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  Würzburg, in Germany, is world-renowned for its "Franken" wines. However, White (Wheat) Beers have certainly travelled to the city. The three different ones shown here are excellent examples. All are brewed in the city's Würzburger Hofbräu Brewery. Click on the glasses to go to the brewery's website, from which the image was pasted

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Montréal, Québec, Canada
(45o 30' N, 73o 35' W)

Montreal (population 1,800,000) is Canada's second largest city after Toronto (population 2,400,000). Montreal is in the French-speaking Province of Quebec (QC), in the East of the country. In French, the city is Montréal (Mount Royal), in Québec. It occupies one third of a large island (Montreal Island - Île de Montréal), where the Ottawa River flows into the St-Lawrence (St-Laurent) River. The city is built around and up Mount Royal (763 feet, 233 metres).

Quebec is by far the biggest of Canada's Provinces. With an area of 1,667,926 square kilometres (643,819 square miles), it is more than twice as big as Texas, seven times larger than the UK, three times larger than France, and fifty times larger than "The Beer Land", Belgium.

Montreal is not the first place that comes to mind when thinking of Speciality (Craft) Beer. However, it has a number of Brew Pubs and bars with a good selection of local, US and foreign (particularly Belgian) beers. White Beer Travels will in the near future undertake a recce trip there as a precursor to an organised Group Beer Hunt.

The Montreal and Quebec beer scenes are well covered on the Internet. For example, the Bier@Net site,, has links to much information on "Les Bières", "Broue-Pubs" and "Festivals". It also has an excellent Links page, "Les Liens". Other such appropriate websites are featured below. The Canadian Yellow Pages, ( for the French version) revealed a couple of places.

To get around, Montreal has an excellent underground railway or Métro system. The nearest stop to each place covered in the city is given. Where alternative Metro stops are named, the first will be nearer, but the second, will also be close, but on a different line. Click here for a map of the Metro.

In this Web page are covered: Montreal Brew Pubs; Other Montreal Pubs; Montreal Breweries; Other Brew Pubs/Breweries in Quebec; A Montreal Beer Shop; Montreal International Beer Festival; Other Miscellaneous Montreal/Canadian Beer Information; and Montreal Tourist and General Information. Click on these titles to go directly to these sections of the page.

Montréal resident, Benoit (Ben) Mercier, has very kindly provided some very useful comments and additions to this Web page. Where appropriate, these are in separate paragraphs, typically with "(BM)" at the end of them. Benoit is a home brewer and beer aficionado, specialising in the beers of Montreal, Québec and in the neighbouring New England States of the USA. Ben is a member of the MontreAlers Brewing Club ( and is active in the two message boards or forums of L'Ordre de Saint Arnould's "Bièropholie" website, which is named after the Patron Saint of Brewing, Saint Arnold, It is an excellent, French-language site for Speciality/Craft Beer enthusiasts. Its two message boards are: Le Babillard général (General Message Board); and Le Babillard des Brasseurs (Brewers' Message Board). Note that this website should not be confused with that for a Brew Pub that is covered below. In 2006, Ben opened a Brew Pub, called Benelux, which is, of course, covered below.

Very useful, and much appreciated, comments and corrections have also been received from Mario Montambault, who is known as Éponge's (Sponge) and Spongiana Jones. He has an excellent website, "Dans un brouepub loin de chez vous" (In a Brew Pub Far From Your Home) (Pressez l'Éponge (Squeeze the Sponge) to enter), One of its pages, (English pages), covers the "twenty-five best Artisanal Brew Pubs in Quebec and immediately beyond it (which includes neighbouring States in the USA)" . Each of the twenty-five Brew Pubs is given a numeric rating, the top two being: L'Amère à Boire, in Montreal; and Bedondaine & Bedons Ronds, in Chambly, near Montreal.

Montreal Brew Pubs

1219 Crescent, tel 514 393 9277,

Brewtopia commenced operation in 1997. Its own beers are $5 per pint (April, 2006, ex the place's website). These are $4 during the "Happy Hour", which is from opening time until 8pm (until closing time on Mondays). It is in an English-speaking area of the City and it also specialises in English style beers, such as its India Pale Ale (IPA) and Nut Brown Ale, although it also produces beers such as "Honey Beer" and "Raspberry Blonde". The beers are filtered, but unpasteurised. There are other draught beers from local micros, such as Apricot Wheat (Bière de Blé à l'Abricot) from Mcauslan, see below, and the Hemp Beer, Chanvre Rouge, from Le Chaudron, see below. There is also a draught cider from the Cidrerie du Minot, see below. There are no bottled beers.

Concept cuisine is available, which means, for example, that the home-made Pasta is made using the same wheat and barley as the beers, and that some other dishes are prepared using Brutopia beers.

Brutopia is open each day from 3.30pm until 3.30am. On Fridays, it opens at Noon. The nearest Metro (Underground Railway) stops are "Lucien-L'Allier" on Ligne 2 orange (Line 2 orange), or "Peel", on Ligne 1 verte (Line 1 green).

L'Amère à Boire
2049 St-Denis, tel 514 282 7448,

This is the logo of L'Amère à Boire, a brew pub, in Montreal, Canada. Click on the logo, to go to its website

Here, a variety of classic beer styles are included in the portfolio of fourteen draught beers available, in this small but very sophisticated place, for example, Octoberfest, Bockbier, and Blanche (White, i.e. a Wheat Beer). There are also evocative names, such as Odense Porter (available from May to October) and Èerná Hora. The latter is a Pilsener-style beer, which, of course, is produced using Saaz hops and Czech yeast, it being named after the Èerná Hora Brewery (Pivovar) (, in the Moravian town of the same name, in The Czech Republic (Èeská republika). It is served at the Czech Consulate in Montreal. The beer, L'Amère à Boire (Bitter to Drink), is a beer that is delivered by handpump, it being an English style "Bitter" produced using English yeast and Fuggles and Goldings hops, these being very commonly used in England. Of course, this is unfiltered and unpasteurised, as are all the place's "Tap" Beers.

Food is served in the adjoining "L'Hospoda" beer cuisine restaurant, Hospoda being a Czech word meaning Bistro. Dishes include: Moules (Mussels) à la Cerná Hora; and Steak à la Cosaque (Kozak). Cheeses (Fromages) available in the Hospoda are produced using L'Amère à Boire's beers, "Fin de siècle" and Kozak, the latter piqué (injected) into Blue Stilton. These are sourced from the renowned, Montreal-based, La Fromagerie Hamel,

L'Amère à Boire is open each day from 2pm until 3am. Food is available from 5.30pm until 10pm (Tuesday to Saturday). The nearest Metro stop is "Berri-UQAM", on Lines 1, 2 and  4 (jaune, yellow) interchange. "Sherbrooke", on Line 2, is also close.

Benelux - brasserie artisanale et café
245 Sherbrooke Ouest (West) (at Jeanne-Mance), tel 514 543 9750,

Benelux is short for "Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg", adjoining European Countries that have traditionally had an economic relationship with each other. As is well known, Belgium is synonymous with Speciality/Craft Beer, and The Netherlands also has a deservedly good reputation for it; the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is not renowned for its beer culture, but even here, small breweries are popping up. This "Artisanal Brewery and Bar" was opened by Montréal resident, Benoit (Ben) Mercier, see above, in 2006. There are twelve draught/tap beers, five of which are Belgian-Style Beers, brewed on the premises. Ben is a dedicated fan of Craft Beer, and has strong views on good and bad examples of such beer, so you can be sure that there are some real quality brews available here.

Benelux is open each day from 4pm.

The nearest Metro stop is "Sherbrooke", on Line 2.

Le Cheval Blanc
809 Ontario Est (East) (At St-Hubert), tel 514 522 0211,

Around the corner from the previous entry, this Montreal Brew Pub should not be confused with Le Cheval Blanc (The White Horse) Brewery, which is now part of the Montreal-based Brasseurs R.J., see below. The Brew Pub Cheval Blanc's beers get good reviews in Jason and Todd Alström's and in ratebeer, see below. Note that, in early 2004, its Brewmaster, Jerôme Denys, was the first brewer to produce the "Bière du Moment" for an Achouffe Brew Pub/Restaurant, in Belgium, Les 3 Fourquets ( A White Beer Travels report on this place can be seen by clicking here. This is Achouffe's Chris Bauweraerts's office when he is in Montreal; he describes it as his favourite place in the city. Note that the other Cheval Blanc, see below, brews an Achouffe beer under licence.

The nearest Metro stop is "Berri-UQAM", on Lines 1, 2 and  4 interchange. "Sherbrooke", on Line 2, is also close.

La Taverne du Sergent Recruteur
4801 St-Laurent, tel 514 287 1412,

The "Recruiting Officer", which opened by Louis Regimbald, in 1993, has eight draught beers, these including: Ténébreuse, which comes highly rated by well known beer rater, Josh Oakes, see below, who describes it as an awesome Stout; "Nuit Blanche", which is a Wheat Beer; and "Bitter", which, is a "Real Ale" in the English Style. The Bitter is delivered by handpump, and is, of course, by definition, unfiltered and unpasteurised. Having Real Ale here was suggested by Drew Ferguson, a Canadian member of the British Guild of Beer Writers (, who lives in Montreal. I presume that it has other than its own beers, since it is listed as an outlet for Québec City's La Barbarie brewery, see below. If you clicked on "Divers" on the place's website one got an excellent definition of Real Ale, in French. I hope that the website closure does not mean that the place has closed down; I await reports. Note that there is a restaurant with exactly the same name as this, on the Île St Louis, in the 4Arrondissement of Paris (41, rue St Louis en l'Île, tel 01 43 54 75 42).

There is live music every Saturday from 9.30pm. This could be Jazz, Rock, Gypsy Music or whatever, see "Spectacles" on the place's website for current details.

The nearest Metro stop is "Laurier", on Line 2.

Dieu du Ciel!
29 Laurier Ouest (West), tel 514 490 9555,

After starting home brewing in 1991 and graduating and carrying out post-graduate studies in Biology, Jean-François Gravel became the Brasseur/Head Brewer at this place, in the trendy residential and shopping district of Mile End. J-F's brews were made publicly available here, in "God in Heaven!", in September, 1998. Details of twenty-two different beers are given on the place's website, all these, of course, not being available at one time. Examples include: Nativité Blonde, a Weizen (Bavarian Style Wheat Beer); Blanche du Paradis, a Belgian style Wheat Beer; Solstice d'été, a Berlin style Wheat Beer that comes pre-flavoured with Raspberry Juice (Berliner Weisse mit Schuss); Cuvée de l'alchimiste, a Smoke Porter; La Charbonnière, a Bamberg style Rauchbier (Smoke Beer); Fumisterie (Bière de Chanvre) (Hemp Beer); and Rigor Mortis Ambrée and Blonde, these being respectively in the Belgian Abbey Double and Triple style. The Blonde is also available in bottle, as Rigor Mortis Triple. This is matured in the bottle for a year before being made available. The draught beers are $3 a 12oz glass (verre),  $4 a 20oz Pinte, and $11.50 a Pichet (60oz) before 7pm, these being October, 2005 prices from the place's website. They are $3.75, $5.25 and $15 respectively after this time. For Strong Beers (Bières fortes (7% or more)) and Special Beers (Bières particulières), the price  is $4.75 (12oz only). Bottle-conditioned beers (i.e. those which undergo secondary fermentation in the bottle and which have been matured for one year) are $15 (66cl). All the ciders, wines and liqueurs available are produced in Quebec (they are listed on the website under "Autres Alcools de Québec").

Food includes Sandwiches, Bagels, Pizza, Tortillas, Chips (which are Crisps in English) and a Prezel Géant Chaud (Giant, Hot Pretzel).

Dieu du Ciel! is open from 3pm to 3am. The nearest Metro stop is "Laurier", on Line 2.

Le Saint-Bock Resto-Bar
1749 St-Denis, tel 514 680 8052,

"The St Bock Restaurant-Bar" is actually a Brew Pub with food. It opened in October, 2006. As can be seen, it is on the same street as L'Amère à Boire, see above.

There are typically two draught beers available that have been brewed on the premises, these including: L'Offence; La Pénitance; La Révérance; Brown Ale Omega-3; and La Confession. These are priced at $4.50/5.75 (12oz/20oz) (June, 2007 prices from the place's website).

As well as its own beers, it has a selection of draught beers from other Quebec brewing establishments, such as: Microbrasserie Les Trois Mousquetaires, Micro Brasserie L'Alchimiste, Au Maître Brasseur, Microbrasserie du Lievre, Le Chaudron International, La Barberie, and others. These typically cost the same as the house beers, although there are usually a couple of strong beers costing more. In all, there are sixteen draught beers available. There is also a selection of around 125 bottled beers, from home and away, the latter including a very much above average choice of Belgian Beers; as per the draught beers, these are detailed on the place's website.

Le Saint-Bock is open from 11am (1pm on Saturday and Sunday). The nearest Metro stop is "Berri-UQAM", on Lines 1, 2 and 4 interchange.

Les 3 (Trois) Brasseurs
1658 St-Denis, tel 514 845 1660

"The Three Brewers" is yet another place on the same street as L'Amère à Boire, see above. It is part of the French chain of the same name; most Beer Hunters who have been to Lille, in France, will have been to the place with this name opposite the "Gare Lille-Flandres" Railway Station, at 22, place de la Gare (tel 03 20 06 46 25). The Montreal branch gets complimented in reviews for its décor and atmosphere. Beers are said to be brewed to the same recipes as in France; the Wheat Beer is called Blanche de Lille.

It has similar food to the establishments in France, including Flammekeuches (called "Flamm Pizzas" here). These are a famous speciality of beer orientated restaurants, in Strasbourg, the capital of the Alsace, a part of France where many use German as their first language. Flammekeuches are thin, pizza-like tarts. Traditionally they are made from onion/cheese with ham or bacon, although many varieties, including dessert ones, are now seen, as in here. Quebec cheese is used in the ones produced here, which come highly rated.

The nearest Metro stop is "Berri-UQAM", on Lines 1, 2 and 4 interchange.

There are three further "3 Brasseurs" in Montreal, one being in Vieux-Montréal (Old Montreal).

Le Réservoir
9 Duluth Est (East) (At St-Laurent), tel 514 849 7779,

This Brew Pub, which opened in October, 2002, is aimed at the young and trendy. It gets very good reviews for its food, which is described as being significantly better and more interesting than the most Brew Pub food. All the beers available are on draught, these also being praised in the usual places, particular mention being given to the Blanche.

Le Réservoir is open from Noon on Monday to Friday and from 11am on Saturday and Sunday. The nearest Metro stop is "Sherbrooke", on Line 2.

Bedondaine & Bedons Ronds
255 rue Ostiguy, Chambly, near Montreal, tel 450 447 5165,

Chambly (, which is twenty-eight kilometres (eighteen miles) East of Montreal, is famous in the Craft Beer world for being the home of the Unibroue Brewery, see below. This Brew Pub and Beer Museum (Brasserie artisanale & Musée de la bière) opened on the 15th of April, 2005. In charge is Nicolas "Bedondaine" Bourgault.  The place's logo incorporates a sheep with a round beer belly, which it rests a foaming beer tankard on, when it is not raised to its lips; a Bedon is a paunch or over-large belly; rond means round; a Bedondaine is someone with such a belly. The name of the place, is in fact, based on two children's Quebec TV shows: "Monsieur Bedondaine" was a character from the 1970s programme, Le Ribouldingue; and "Bedon de laine et bedon rond" (Wooly Belly and Round Belly) was a repetitive line of a very popular song about sheep, "Le Mouton", from another TV show back in the 1980s. The lead for this information on the name was from Benoit Mercier.

There are five draught/tap beers available, all brewed on the premises. Some of the beers produced are spiced. On opening, the beers were: La Bedaine (5%), a Blond Beer; L'Ange-Gardien (Hefe Weizen) (i.e. a Cloudy Wheat Beer) (5%); La Bariteau (5%), a Red Beer; L'Ensorceleuse (7%), a beer in which Wild Flower Honey, Coriander and Orange Peel are used in the mash; and Le Bedon (Oatmeal Stout) (5%). All the beers are served at the temperature appropriate to their style, in their own special glass. Seating consists of armchairs and sofas. Food includes Cheese, Paté and Sandwiches. The place is no-smoking throughout. The Beer museum is Nicolas Bourgault's collection of 15,000 items of Breweriana.

Nicolas has previously worked at a Brew Pub in Vieux St-Hyacinthe, Le Bilboquet, see below, and Brasseries BVM du Canada, in Montreal, see below. Nicolas was also a much respected home brewer among the Bièropholie forum, see above, indeed, as "Bedondaine" he still contributes to this message board.

Bedondaine & Bedons Ronds is open every day, except Monday, from 3pm until 11pm (Midnight on Thursday, 1am on Friday and Saturday).

There are frequent buses from Montreal to Chambly, operated by CIT Chambly-Richelieu-Carignan, The journey time is around forty-five minutes. The main bus terminus (Terminus Centre-ville) in Montreal is by the "Berri-UQAM" Metro interchange, at 505 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est. Buses to Chambly also go from the other side of the St-Lawrence River, Montreal South Shore (Rive-Sud de Montréal).

Other Montreal Pubs/Restaurants with Decent Beer

Montreal has a good number of Pubs/Restaurants, other than Brew Pubs, with a good selection of Speciality/Craft Beers. Some of the more well-known ones follow, all of which get great reviews for their food.

Le Petit Moulinsart
139 St-Paul Ouest (West), tel 514 843 7432,

This "Restaurant belge" has a good selection of Belgian Beers to complement its range of Canadian and US beers. À la carte dishes include (January, 2004 prices from the place's website): Soupe Ostendaise (a Shrimp Soup) at $7; Moules (Mussels) in the range $16.95 (including à la bière) to $19.95; and Pavé de Cheval au fromage de Chimay (Horse Steak with a Chimay Cheese Sauce) at $16.95. There are also Table d'hôte dishes in the evening, the current ones being listed and priced on the place's website.

The nearest Metro stop is "Place d'Armes", on Line 1.

Vices et Versa  
6631 St-Laurent (At St-Zotique), tel 514 272 2498,

Local BM, see above, put me onto this place, which opened in early 2004. It is an outlet for La Barbarie from Québec City, which is covered below. The six La Barbarie draught beers are listed on the place's website, which gives details of the live music and entertainment on offer, and describes the place as a "Bistro du Terroir" (Local Produce Restaurant). It has a nice outside terrace, which, in 2004, opened on the 1st of May.

Vices & Versa, which is to the North of the city centre in Little Italy, is open from 3pm to 1am (3am on Thursday to Saturday).

The nearest Metro stop is "De Castelnau", on Ligne 3 bleu (Line 3 blue), or "Jean Talon", on Lines 2 and 3 interchange.

Bières et Compagnie
4350 Saint-Denis (At Marie-Anne Est (East)), tel 514 844 0394,

This has over a hundred different beers, both local ones and from outside Quebec, particularly Belgium; the food available, which includes beer cuisine, is detailed on the place's website.

The nearest Metro stop is "Mont Royal", on Line 2. "Sherbrooke", on Line 2, is also close.

There is also a branch at 3457 Saint-Laurent (near the corner with Prince Arthur) (tel 514 288 0210).

Café-Bar Le Boudoir
850 Mont-Royal Est (East) (corner Saint André), tel 514 526 2819

In the heart of the trendy Plateau area, this has a very good selection of micro brews from Quebec and also beers from elsewhere, including Belgium. It has ever-changing art exhibitions and there is regular live music.

The nearest Metro stop is "Mont Royal", on Line 2.

Le Zinc
1148 Mont-Royal Est (East), tel 514 523 5432

This has over thirty beers, both local and imported, particularly from Belgium. It is classed as a Bar-Tabac, so also sells cigarettes and cigars, which are smoked on the premises, so, if this is not your thing ...

The nearest Metro stop is "Mont Royal", on Line 2.

Le Fût en Bulle (Le Fûtenbulle)
273 Bernard Ouest (West) (At Avenue du Parc), tel 514 276 0473

"The Foaming Barrel" is another place with a large beer selection, there being an emphasis on Belgium. Venison, Caribou and Wild Boar are featured on the menu.

The nearest Metro stop is "Rosemount", on Line 2.

L'Actuel Restaurant Bar 
1194 Peel, tel 514 866 1537,

This is run by the Dries family who had Le D'Anjou, 127, rue des Guillemins, Liège, in Belgium, before setting up this place in 1982. Thus, as well as the usual Mussels (Moules) of a Beer Cuisine/Cuisine Belge restaurant, which it is, there are also Spécialités Liégeoises (Liège Specialities).

The nearest Metro stop is "Peel", on Line 1.

Fourquet Fourchette
1887 avenue Bourgogne, Chambly, near Montreal, tel 450 447 6370,

This is the logo of Fourquet Fourchette (Mashing Fork and Fork), these being featured in the logo. This is Unibroue's Brewery tap, which clearly also has food.  It is to be found in Chambly, near Montreal, Canada. Click on the logo to go to the place's website

This is the brewery tap for the renowned Unibroue Brewery, see below. Fourquet Fourchette (Mashing Fork and Fork (as in Knife & Fork)) has "Bière & cuisine de la Neuve-France" (Beer and Cuisine of New France). The rooms, décor, and the dress of the waiters and waitresses create a 17th Century atmosphere. The place's motto is "Boire moins, boire mieux" (Drink less, drink better). Many of its dishes are prepared using Unibroue beers, for example: Salade tiède de pétoncles et saumon fumé à la "Raftman" (Warm Pilgrim (Small) Scallops and Smoked Salmon Salad prepared with Raftman Smoke Beer); and Lapin aux pruneaux et à la "Trois-Pistoles" (Rabbit with Prunes cooked with "Trois-Pistoles").

Fourquet Fourchette opens each day from 11.30am, although in the winter it does not open on Mondays and Tuesdays. It closes when the last customer leaves. The shop (boutique), which sells the full range of Unibroue beers and associated articles, closes at 11pm.

Information on the public bus service between Montreal and Chambly is given above.

Fourquet Fourchette
265 Saint-Antoine Ouest (West),
Montreal, tel 514 789 6370,

This is a branch of the previous entry, the Tap for the Unibroue Brewery, in Chambly. It is in Montreal itself, within the Palais de Congrès (

The nearest Metro stop is "Place d'Armes", on Line 1.

Le Bistro des bières belges
2088 Montcalm, St-Hubert, near Montreal, tel 450 465 0669,

St-Hubert is one of the seven Districts (Arrondissements) of the town of Longueuil (founded on the 1st of January, 2002), which is just to the East of Montreal Island, across the St-Lawrence River. It is connected to Montreal by four bridges and a tunnel. This Bistro, which opened in 1987, specialises in Belgian Beers (it has over a hundred different ones), and has, of course, Moules (Mussels), Frites ( (English) or (French)) and Waffles. The Mussels feature in both the Menu Midi, which is available from 11am until 4pm, and in the Menu Soir, which is available from 4pm until closing time. These are in the range $5.95 to $10.95 and $6.95 to $19.95 respectively, these prices being from the place's website in April, 2006. Draught/Tap beers are from $3.50 a glass.

Montreal Breweries

McAuslan Brewery
4850, rue St-Ambroise, bureau 107, tel 514 939 3060,

McAuslan's beers include: Bière blonde St-Ambroise; Bière noire à l'avoine St-Ambroise (a Black Beer, produced using a mash that includes Oats); Bière rousse Griffon; l'Ale Millésimée (a beer brewed in January, 1999, the brewery having been opened in January, 1989); and those mentioned above. They also distribute the bottled cider,"Cidre Mystique", and draught ciders from the Cidrerie du Minot (, in Hemminford, which is sixty kilometres (thirty-eight miles) South of Montreal, in the Montérégie Region of Quebec, see below. Hemmingford is just North of the frontier with the US State of New York.

Mcauslan is the only one of the "local" breweries that is a member of "Brewers of Canada/Brasseurs du Canada" (, the national association of the Canadian brewing industry, Their website has statistics on Canadian beer production.

McAuslan has a terrace behind the brewery. From it, one can see the brewery through glass from the terrace, which is alongside the cycle track that follows the Lachine Canal. The owner, Peter McAuslan, does the gardening. Hop plants hanging from pergolas are coming along nicely, and shield one from the industrial landscape. It is nice and quiet, since it is alongside the canal, rather than a road. The terrace opens when it is warm enough (from ~mid-June) from ~ 3pm to 10pm . Access is from the cycle track which connects with a nearby car park (BM).

The McAuslan Brewery is in the Quartier Saint-Henri, where the famous Jazz pianist, Oscar Peterson, was born in 1925. The nearest Metro stop is "Place-Saint-Henri ", on Line 2.

Brasseurs R.J.
5585 rue de la Roche, tel 514 274 4941,

R.J. Brewers was formed in 1998 with the merging of three Quebec microbreweries (microbrasseries Québécoises): Les Brasseurs GMT; Les Brasseurs de l'Anse; and La Brasserie du Cheval Blanc. Both draught and bottled beers are produced, the latter including some with secondary fermentation in the bottle - yeast is present in the bottle - such as Coup de Grisou, Tourmonte, Titanic, Loch Ness, which is clearly in the Scotch Ale Style; Cheval Blanc ambrée and rousse, and Belgian style beers, particularly Blonde d'Achouffe, which is brewed to an Achouffe recipe under licence. For further information on Achouffe, one of the truly great Belgian brewers, see and/or click here for a White Beer Travels Web page featuring Achouffe. Other Brasseurs R.J. beers include: Tremblay; Illégal; Royale de l'Anse; Folie Douce (5%), which is flavoured with Blueberry (Huckleberry, Bilberry (UK), Bleuet/Bluet in Québécoise, Myrtille in French); Belle Gueule Originale and Rousse; and the Sainte-Paix range of Fruit Beers. See above, for information on the unrelated Cheval Blanc Brew Pub. Note that there is a version of Folie Douce brewed by the Achouffe Brew Pub, Les 3 Fourquets (, called La Bleuette (5%).

The nearest Metro stop is "Laurier", on Line 2.

Brasserie Le Chaudron International
5710, rue Garnier, tel 514 276 0744,

In English, "Le Chaudron" is "The Copper", i.e. the brewery vessel where the hop boil takes place. Not counting commissioned ones, see below, four beers are produced: Coeur d'Or, Ale Québécoise (Quebec Ale), Cobra (an India Pale Ale) and Chanvre Rouge (Red Hemp), the latter being Quebec's first Hemp Ale, which is no doubt why it is described as an "Ale Non-Traditionnelle" on its label. Coeur d'Or was the brewery's first beer, when it commenced operation in 1998.

In Montreal, Le Saint-Bock Artisanal Brewery/Bar/Restaurant, see above, features its beers.

The nearest Metro stop is "Mont Royal", on Line 2. Note, however, that Le Chaudron is to be relocated to Bromont is a ski resort in the Eastern Townships, which is 110 kilometres (70 miles) SE of Montreal. In Bromont, it will become a Brew Pub with food.

Bierbrier Brewing/Brasserie Bierbrier
370 Guy, tel 514 933 7576,

Bierbrier was opened in 2005, by Charles Bierbrier, the latter being his real surname, honest! Beers include Bierbrier Ale (5%).

The nearest Metro stop is "Lucien-L'Allier" on Line 2.

Brasseries BVM du Canada
6729 Esplanade, tel 514 908 2337

BVM Brewereries of Canada is a contract brewery providing restaurants around Montreal. They are also referred to as Brasseurs du Vieux-Montréal (Old Montreal Brewers), indeed their two main beers are Vieux-Montréal Blonde and Rousse. To date, there are no bottled beers produced.

Unibroue inc
80 Des Carrières, Chambly, tel 450 658 7658,
2003 Canadian Brewer of the Year

These are the logos for Sleeman Breweries and Unibroue, the latter having been purchased by the former, in April, 2004. Click on them to go to the Sleeman website

In 2004, the Ontario-based Sleeman Breweries, and (for Sleeman's own beers) made a takeover Unibroue. Sleeman are Canada's third biggest brewers, albeit much smaller than Labatt and Molson, see below. In 1998, Sleeman acquired La Brasserie Seigneuriale, in Boucherville, which is just East of Montreal Island, across the St-Lawrence River. Their range included some Belgian-style beers. From the Sleeman Breweries website, one would be forgiven for thinking that the brewery in Boucherville was still operational, but Sleeman, after first reducing the Seigneuriale product range, closed the place down in 2003. How long before Unibroue suffers the same fates? With regard to this, ratebeer's Josh Oakes, see below, comments on this takeover make for interesting and sobering reading. Click here to do this. Two of Seigneuriale's beer - the Triple and the Réserve - disappeared very soon after they were taken over, which is why there are very few ratings for them on ratebeer. So the roadmap is clear for Unibroue: a reduction in the number of brands brewed in Chambly, prior to the production of blander versions of them being moved elsewhere. In turn, Sleeman ,and hence Unibroue was taken over by the Japanese, Sapporo (, so we will have to see what this leads to.

The Unibroue brewery is in Chambly, which is twenty-eight kilometres (eighteen miles) East of Montreal. It is famous for its bottle-conditioned beers (Real Ale in a bottle), most of which are styled on Belgian Beers, indeed, much help was provided by Liefmans of Oudenaarde (, when they were starting out. Unibroue is one of only a handful of North American Breweries that are featured by world-renowned beer writer Michael Jackson (1942-) (, in his Great Beers of Belgium (5th edition, December, 2005, ISBN 9-053-7301-84, MMC-Bierpassie Magazine (, which is, in my opinion, the best book on Belgian Beer in any language. It has 501 pages (145x245mm) packed with tons of new information and over 300 new photographs by Joris Luyten. It is also available in Dutch (entitled Grote Belgische Bieren, (ISBN 9-053-7301-68, translation by Gerda Verschueren), and French (Grandes Bières de Belgique, ISBN 9-053-7301-76, translation by Jacques Fanchamps). It can be ordered direct from Ben Vinken's Bierpassie Magazine website, just quoted.

Unibroue beers include: La 11, an 11% beer introduced in 2002; La 1837, which was introduced in 1997, in memory of atrocities carried out by British soldiers, under the command of Sir John Colborne, against "Les Patriotes", in St-Eustache, in 1837; L'Eau Bénite (Consecrated or Holy Water); La Don de Dieu (Gift from God), which was introduced in 1998, is in the Belgian Abbey Triple style and is thus a 9% beer; L'Éphémère (an "ephemeral" range of four fruit beers); La Maudite; L'Irrésistible blonde (7%) and brune (7.5%) were introduced in 2003; La Kamouraska; La Quelque Chose (Something), an 8% Cherry Beer, which one heats to 70oC before serving, that is only available locally from SAQ shops and from its website, (I bought a 75cl bottle for €5 in Noël Cuvelier's Beer Shop, in Poperinge, in Belgium, in February, 2003); La Raftman, a beer produced using whisky malt, i.e. a smoked malt; La St-Hubert; La Blanche de Chambly, the brewery's flagship Wheat Beer; and La Terrible. La U is a filtered beer in the Pilsner style; La U2 is a darker beer in the same style, which is also filtered.

The brewery in Chambly commenced operation in 1993, the company itself being formed in 1990 following the acquisition of the ailing Massawippi Brewery, in Lennoxville. In July, 2003, it was declared to be the "Brewer of the Year" at the inaugural "Canadian Brewing Awards" ceremony, in Toronto. Unibroue received the most medals - six in all - including gold for La Trois Pistoles (9%), La Blanche de Chambly, and L'Éphémère aux pommes, the latter being an apple flavoured beer. La Trois Pistoles was the highest rated beer in the contest. Over 130 beers were submitted by thirty-seven breweries for the judging.

The Brewmaster (Maître Brasseur) is a Scot, Paul Arnott, a graduate of the famous "International Centre for Brewing and Distilling", at Heriot-Watt University, in Edinburgh, Scotland ( Prior to joining Unibroue, in 2000, Paul was with the Chimay Trappist Brewery in Belgium for ten years. One pointer in favour of Unibroue, when Paul was seeking pastures new, was that his wife is from the Chimay area, in Wallonia, the French-speaking half of Belgium. Unibroue's La Fin du Monde (The End of the World) is another of their beers in the style of a Belgian Monastic (Trappist) Triple, and is thus a light coloured 9% beer. It was introduced in 1994, prior to Paul's arrival. It is named in reverence to the explorers who believed they had reached the end of the world when they discovered America.

The brewery welcomes visitors, visits being arranged with its brewery tap, Fourquet Fourchette, see above. Information on the public bus service between Montreal and Chambly is given above.

Unibroue's beers are featured in French hypermarkets and bars, for example, La Fin du Monde, was €1.72 (33cl), in Auchan, in Dunkirk (Dunkerque), in June, 2001, and in Mac EWAN's (8, place Sébastopol, tel 03 20 42 04 42), an excellent Speciality Beer bar, in Lille, in September, 2003, it was €6.20.

Note that, particularly because of the significant exports to Europe, where there is consumer resistance to the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), Unibroue, who do not use any GMO products or industrial enzymes at any stage in the production of their beers, got into trouble with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), when they put wording on the labels of their beers stating that they were certified GMO-free; click here for more details. This is clearly not in the interest of consumers. For a White Beer Travels Web page on the subject of GM Beer, click here.

The excellent Unibroue website is in both French and English. If you follow the "Beer 101" link, there is a useful "Beer Glossary" link, its "Lexique" counterpart on the French pages being found by clicking on the "Bière 101" link. See above for information on Unibroue's excellent brewery tap and restaurant.

Unibroue and a good number of other brewers from Québec, have a presence at La Fête Bières & Saveurs (Beer and Flavours Festival), which is held in the Vieux-Fort de Chambly (Chambly's Old Fort), see This typically takes place each year from the first Friday to Monday of September (i.e. in 2006 on Friday, the 1st, to Monday, the 4th of September). The theme is food in the Quebec style (goût du terroir québécois, to quote the website), with suitable beers from Quebec to go with it. Note that Bières & Saveurs replaces a former beer festival, the Festibière de Chambly. Chambly's official website is

International Breweries.

Montreal has breweries owned by the larger, more commercial, international brewers, Labatt,, and Molson, Molson introduced Carling Black Label, a beer in the loose Pilsner style, to the world. This, the UK's number one selling beer - it is marketed today as just Carling - is not the type of beer that passes my lips. Click here to go to a Web page from where you can download a June, 2005 BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Radio 4 broadcast (27MB mp3 file), conducted by Andrew Jefford (British Guild of Beer Writers' Beer Writer of the Year in 1995 and 1999), in which Michael Jackson (1942-) (, White Beer Travels Web page), the world's most famous beer writer, discusses the "merits" of Carling with a representative of the factory in England where it is manufactured. Note that it starts at the end of the preceding programme. I love the bit where the Carling woman explains why the people who drink her awful brew would not appreciate it being hopped with that most noble of hops: Saaz.

Other Brew Pubs/Breweries in Quebec

Many of the following places brew beers that are available in Montreal pubs and beer shops, see an example of the latter below. Almost all of them feature beers at the Montreal International Beer Festival (Le Mondial de la Bière), see below.

Les Brasseurs du Nord/Boréale, 875 Michèle-Bohec, Blainville, tel 450 979 8400,

"The Northern Brewers" are to be found on an industrial estate, in Blainville, which is thirty kilometres (nineteen miles) North of Montreal. It was founded in 1987 by Bernard Morin and Laura Urtnowski; Laura is the Vice-President of the Quebec Microbrewers Association. After Unibroue, see above, this is the second largest of the Quebec microbreweries; in total they account for less than 5% of the beer consumed in Quebec. The brewery's Boréale range of beers, such as the award winning Stout Boréale Noire (Black) and the Honey Beer Boréale Dorée (Golden), feature a Polar Bear on the label; Boréale means adjectival North or Northern, c.f. Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.

Saint-Arnould, 435 rue des Pionniers, Mont-Tremblant, tel 819 425 1262,

This brewery is to be found near St-Jovite, which is 120 kilometres (seventy-five miles) North of Montreal, in a mountainous area known as The Laurentians (Les Laurentides).

Microbrasserie La Diable, 1000 chemin de Voyageurs, Mont-Tremblant, Mt-Tremblant Ski Resort, tel 819 681 4546,

This is a beautiful, small, crowded Brew Pub, in the area of Mt-Tremblant (, in the "heart of The Laurentians"; it is not far from the previous entry. Its portfolio includes a good clean Stout and a Trappist style beer. The food is a cross between typical pub food and haute cuisine, which is very reasonably priced, especially bearing in mind that it is located in a resort (  (BM).

Microbrasserie du Lièvre, 110 boulevard Paquette, Mont-Laurier, tel 819 623 1622 and 888 722 1622,

Mont-Laurier is 240 kilometres (150 miles) North of Montreal, beyond Mt-Tremblant, in The Laurentians. It is the gateway to timber and mining region known as Abitibi. Two beers of theirs, La Brune au Miel (Honey Brown) and La Montoise, a Golden Blonde, are to be found in beer shops, etc, and additional ones are available on the premises. You are likely to be a long way from home here, so it may be worth knowing that the brewery is on the premises of the Motel le Riverain. (BM).

In Montreal, Le Saint-Bock Artisanal Brewery/Bar/Restaurant, see above, features its beers.

Ferme Brasserie Schoune, 2075 Ste-Catherine, Saint-Polycarpe, tel 450 265 3765 or 877 599 5599,

The "Schoune Farm Brewery" is in Saint-Polycarpe, which is sixty-four kilometres (forty miles) SW of Montreal. St-Polycarpe is in La Montérégie region of Quebec, which includes Montreal, but which for the most part is very rural. Montérégie is famous for its vineyards, orchards and cider producers (Cidreries). This brewery has a spontaneously fermented beer in its portfolio, named after its famous Belgian counterpart, La Gueuze.

Microbrasserie Les Trois Mousquetaires, 3455-A, Boulevard Matte, Brossard, tel 450 619 2372,

Like the previous entry, "The Three Musketeers" is in La Montérégie region of Quebec. Regular beers include: Aramis; D'Artagnan; and Folle Du Roi. There is also a seasonal Oktoberfest beer, Milady. There is a useful list of outlets (shops, rather than bars) on their website, which can be reached by clicking on "Nos points des ventes". In Montreal, Le Saint-Bock Brew Pub, see above, features its beers.

La Voie Maltée, 2509 St-Dominique, Jonquière, tel 418 542 4373,

Your cursor is on a photo of Craft/Speciality/Artisanal Beer fan, Sylvain Dupuis.  He is wearing a Voie Maltée T-Shirt.  Click on the photo, to go to this Brew Pub's website

In the photo to the left, Montreal resident Sylvain "Altaïr" Dupuis (, is wearing a Voie Maltée T-Shirt. Note the Barleycorn, the precursor of Malt, used for the accent on the first "e" of Maltée. The photo was taken by John White, at Waterloo International Station, London, England, in June, 2005. Sylvain was in a group that was about to embark on a London pub crawl; click here for further details of this great event, and here for Sylvain's report on it (click here for details of his whole European tour, which this was a part of). Sylvain has provided much appreciated comments and corrections to this White Beer Travels Web page covering Montreal and Quebec.

The name of this Pub/Micro Brasserie, The Malty or Malted Way, is clearly a play on The Milky Way (La Voie Lactée). The Saguenay area is very attractive. It is renowned for the Saguenay river, which is actually a fiord, on which there are hydro-electric power stations and aluminium smelters. Timber is also big business here. It is 200 kilometres (125 miles) NE of Québec City, North of Charlevoix. Many French-speaking politicians, hockey players and artists come from this region.

This region is also renowned for wild blueberries and Canadian Cheddar Cheese from the Fromagerie Perron (, in Saint-Prime, which has the "By appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II" logo on the packet. La Voie Maltée's range of eight beers includes Criminelle, an 8% Imperial Stout. (BM).

La Tour à Bière, 517 Racine Est (East), Chicoutimi, tel 418 545 7272,

Like the previous entry, "The Beer Tower" is in Ville de Saguenay (Saguenay Town). Its range of beers is fully described on its website.

Le Bilboquet, 1850 des Cascades Ouest, Vieux St-Hyacinthe, tel 450 771 6900,

Le Bilboquet, brasseur artisan (Artisan Brewer), which is a named after a Cup-&-Ball game, is a Brew Pub in Vieux St-Hyacinthe, which is sixty-four  kilometres (forty miles) East of Montreal. It has an associated restaurant, L'Espiègle.

Brasserie Breughel, 68, Route 132, St-Germain de Kamouraska, tel 418 492 3693,

This is in St-Germain de KAMOURaska, which is 415 kilometres (260 miles) NE of Montreal. It brews the Kamour range of beers. Note that Unibroue produce a beer called Kamouraska, this being a County, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent (Lower St-Lawrence) Region of Quebec. St-Germain is on the Saint-Lawrence.

Les Bières de la Nouvelle-France/Auberge Le Baluchon,
3550 chemin des Trembles, St-Paulin, tel 819 268 2555,

"Beers from New France" brew in St-Paulin, which is 115 kilometres (72 miles) NNE of Montreal, in the Province of Mauricie. Le Baluchon's restaurant has won awards for its Cuisine Française and Cuisine Québécoise. The Auberge (Inn) has 90 bedrooms, it being in a major tourist area. Some of the brewery's future beers will result from its partnership with the Brasserie de Silly (, in Belgium. Montreal resident, Benoit Mercier, see above, told me, in May, 2004, that Nouvelle-France plan to grow their own barley and turn it into malt themselves.

Chez Gambrinus, 3160 boulevard des Forges, Trois-Rivières, tel 819 691 3371

Founded in 1634, Trois-Rivières (, stopped working in June, 2004) is one of the oldest towns in North America. It is the largest town between Montreal (170 kilometres - 105 miles) and Quebec City (120 kilometres - 75 miles). Gambrinus has some of the best brews in Quebec, including, like Dieu du Ciel, in Montreal, see above, some unusual ones, for example, Veuve Noire (Black Widow), an Oatmeal Stout. The place is like a friendly roadhouse, offering good food, which includes all-you-can-eat Mussels for $10 (May, 2004), with good Fries (BM).

Micro Brasserie L'Alchimiste, 536A boulevard Manseau, Joliette, tel 450 760 2945,

Joliette is seventy kilometres (forty-five miles) out of Montreal, en route to Trois-Rivières and Quebec City. As well as The Alchemist's beers being available in beer shops and other outlets, one can also purchase beer to take home at the brewery, an unusual practice in Québec. Beers include a rare-for Quebec Bock, a Stout, a Bitter and a Pils. There is a small Salon de Dégustation (Tasting Room) that can accommodate around twenty people (BM).

Brasserie Bowes, 3838 Boulevard Leman, Laval, tel 450 661 0281 (website stopped working in May, 2005)

The Bowes Brewery is in Laval, which, like Montreal, is on an island in the St-Lawrence River. Laval is connected to Montreal by six bridges.

Au Maitre Brasseur Laval, 4528 Louis-B. Mayer, Laval, tel 450 688 8281,

The Master Brewer Brewery, is. like the previous entry, close to Montreal, in Laval. There is a list of outlets - bars and restaurants - which have its beers, on the place's website.

Micro-Brasserie La Mare Au Diable, 151 King Ouest, Sherbrooke, tel 819 562 1001

Sherbrooke is one of Quebec's largest cities ( It is 150 kilometres (ninety-five miles) SE of Montreal, in the heart of Les Cantons de l'Est (The Eastern Townships). This Brew Pub opened in 2003 (BM).

Les Cantons de l'Est ( are known by the locals as L'Estrie. It is is the centre of Quebec's Maple Syrup production area, the province being the world's biggest producer. L'Estrie is also well-known for its wine and mead.

La Mare au Diable is open from 4pm on Saturday to Wednesday, and from 11am on Thursday and Friday.

Note that there is also a brewery within the University of Sherbrooke, Sherbroue, the Coopérative brassicole de l'Université de Sherbrooke, No doubt, if you ask the right person, you could sample one of their brews.

Microbrasserie La Memphré, 12 rue Merry Sud, Magog, tel 819 562 1001

Magog is a yachting resort to the SW of Sherbrooke, on the Northern tip of Lac Memphrémagog. Many well-known personalities, such as Sylvestre Stallone have summer chalets, in and around the town. This Brew Pub, which has a nice terrace alongside the lake, opened in 2003 (BM).

Golden Lion (Le Lion d'Or), 2&6 College Street, Lennnoxville, tel 819 562 4589,

Lennoxville is close to Magog, see previous entry. The Golden Lion, which was set up in the mid-1980s, is one of Quebec's oldest Brew Pubs. Most of its brews are in the English style. It is connected to the renowned Gritty McDuff's Brewing Company (, who are based in Portland, in Maine, in the USA; they have Brew Pubs in Portland and in Freeport, Maine. Gritty's "Best Brown Ale" is brewed to the recipe for Golden Lion's "Lion's Pride" (BM).

BroueMont, 107 boulevard de Bromont, Bromont, tel 450 534 0001,

Bromont is a ski resort in the Eastern Townships. It is reached off exit 78 of Autoroute 10 (Autoroute des Cantons de l'Est - Eastern Townships Motorway). It is opposite factory outlets en route to the ski station). BroueMont is a Brew Pub that opened in March, 2004. It is run by the owner of Tabby's, in Bedford, another Eastern Townships town. However, Tabby's is now closed (BM). Bromont is 110 kilometres (70 miles) SE of Montreal, just North of the border of the US State of Vermont.

L'Inox, 37 Quai Saint-André, Vieux-Port de Québec, tel 418 692 2877,, & La Barberie, 310 rue St-Roch, tel 418 522 4373,, both in Québec City

These two Brew Pubs are both in Québec City, the Province's capital, in the Région du Québec. It is 253 kilometres (158 miles) NE of Montreal. Québec City (population 515,000) has a most impressive walled Old City, the only place in North America to have retained its ramparts. It was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. For the full list of such sites and the reasoning behind their entry, see The city celebrates its 400th anniversary in 2008, see La Barbarie's website mentions four outlets in Montreal, two of which are featured above: La Taverne du Sergent Recruteur and Vices et Versa, the latter, in fact, being a "tied house" of theirs. La Barbarie itself has a non-smoking tasting room, which is open each day from Noon until 1am; the brewery is to be found at 310, rue St-Roch. Part of its profits are used to finance local community projects. Bruno Blais of La Barbarie has a most impressive and legendary Barbe (Beard). In Montreal, Le Saint-Bock Brew Pub, see above, features La Barberie beers.

Microbrasserie Charlevoix/Le Saint-Pub, Baie-Saint-Paul, 2 rue Racine, tel 418 240 2332,

This is even further away from Montreal than the previous entry, i.e. in Baie-Saint-Paul, on the St-Lawrence. It is in the Charlevoix region of Quebec, NE of Québec City.

Microbrasserie Archibald, 1021 Boulevard du Lac (intersection with Chemin du Brûlé, opposite Le Relais Ski Centre),
Lac-Beauport, tel 418 841 2224,

Lac-Beauport ( is eighteen kilometres (eleven miles) NNW of Quebec City. This Brew Pub, which is owned by François Nolin, opened in May, 2005. The Master Brewer (Maître Brasseur) is Sylvain Desaulniers. In charge in the kitchen (Grills, Pizzas, Pasta, Salads and Snacks) is Olivier Blais.

Six beers are brewed on the premises: La Joufflue, a Wheat Beer; La Ciboire, an India Pale Ale; La Matante, a Blond Ale; La Chipie, a Red Ale; La Brise du Lac, a Pilsner, brewed with
spring water; and La Choutte, a Smoked Porter. Around 17% of the Malt in the mash for the latter is Malt that has been smoked over beech wood by Weyermann Malz (Malt) ( (English pages), (German pages, with links to pages in many other languages), White Beer Travels Web page), in the wonderful Baroque city of Bamberg, in Franconia, in Germany. Bamberg is home to the world's most famous Smoke Beer: Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen ( and (English-language pages), White Beer Travels web page). Archibald's brewery is in the basement of the restaurant; it can be seen behind glass.clicking here.

The Microbrasserie Archibald is open each day from 10am to 3am.

A Montreal Beer Shop

Métro Joannette
349 avenue de l'Église, Verdun, tel  514 761 3406

This don't-miss place is actually a Supermarket (Supermarché) owned by Jean-François Joannette; he happens to be a true lover of Speciality Beers, as will be evident should you visit the place. He tries to stock every Quebec beer available, particularly the most rare ones! There are around 150  beers from Quebec, plus some imported beers. It goes without saying that this place has the biggest selection of Speciality Beer in Quebec. There are accompanying T-Shirts, glasses, etc.

Jean-François has a beer specially brewed for him by the Charlevoix Microbrewery, in Baie-Saint-Paul, see above. It is a Cloudy Wheat Beer (Hefe Weizen), "Côte Des Argoulets", this being the former name for this Canadian Verdun, the latter being a place in France infamously known for the tremendous numbers who were slaughtered there in WWI.

Verdun is partly in the SE of Montreal Island and partly on the smaller L'Île des Soeurs (Nuns' Island), the latter being at the foot of the Pont Champlain (Champlain Bridge) over the St-Lawrence. Until the first of January, 2001, Verdun was a separate town, but on this date it became one of the Arrondissements (Districts) of "La Nouvelle Ville de Montréal" (The New City of Montreal).

This place is on the Montreal Island part of the town, close to the "De l'Église" Metro station that connects it to the city centre. It is the stop before the "Verdun" stop, on Line 1.

I do not know whether this shop has any Belgian Beers, but one importer of Belgian Beers in Quebec is L'Office des Grands Crus, 1451 rue Bourgeoys, Longueuil (tel 450 647 4611,, which is run by Colette. This place also imports wine from France and elsewhere. Longueuil is close to Montreal, i.e. just to the NE of it across the St-Lawrence, in Montreal South Shore (Rive-Sud de Montréal).

Montreal Beer Museum (Closed!!!)

There was a beer museum in Montreal, Le Musée de la Bière (Beer Museum), at 2063 Stanley, It featured its own beer, brewed exclusively for it by Le Chaudron, in Montreal, see above. However, it has closed; I leave its entry here as a warning.

The nearest Metro stop is "Peel", on Line 1.

Montreal International Beer Festival:
"Le Mondial de la Bière"

Your cursor is on a photo featuring two of the organisers of a major International Beer Festival, Le Mondial de la Bière, which takes place each year in Montreal, in Quebec, in Canada. Click on the photo, to go to the festival's website

Montreal is host to a major International Beer Festival, Le Mondial de la Bière, In the above photo, yours truly, John White, is with Marie-Josée Lefebvre, the festival's Coordonnatrice générale, and Jeannine Marois, the festival's Présidente. The photo was taken in March, 2006, in the Cantillon Brewery (, White Beer Travels Web page), in Brussels, the Capital of Belgium. Cantillon produces world-class beers based on Lambic (Gueuze and Fruit Beers, such as Kriek from Cherries); the "L" on the casks in the photo denotes that Lambic is contained in them. The photo was taken by Joyce White.

Le Mondial de la Bière is the biggest beer festival held in Canada and the biggest international one in the whole of North America. In 2006, 250 different beers from five continents were on offer. The biggest beer festival in North America, and, indeed, in the whole world, is the Great American Beer Festival,, which is held each year in Denver, Colorado, USA. Click here for a White Beer Travels note on Denver, that provides more details of this festival.

The 13th running of the Mondial de la Bière takes place, in 2007, from Wednesday the 30th of May to Sunday the 3rd of June, from 11.30am until 10.30pm (9pm on Wednesday and Sunday). It is held in the Gare et la Cour Windsor (Windsor Station and Courtyard) in the City Centre (Downtown) (nearest Metro stop is "Bonaventure", on Line 2). The station is a splendid building, built in 1889, by the Canadian Pacific Railroad Company. A number of breweries, mainly from Canada, especially Quebec, and the odd one or two from the USA, have stands offering a good selection of their beers. These include the above Brew Pubs, the Montreal Breweries covered above, and a good number of the Quebec Breweries/Brew Pubs featured above. Since 2003, cider has also been featured at the festival.

There is also a Petit Pub (Small Pub), which is a bit of an understatement, since this features loads of beers from Canada and the USA. The UK is usually also represented (in 2005, the great Fuller's (, (North America), White Beer Travels Web page)) and there is a good selection of beers from French artisanal breweries, the latter reflecting the common language spoken in France and Québec. There is also a Pavilion featuring Scotch Whisky and other Whiskies, and a number of stalls offering quite a variety of food options. Entry to the Mondial de la Bière is free.

Other Miscellaneous Montreal/Canadian Beer Information

One of the beer world's most famous websites is (The Real Beer Pages),, for which more information is given on the White Beer Travels Links page, which can be reached by clicking here. covers beer world-wide, although from its Home page, one would be forgiven for thinking that it mainly covered the USA. In fact, the site is based in Canada, and its "Canadian Beer Index" sub-site,, is a good source of information on Canadian Beer, including Montreal and Quebec.

This is a photo of John White and Stephen Beaumont at a special event in the Pajottenland, in Belgium.  Click on it to go to Steve's "World of Beer" website

Another renowned Canadian-based website is the "World of Beer" site, which is the work of famous Canadian beer writer, Steve Beaumont. With its articles, reviews, news, etc, it is an excellent source of information on all the world's beer Steve is the author of Stephen Beaumont's Great Canadian Beer Guide (McArthur & Co, 2nd edition, January, 2002, ISBN 1552782034). In the photo to the left, John White is with Steve. It was taken in a pub called "In De Verzekering Tegen De Grote Dorst" ( (relays to, in Lennik/Eizeringen, Belgium, by Joyce White, in March, 2004. Further information on this pub, and the event that John and Steve were attending, is provided in a White Beer Travels Web page, which can be reached by clicking here., and by a Web page dedicated to it, Steve is the co-owner of a beer cuisine restaurant in Toronto that is getting rave reviews: beerbistro, at 18 King Street (tel 416 861 9872,

Les Carnets de M@ Bière is an excellent magazine covering the Quebec beer scene, which is available both in hard copy and in downloadable Adobe pdf format from its website, The "Bières & Monde" site,, is another excellent Canadian site that covers beer news (with archives) in Canada and the rest of the world. It has an e-mail newsletter service.

Yet another very famous beer site with a Canadian connection is the ratebeer site,, which as its name suggests, is a site where beer ratings can be entered and viewed. The site's editor-in-chief is Josh Oakes, a Canadian, based in Toronto. There is a hyperlink on the Home page to "Oakes Weekly" which more often than not covers the Canadian beer scene. Also on the Home page, the "PLACES" hyperlink takes one to a list of cities with descriptions of pubs and breweries in them. Most are in the USA, but Montréal is one of ten places covered in the "World" list, as is Toronto, the latter's entries, of course, being Josh's. Click here for a page in ratebeer's Forums page where Josh states "John White rocks. His thoroughness and knowledge is supreme". A compliment indeed from one of the great men of the Speciality/Craft Beer world.

Other sites covering the beer and pub scene in Montreal and Quebec include: "The Montreal Bar and Restaurant Page"/"La Page des Bars et Restaurants de Montréal",; the United Nations of Beer website,, which is based in Hudson, near Montreal, has a page covering Quebec, which can be reached by clicking here, and a page listing all the known beers brewed in Quebec, which can be reached by clicking here; the Broue/Les Brasseurs d'Idées site,, a marvellous general resource with an excellent collection of Links; as does the website of what was Canada's premier French-language beer magazine, BièreMAG, but which is now an on-line encyclopédie de la bière,; Effervescence magazine's site, (the editor, maître ès bières (Master of Beer), Stéphane Morin, has his own site,, which has information on Beer Hunts to Belgium from Montreal); Jan-Philippe Barbeau's "broue-pubs et brasseries" (stopped working in May, 2006); Dominic Gosselin (DumDum) and Nicholas Lescarbeau's Les Carnets de ma Bière (My Beer Notes),; and, although "The Bar Towel" site ( is Toronto's premier on-line beer resource, it has a good report on the Montreal beer scene, including a crawl map covering the five brew pubs cited above, Toronto is 546 kilometres (341 miles) from Montreal. Toronto is in the Province of Ontario, as is Canada's capital, Ottawa, which is only 220 kilometres (138 miles) to the SW of Montreal. After checking out the Mounties, two good places for a beer in Ottawa are: the Clocktower Brewpub; and Master's Brasserie & Brewpub. Salut! is a website covering Raymond Beauchemin's book The Quebec Microbrewery Beer Cookbook (Véhicule Press, 2003), This website has sample recipes and other appropriate information on beer from Quebec, and places where it can be found. L'Aventure Gourmande (30th of June to the 3rd of July, in 2005) is an event that takes place in Québec City that features Craft Beers, Cider and local artisanal food products, (stopped working in July, 2006) . The Quebec-based L'Institut de la bière (, The Beer Institute organises beer-related activities for its members.

Montreal Tourist and General Information

The main tourist information centre in Montreal is located near the corner of Peel and Ste-Catherine, at 1001  rue du square Dorchester (corner Metcalfe), Metro stop "Peel" on Line 1, tel 514 873 2015. It is open daily from 8.30am to 7.30pm, in the summer, and from 9am to 6pm, from September till June.

Websites covering Montreal include: the city's official sites, and, the latter covering the city's Botanical Gardens (Jardin botanique), which are second only to Kew, in England, in size,; the official Montreal tourism site,; the official Quebec tourism site,; La Société deTransport de Montréal (STM)'s site covers public transport,; "Findit!" finds things in Montreal,; Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal (Museum of Fine Arts),; Centre international d'art contemporain de Montréal (CIAC),; Old Montréal,; Leonard Cohen (, who was born in Montreal in 1934, started his singing career whilst attending the city's McGill University,; the French-language newspapers, Le Devoir, and La Presse,; the English-language newspaper, the Montreal Gazette,; the following is an excellent Montreal restaurant guide,; covers "Les meilleures tables du Québec (The Province's best restaurants); the Montreal Malls site covers retail outlets and services,; Montreal airports,; for Montreal Trudeau Airport Hotels;; Montreal Jazz Festival,; Lonely Planet Guide, (the book itself, ISBN 1-86450-254-1, is £9.99 or $15.99 (US), in 2003); and the site, which has lots of tourist info, ( in French), as does the "ici Montréal" site, The official Quebec Government site is The Québec Ministère des Transports site,, has good maps of Quebec - follow the "Carte routière" link.

John White (1945-), Your cursor is on an image of John White's e-mail address. Click on it to send an e-mail to John, updated in June, 2007.

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