White Beer Travels. What's in a name? All is revealed on the Home page Schneider Weisse, a well-travelled, classic Wheat/White Beer, brewed in Bavaria by Schneider.  Click on the image to go to their website On this page, the principal parts of the website are described in outline.  They can be reached by clicking on the buttons above, or by using the hyperlinks in the text itself
Belgian Beer, German Beer, British Real Ale, North American Craft Beer and Speciality Beer from around the world, are all covered in this White Beer Travels website This White Beer Travels website has been in operation since March, 2002.  It promotes Speciality/Craft Beer from around the world: Belgian Beer, German Beer, Craft Beer from the USA and Canada, Real Ale from the UK, etc
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Belgian Beer and other great Speciality/Craft Beers, these including Real Ale from the UK and Craft Beers from the USA and Canada, are promoted on this, the White Beer Travels website.  It is a big site, so to get an outline idea of the contents, click here to go to the site's Contents page
  Würzburg, in Germany, is world-renowned for its "Franken" wines. However, White (Wheat) Beers have certainly travelled to the city.  The three different ones shown here are excellent examples. All are brewed in the city's Würzburger Hofbräu Brewery. Click on the glasses to go to the brewery's website, from which the image was pasted

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This is a photo taken inside the Brasse-Temps Brew-Pub, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. The place is owned by Dubuisson, of Bush beer fame.  Click on it to go to their website. The place is next door to the also don't-miss Crêperie Bretonne, which has over 200 different pancakes and as many, if not more, beers!

In the photo on the left, John White is in the outstanding Brasse-Temps Brew-Pub, Place des Brabançons, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. The photo was taken by John's wife, Joyce, in October, 2001.

With his own guide to Louvain-la-Neuve in one hand, and a glass in the other, John is sampling a selection of draught house and Bush beers, the latter being extremely rare in this form.

For more information on Bush beers, click on its hyperlinked name or one of the following hyperlinks, two of many to external websites from the White Beer Travels site: www.br-dubuisson.com or www.bush-beer.com.

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An Introduction to White Beer Travels

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This website was developed by John White of White Beer Travels. From the buttons at the top and bottom of this page, one can navigate to the principal pages of the site, these having links to the site's other pages. These one hundred and six pages collectively provide details of the Beer Hunts and other services that White Beer Travels offers, along with pertinent other information. Click on the button on the left for the White Beer Travels Contents page, which has a table of links to all of these pages.

The site came into existence in March, 2002. It has since been much modified and expanded, this being an ongoing process, so please pay it another visit from time to time.

Should you be interested in forthcoming Beer Hunts, please click on the Future Beer Hunts button, or the underlined, coloured text of this paragraph.

Alternatively, White Beer Travels will be happy to arrange a tailor-made trip for you. To give you some ideas on what is possible, details of previous White Beer Travels Beer Hunts can be found by clicking on Past Beer Hunts. This has a companion Recce Trips page that provides details of places that White Beer Travels has researched in detail on the ground (and in books and on the Internet, etc), but which have not yet materialised into organised Beer [or Wine or Cider] Hunts. This is in line with one of the general features of the Beer Hunts, which are to be found by clicking General Beer Hunt Info, i.e. places featured in the Beer Hunts have been fully reconnoitred in advance.

The site is continually being expanded to provide more and more information on Speciality/Specialty/Craft Beers and/or the places where they can be enjoyed. As a start on this, please click on Pub of the Month. The ever-expanding Links and Reciprocal Links pages provide hyperlinks to a number of beer-related websites, and other relevant sites that John finds particularly useful. There are also links to external websites throughout the pages of the White Beer Travels site, which are, like the links to the internal pages, underlined and coloured, and which, also like them, get a different coloured background when hovered over.

Until June, 2003, when he took early retirement, John worked for Total (www.total.com), a major French oil company. Whilst with Total, he had lengthy assignments in France, and undertook a great deal of French to English translation projects for the company. He continues to carry out such translation work. Places that he has done this for include: Het Blauwershof, a classic bar in Godewaersvelde, in France; Heineken; and the Belgian Trappist Monastery, Orval, (www.orval.be, White Beer Travels Web page) whose brewery produces a truly world-class beer. White Beer Travels is able to offer a French to English translation service at very competitive rates. For further details, please click on Service de Traduction (Translation Service). The English-language pages of the website for the Bruxellensis Beer Festival, www.festivalbruxellensis.be, that takes place in Brussels, are an example of the French to English translation work that John has undertaken.

John White (1945-), Your cursor is on an image of John White's e-mail address. Click on it to send an e-mail to John.

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Belgian Beer, just about the world's most renowned Speciality Beer is promoted on this website, along with great beer from all over the world
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