White Beer Travels. What's in a Name?  All is revealed on the Home Page! Schneider Weisse, a well-travelled, classic Wheat/White Beer, brewed in Bavaria by Schneider.  Click on the image to go to their website On this, the White Beer Travels Downloads page, information is provided below on how to obtain useful beer guides  (eBooks, Electronic Books) and maps, some of which are free of charge
Belgian Beer, Dutch Beer, British Real Ale, North American Craft Beer and Speciality Beer and Specialty Beer from around the world, are all covered in this White Beer Travels website This White Beer Travels website has been in operation since March, 2002.  It promotes Speciality/Craft Beer from around the world: Belgian Beer, Dutch Beer, Craft Beer from the USA and Canada, Real Ale from the UK, etc
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Belgian Beer, Dutch Beer and other great Speciality/Craft Beers, these including Real Ale from the UK and Craft Beers from the USA and Canada, are promoted on this, the White Beer Travels website.  It is a big site, so to get an outline idea of the contents, click here to go to the site's Contents page
  Würzburg, in Germany, is world-renowned for its "Franken" wines. However, White (Wheat) Beers have certainly travelled to the city.  The three different ones shown here are excellent examples. All are brewed in the city's Würzburger Hofbräu Brewery. Click on the glasses to go to the brewery's website, from which the image was pasted

Your cursor is on a photo taken inside 't Brugs Beertje, Bruges, Belgium. It features Roger Protz, Daisy Claeys and John White. Click on the photo to go to Roger Protz's website

't Brugs Beertje (The Bruges Little Bear) (www.brugsbeertje.be) is one of a number of splendid places covered in the fifty-six page White Beer Travels Bruges Guide, that can be downloaded from this " Downloads" page. Instructions on how to do this are given below.

The photo to the left features Roger Protz (1939-), Daisy Claeys and White Beer Travels' John White, in 't Brugs Beertje, Bruges, Belgium. It was taken with John's camera by barman Jelmer Debaeke on the 13th of May, 2003. With husband Jan De Bruyne, Daisy set up this truly great Speciality Beer bar exactly twenty years earlier, to the day. More details of 't Brugs Beertje can be found in a White Beer Travels Web page, which can be reached by clicking here. Roger, who is editor of CAMRA's Good Beer Guide, is wearing a tie from the British Guild of Beer Writers (www.beerwriters.co.uk); he was the Chairman of the Guild when the photo was taken; John is on the Guild's committee. Earlier in the day, Roger and John had visited the Chimay Trappist Brewery (www.chimay.com); click here for more details.

Downloadable White Beer Travels Guides:
Places, Breweries & Bars

Your cursor is on a reduced-size reproduction of the cover of one of the White Beer Travels downloadable guides. Click on it, to see a bigger version of it
Your cursor is on a reduced-size reproduction of a page of the White Beer Travels guide to Ghent, in Belgium

Above is a reduced-sized cover from one of the A4 downloadable guides, this one on a Beer Hunt in the Pajottenland, the part of Belgium, close to Brussels that is famous for a unique style of beer: Lambic and its derivatives, such as Gueuze. Click on the cover to see a bigger version of it. On it, there is a photo of Armand Debelder, pouring out his world-class Oude Geuze for a group of White Beer Travels Beer Hunters, in the 3 Fonteinen, in Beersel; the visit is fully described in the guide.

Above is a page from the White Beer Travels Guide to Ghent. John White's May, 2001 photo is of Lieven de Vos enjoying a Helleketelbier by the fire in 't Velootje, his superb bar.

As appropriate, the guides (eBooks, Electronic Books) have an associated map. To the right is a reproduction of the Dinant Map. All  maps can be downloaded from the site, free-of-charge; see below for details of how to print them. Note the guide entries accurately pinpointed on the map. The currently available White Beer Travels guides and maps are listed in the table below. The prices quoted are for downloading to your computer. One can pay using PayPal®/Credit Card, see below, or with a UK sterling cheque, see below Your cursor is on a reduced-size reproduction of the White Beer Travels Beer Map of Dinant, in Belgium. It is obviously difficult to read. Click on it to download the full-sized version to your PC

Why not test out the download procedure on the single page note on the Gambrinus Legend? Click on the name(s) of the guide(s) that you are interested in to download it/them to your PC, and, as appropriate, their maps. All the downloadable maps are free-of-charge "jpg" files. All the guides are password protected. The password to view/print/save the note on Gambrinus is "gambrinus" (without the quotation marks). Also free-of-charge is the Example Beer Hunt Travel Notes for the trip based in Ghent and Namur, in 2001, the password for which is "travel2001". See the Past Beer Hunts page for details of this and other previous White Beer Travels Beer Hunts. Note that, if the "Updated" date of the guide has a hyperlink, clicking on it produces a reduced-sized version of its cover.

The list will be continually expanded, so please revisit this page regularly. The eBooks/Guides are also updated from time to time, see the dates in the table below. This is particularly the case after recce trips and/or Beer Hunts. The previous passwords are valid for the updates.

Purchase using PayPal®, with a Credit Card or Bank Transfer

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As you will see in the table below, the guides/eBooks in the second half of the table have a price alongside them and buttons to allow purchase using the renowned, free-of-charge, PayPal® system; there are over 63 million people with PayPal® accounts. This is easy to use, is secure, and costs the purchaser nothing to use. Note that one can make purchases using PayPal in the currency appropriate to your country of origin.

Purchase is especially easy, if you are already a PayPal® member, but is quite straightforward, if you are not, i.e. it is essentially as per any other secure Credit Card (CC) purchase, with the bonus of optionally becoming a PayPal® member at the end of it, this being especially useful should you wish to purchase anything on the world-famous eBay® system, eBay® being the owners of PayPal®. Even without a Credit Card, one can still use PayPal® to purchase the guides; this requires first setting up a PayPal account and funding it with money from a normal bank account, see the PayPal website, https://www.paypal.com, for more details. Note that the "s" in the "https" at the front of the PayPal® website address, denotes that the site is a secure one. I will do everything in my power to ensure that you do not have a problem using PayPal to purchase my guides. However, should you have a problem buying from someone using PayPal, I can report, based on my own experience, that PayPal deal admirably with such problems; click here for details of how they sorted out a problem that I had with a rogue seller.

One can also pay, without resorting to PayPal, by using a UK sterling cheque, this option being covered below. Another purchase option is from PayPal's parent company, eBay® (www.ebay.com), where a selection of White Beer Travels guides can be purchased at a fixed price (eBay's "Buy It Now" option); click here to go direct to the list of guides on eBay; it is at the bottom of my eBay "About Me" profile.

If you provide an e-mail address (which is automatic for PayPal purchases), the password(s) will be e-mailed to you, so you will be able to get your guides very quickly. Note that I have received e-mails from people who have ordered my guides saying that they have not received their passwords. A possible reason for this is that the e-mail address registered with PayPal is not the current one, so it is a good idea to make sure this is kept up to date.

Delivery of Passwords and Maps for Purchased Guides

I know how frustrating it is, when you order something on the Internet and you don't even get an acknowledgement of your order, or its delivery is painfully slow, so I make every effort to deliver passwords and maps as soon as possible. When I am at home, I e-mail passwords to open guides within hours and even minutes of receiving notification of purchase (which is automatic, when purchasing using PayPal), since, when I am not away, I am on my computer quite a lot!

Of course, there are times when I am away from home, and my schedule often makes it difficult to access my e-mails, even though I have a 3G PC Card, the Web 'n' Walk offering from T-Mobile (www.t-mobile.co.uk), which allows my laptop to interface with the Internet anywhere. There is an equivalent device from Orange (www.orange.co.uk), their 3G Mobile Office Card, and from Vodafone (www.vodafone.co.uk), their 3G Quad Data Card.

There could be a delivery delay, when I am next away from home:

on the 20th to the 27th of July, when I will be conducting a White Beer Travels Beer Hunt, based in Bamberg, in Germany, details of which can be seen by clicking here.

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Gambrinus Legend/92
password is gambrinus
6 May 04
Not Applicable (n/a)
Aalst, a White Beer Travel Web page
10 Feb 07
du Bocq Brewery, Purnode, Belgium/331
password is ricard
24 Jan 04
Detailed Directions in Guide
19 Oct 05
Detailed Directions in Guide
19 Jan 03

Example Beer Hunt Hand Out: Itinerary for the 2006 one based in Bamberg & Nuremberg/227
no password required

13 Sep 06
KaHo Brew School, Ghent, Belgium/179
password is bingen
28 Feb 06
Detailed Directions in Guide
Amberg WBT Web Page
12 Feb 07
11 Mar 07
Sint-Niklaas (info on ZBF Page)
6 Mar 07
Vanuxeem Beer Warehouse/43
password is vanuxeem
22 Oct 04
Detailed Directions in Guide
6 Jun 06
Detailed Directions in Guide
25 Feb 07











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Detailed Directions in Guide







Beersel/297   Halle/719
Impractical, entries have nearest métro indicated
Map and map purchase recommendations in guide

For those who prefer to pay using a UK sterling cheque, contact details for posting the cheque are to be found on the site's Contacts page. Cheques should be made payable to White Beer Travels. Hard copies of the guides can also be purchased, this costing, in addition to the download price, £0.05 per page, plus £1 per guide for postage and packing in the UK, £1.50 in the EU and £2 for the rest of the world. The maximum charge for postage and packing for multiple guide orders is respectively £3, £4.50 and £6.

Other Payments to White Beer Travels (WBT)

Payments for other White Beer Travels services, such as French to English Translation, and deposits and balances for White Beer Travels Beer Hunts, can be made using the PayPal button to the right, which takes payments of any value, unlike the fixed payment ones in the table of downloadable guides, above. The English-language pages of the website for the Bruxellensis Beer Festival, www.festivalbruxellensis.be, that takes place in Brussels, are an example of the French to English translation work that John has undertaken.

Note that in addition to these downloadable guides, that information on a number of places is contained directly in the site itself. For example, the Past Beer Hunts and the Recce Trips pages, which are reached by clicking on the highlighted text in this sentence or using the links at the top or bottom of this page, contain or direct one to useful information on Specialty Beer (Craft Beer) in New Orleans, Chicago, Denver, Middelburg, Würzburg, Tokay, Utrecht, Aachen, Prague, Budapest, Cracow, Hasselt, Vienna, Ypres, ╚eskÚ Budýjovice (Budweis), Plze˛ (Pilsen), etc. On the Archives page of the site there are links to the White Beer Travels Pubs of the Month, where detailed information is provided on very special bars. All the pages of the site are detailed on the Site Contents page, from where they can all be reached.

The downloadable guides are in Adobe Systems' PDF (Portable Document Format) (Adobe Reader format), i.e. they have ".pdf" file extensions. As well as using Adobe Systems software, pdf files can be created by other packages. There is a free plug-in that comes with Microsoft Vista, but if you want to add security (password protection) to documents, then one needs a package such as pdfFactory Pro from FinePrint (www.fineprint.com). This is not as fully featured as the Adobe package, but is considerably cheaper, and produces much smaller files.

Depending on how your computer (PC or laptop or whatever) is set up, you may be given the option of opening the file or saving it to a location which can be changed to one of your choice. The file can then be read/printed using Acrobat Reader. Or the latter may boot up automatically, no such choice being given. In this case, after entering the password, the file appears on the screen, from where it can be printed. Should you wish to save it as well as just read or print it, click on the "floppy disc" icon close to the left end of the Acrobat Reader task bar and save it to whatever device and folder you like, which would typically be on your hard drive.

Adobe Reader (formerly known as Adobe Acrobat, the name change reflecting the fact that it can now read other formats and that it incorporates Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader) generally comes as part of a PC's software bundle, but if not, it can be downloaded free-of-charge by clicking on this "Get Adobe Reader" logo and then clicking on the same logo on the Adobe Systems Home page and then following the instructions.

It is generally preferable to select the "save to" option, which puts an executable 22.3 MB file (one with a ".exe" file extension) in a folder such as "my downloads" or equivalent on your hard drive. Finding the downloaded file and clicking on it installs the software. The version of Adobe Reader downloaded (June, 2007) is version 8.1. However, White Beer Travels guides can be read with earlier versions, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Trying to download the files with an earlier version of Adobe Reader than version 4. is a common reason for having problems with the download, but less so, since version 3 is quite old now. A more likely problem is when you get an "access denied" message; these are typically seen when one is trying to do the download using a computer in your workplace; your no-fun IT Department will have incorporated something to prevent you doing such downloads. The solution here is to wait until you get home and do it on your own computer, or should you not have one, to contact White Beer Travels and asking for the guide to be sent to you as a e-mail attachment, provided those IT people have not blocked this route too!

If you do not have Adobe Reader on your PC, but do not wish to download such a large file, the Reader is generally available on the front cover CDs/DVDs that come with computer magazines, tucked away in something like "Essential Utilities".

Note also that there are versions of Adobe Reader that work on PDAs (Pocket Computers) running under, for example, Microsoft Pocket PC and Palm (Windows and Mac). These PDA versions of Adobe Reader can also be downloaded free-of-charge from the Adobe website. Such PDAs can then be used to view the White Beer Travels Guides. Even though, on a PC, they are normally printed page size (A4), on the PDA the text and images are reflowed to fit the screen size. The bookmarks and search facilities all work, making it very easy to find your way around the large documents.

As an aside, it is often said that .pdf files are essential for transmission to those who do not have Microsoft packages such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Access, etc on their computers, as they will not be able to see them. In fact, this is not the case, as "Viewers", which allow documents produced by these packages to be, er, viewed, without the package in question being on your computer, can be downloaded, free-of-charge, from the Microsoft website; the appropriate page can be reached by clicking here. The Viewers are significantly smaller than Adobe Reader, so download is much quicker.

White Beer Travels maps are designed to fill a page of paper, roughly A4/Letter size. Sometimes just downloading them and pressing the nearest "Print" button can produce maps that are too big or too small. On a computer with a Microsoft Operating System, the way to guarantee that they print as they should is to save them to your hard drive by right clicking on the image of the map that appears on your computer screen when your click on one of the above Map Download Buttons; the "Save picture as..." option should then be selected. It is best saved into the My Pictures or Pictures folder or a sub-folder within them, and then, after selecting the image, click on "Print picture" and then use the Photo Printing Wizard, with the option "Full page fax print". The instructions for computers with other than a Microsoft Operating System, follow similar lines.

John White (1945-), Your cursor is on an image of John White's e-mail address. Click on it to send an e-mail to John

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Belgian Beer, just about the world's most renowned Speciality Beer is promoted on this website, along with great beer from all over the world, including Dutch Beer, this place having the world's biggest selection of them
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