the Burgundian Babble Belt, when I made enquiries about a place that opened in 2004, see below.

The Brasserie Rouge is open from 5pm to 10pm on Sunday and Monday (10.30pm on Tuesday to Thursday, 11pm on Friday and Saturday). Additionally, there is a Sunday brunch from 11am to 2.30pm.

Pint's Pub
221 West 13th Avenue and Bannock, tel 303 991 2242, www.pintspub.com

Mitch Mather, see above, put me on to this one. The place produces its own beers, some of which are cask-conditioned (Real Ales (Cask Beers)), the only such beers brewed in Denver. The beers, the place and its food get very good reviews in www.pubcrawler.com, where many describe it as having an English pub atmosphere. Indeed, there are quite a number of beers imported from the UK available and the place is hard to miss, with its Union Jacks flying outside and forming the background to its logo. There is also a very good selection of Scotch whisky: at least 150 single malts, according to Mitch.

1610 16th Street and Wazee, tel 303 573 6100, www.grdeating.com/dixons

As per the last entry, I did not get to this place on my 1996 visits to Denver. It is another place that I have got from from Mitch Mather's website, see above. He says that this is a fine restaurant, which no longer brews its own beer, although the tiny brewery's equipment is still in place. There are typically two to four of their own beers on draught and about six other Craft Beers.

Dixon's is very close to the Wazee Lounge and Supper Club, a Wynkoop establishment, see above.

Bull and Bush Pub and Brewery
4700 Cherry Creek Drive South, Glendale, tel 303 759 0333, www.bullandbush.com

This place is outside the city centre (downtown in US speak), but comes highly recommended by Burgundian Babble Belt poster, Logan Perkins, who lives in Downtown Denver. Their ESB won a gold medal at the 1999 Great American Beer Festival, see below. As you would expect from the name, they brew some English style beers, but also, on occasions, Belgian style ones.

Yard House
14500 West Colfax Ave. Suite 341, Lakewood, tel 303 278 9275,

This branch of the Yard House chain, opened in 2004. There are eight in California, where the chain is based, one in the Chicago suburb of Glenview and one opens in Palm Beach, Florida, in September, 2005. They all have a very large selection of draught/tap, indeed they claim (not any branch in particular) to have the world's biggest selection, with around a hundred to choose from. There are mixed reports on the place, with some, ironically, stating that there were only a handful at most of interest. There are not many bottled beers; there are extensive food options, which most reviewers describe as expensive.

It is a long bus journey from the centre of Denver.

This Yard house is open from 11.30am to 10pm (1am on Friday and Saturday).  There is a happy hour every day from 3pm to 6pm, and additionally, on Friday and Saturday, from 10pm to Midnight, this being the time when food is served till.

Denver Chophouse & Brewery
1335 19th Street and Wynkoop, tel 303 296 0800, www.chophouse.com

This is one of four such "Chophouse & Brewery" places in the USA; they are owned by the Rock Bottom chain, see above. I did not visit this place in 1996; I got it from Mitch Mather's website, see above. He says that it is an OK place for beer, but not sufficiently good to recommend a visit.

The Cheshire Cat Brewpub
7803 Ralston Road, Arvada, tel 303 431 9000, www.cheshirecatbrewpub.com

This Brew Pub is just outside Denver, North of the I-70 Interstate Highway, but I could not resist putting it in, as it gets rave reviews for its beers and one of them is called "Arrogant Brit". The home-brewed beers are casked-conditioned, i.e. there is yeast in the cask; there are also beers from US micros. Reports suggest that it does very good food, this being listed and priced on the place's website. The Cheshire Cat is open from 11am (10am on Sundays) to Midnight. Food is available until 10pm (9pm on Sundays). The restaurant is thankfully non-smoking.

The Wine Company
Cherry Hills Market Place, 5910 SO University Boulevard, Greenwood Village, tel 303 795 1313, www.winecompany.com

Despite the name, this Denver area shop has a very good selection of Speciality Beers. The USA is clearly well covered, but there is also a good selection from Belgium and elsewhere. Other recommended outlets for beer include Union Liquor, Total Beverage and Libations.

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF)

In addition to Wynkoop, Denver is well known in beer circles as the home of the biggest beer festival in the USA, and indeed the world, the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), www.beertown.org/events/gabf/index.htm. This is held each year, in September or October. The dates for the 26th festival, in 2007, are Thursday, the 11th, to Saturday, the 13th of September. Note that beer measures are only 1oz, but in the "Beer Garden" a selected number of brewers serve 6oz measures. Clearly, a future White Beer Travels Beer Hunt to Denver, will be scheduled to coincide with the festival.

Note that the root website for the GABF is www.beertown.org. This is the of Brewers Association website, who are based in Boulder (www.bouldercoloradousa.com), Colorado, a worth-a-visit town, that is thirty-five miles (fifty-six kilometres) from Denver. It is home to the University of Colorado. Whether the name of the website means that the Association feels that Boulder is the USA's Beer Town rather than Denver, I do not know. However, from Boulder, they organise the GABF, which takes place in Denver. Of course, being Colorado, there are a number of Brew-Pubs and Craft Beer bars in Boulder, listed in the books quoted above (1), and above (2), and some of the Internet sites quoted above. Note that "The Brewers Association" was formed from the January, 2005 merge of the "Association of Brewers" and the "Brewers' Association of America".

Note that, although most American Craft Beers are unpasteurised, it is rare for them to be unfiltered. Therefore, most are not Real Ales in the UK's CAMRA (The CAMpaign for Real Ale, www.camra.org.uk) sense. There is a beer festival featuring Real Ale, in Chicago each year, see www.realalefestival.com (stopped working in September, 2006, see the Chicago Beer Society's website, www.chibeer.org). However, because of licensing problems, it was not held in 2004 or 2005. There was a White Beer Travels Beer Hunt to it, in March, 2000. Click here for more details.

Restaurants in Denver

The city is teeming with restaurants of all types and price range. Time prevented visits to all but one of them in 1996, as most eating was done in places where Craft Beer was the theme, these places, fortunately, generally having good food, with Wynkoop, see above, having excellent food. Marlowe's (501 16th Street, tel 303 595 3700), which most guidebook declare to be the best restaurant in the city, was very good. Even here, one could not escape American Craft Beers and Speciality Beers, for they had some local beers and some classics, such as the great Orval, which is brewed in a Trappist Monastery in Belgium (www.orval.be and White Beer Travels Web page); see Past Beer Hunts for details of a White Beer Travels group visit to its brewery, in 1997.

Denver: General Tourist Information

In the city, the State Capital Building, the U.S. Mint, and the Denver Art Museum (www.denverartmuseum.org) , were all visited and enjoyed. Not checked out, but they sound promising, based on guidebook descriptions, are: the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (former Natural History) (www.dmnh.org), which has exhibits of local Dinosaur finds, amongst other things; and "Colorado's Ocean Journey" (www.oceanjourney.com), which covers the animals and fish that are present in the waterways of Colorado, such as Beavers, these also being usually seen in the wild on coach tours from the city, see below.

There are the usual shopping Malls outside of the city, such as the Cherry Creek Mall (www.shopcherrycreek.com), which, should you want to shop, is a good bet. However, shopping is good in the city itself, such as in the 16th Street Mall, see above. Whilst in the city, it is mandatory to get into the Rockies. Even if you have a car, an option worth considering is a guided coach tour. In 1996, I took one of a number of options with Gray Line (5855 E. 56th Avenue, tel 303 289 2841, www.coloradograyline.com): the ten-hour "Rocky Mountain National Park Tour", which proved to be superlative - it cost $60 in 2002. Note that it is run from the beginning of June to the end of September, to ensure no snow problems. On this tour, one climbs as high as 12,183 feet (3,713 metres) on the coach itself, with outstanding views of higher peaks, which are snow-capped, even in Summer. The Colorado River prior to its journey through the Grand Canyon, en route to the Pacific Ocean, is pointed out, as is the Continental Divide. On the return journey, one gets enough of a glimpse of Boulder, see above, to realise that a more prolonged visit to the place would be worthwhile.

On-line information on Denver is plentiful. The official tourist website (Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau) is www.denver.org, and the city and county of Denver's official site is www.denvergov.org. Other sites worth looking at include: www.denverpost.com; www.milehighcity.com; www.westword.com; www.downtowndenver.com; www.thisisdenver.net; denver.diningguide.net; www.coloradoinfo.com; denver.citysearch.com; www.123denver.net; www.atasteofcolorado.com; www.denverblackpages.com; www.denvercolorado.com; www.operacolorado.org; www.lodo.org; and www.rockymountainnews.com.

Denver Web Ring

Below is a Web Ring of sites featuring Denver, including this White Beer Travels Web page.


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