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Last weekend was a great Trappist Westvleteren weekend!
A week before, I ordered us two crates (which was the maximum volume during that online purchase) at around 10am.
The online ordering took place from 9am till 8pm, which is quite a long period. That really surprised me.
To my upper surprise (that's another surprise) I only had to wait for about 20 seconds! Guess I was lucky.
The payment was done online when you do the purchase. You have a maximum time of 10 minutes only.
Those are actually the shortest 10 minutes of my life :)
I paid €144 for two crates of Westvleteren 12, includes the price of the empty goods that are afterwards refunded when bringing back.
The empty goods which are the wooden crates and the empty bottles come at €20 each.
So, I actually paid 104 Euro for 2 crates. That's €2.17 for one bottle. Damn good price :)
I handed in 3 crates and the Monday after, already €60 was refunded through my credit card.
After leaving the abbey's beer shop, we went straight to Café In De Vrede, opposite the abbey.
Time for lunch and a GOOD beer.
We also went to the café's shop to buy us 4 glasses of their new glasses!! And a nice piece of their delicious cheese.
One can actually buy one glass too, but that came at €6.00. The boxes with 4 glasses came at €20.00 each. Yes, that bit cheaper (€5.00/glass).
My choice was an easy one, ie buying a box of 4 glasses :)

Link to the online beer shop:

Here we have the purchase prices of today at café In de Vrede.
Still acceptable IMHO.

A Trappist Westvleteren Abt 12 for Katrien and myself, paired with a very comfortable and delicious smoked ham with farmers bread dish (€11.00 each).
It is still served with pickled onions and gherkins, Brugge butter, and a small sacket of sharp mustard from Dijon (France).
It seems the Löwensenf mustard from Germany has been discontinued  :eyes: (actually, I prefer the German mustard)
Our beers were still poured into the old glasses, but I noticed that many people got it already in the new glasses too.
A transition period I guess.
We did much more that Saturday, but that'll be presented in (an)other (message)s .... stay tuned folks.

Well, here we have my updated Trappist Westvleteren glass collection @ home.
This should be fairly completely. Well, actually it is.
I put then from old to new. That's from left to the right.
As you can see, the brand new glass is the biggest glass. It is about 4 millimetres taller than the previous one.
As usual, there is no CO₂ producing scratch on the bottom of the glass. 

The rim is silver colored now. No golden rim and golden shiny in the emblem and text like the previous glass. looks a bit like a downgrade to me though.
Also, no line that shows the 33cl. mark. No single indication of CE M 24 0112 Ritzenhof either.
On the other hand we see the circular emblem, similar to the one on the label.
There is also a translucent matte border around the glass with white text written on it.
It seems to show that there is that similarity with the new label on the bottle, which also has that border around the bottle.
The matte border has this white text in Latin: "Ut vivant me coquunt, non vivant ut me coquant"
Which translated is something like "They cook me to live, they don't live to cook me". Cooking should be replaced with brewing ofcourse.
You can see the full text in the pictures here further in this article.

The crowncorks have changed from golden color into plain yellow.
Again, gold has been removed  :eyes:

The foot of the glass clearly shows the text "Anno -1839-"
The text is painted underneath, not on the top of the foot.
1839 was the first official brew year!!
In May 1839, the abbey received the brewing license signed by King Leopold I on April 19, 1839. A test brew was most likely made that same month.
Finally, the first official brewing took place in June 1839. This was witnessed by the 25,45 Belgian francs paid for the rights to two beer brews.

With all that talk, I'm really getting thirsty folks :)
Time to savor ..... Oh YES :)

With uncapping, I got those perfumy estery aromas filling my nose. Wonderful really.
As usual this beer is dark and pours with a nice fluffy longlasting beige head.

Yeast chunks can be seen near the bottom.

And here we have that Latin line. GREAT gimmick  t_u

All the essential information is printed on that longish wide label.
The best before date is still 3 years and the beer is still 10.2 vol% strong.
Sugar and candy syrup are still one of the main ingredients.
And ofcourse that 6-sided ATP logo (Authentic Trappist Product), which is quite essential  t_u

Flavor wise, this beer is still exactly the same as ever.
It has that amazing hop bitterness, perfectly counterbalanced with the sweetness of the sugar and candy syrup.
Local hops from nearby Poperinge to be precise, which gives an "earthy" hoppiness, long lingering afterwards.
Nothing has been overdone here.
It's actually not a bomb of a barley wine either.
A delicate flavor so hard to copy.

Folks, this is one of the best beers in the world! Truely ESSENTIAL !!!!


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