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Time for a really EPIC Belgian beer!

Rodenbach Alexander (5.6 vol%)

The Rodenbach Alexander is a beer that was first introduced to the market in 1986, on the occasion of the bicentenary of Alexander Rodenbach's birth.
Alexander Rodenbach was born on 28 September 1786 in Roeselare. This extraordinary man, who became blind at the age of 11, was a born entrepreneur with great determination.
He managed the Rodenbach brewery from 1821, but also worked as a writer and member of parliament. He even became mayor of Rumbeke.
PS: 1986 was also the year of the beer here in Belgium.
Cherry juice was added to this beer. The production of this variant was stopped in 2000 by the new owner Palm, because it did not correspond to the authentic style of Rodenbach.
What a bummer folks  :ohno-1:

But see, today this beer is brewed again at the Rodenbach brewery in Roeselare, in the province of West Flanders. Now, THAT's what I call a very wise decision  t_u
This mixed fermentation beer consists of two thirds beer that was matured in oak casks for 24 months and one third young beer, and has been subjected to maceration with sour cherries.

This extraordinary beer with its unique, balanced palate, complex finish and subtle fruit and wood notes is undoubtedly one of the best sour ales that has ever being created.
Its aftertaste is reminiscent of a Burgundy wine and its freshness makes this beer the perfect aperitif or accompaniment to cheeses or dessert.

This old picture shows the old bottle!

That's a picture I took during our memorable Southern California beer trail way back in 2009
Full report:

Rodenbach Alexander was also paper wrapped for a period.

And today, these are the bottles. A bit pity that the face of Alexander has been discontinued. I really liked that concept !

Folks, this is a masterpiece!
Nice creamy texture, somewhat red in color, with an amber touch.
Nosing gives woody, lactic, fruity notes.
Tasting gives a sweet-sour fruity beer.
Sour cherries are the thing here, greatly balanced with that perfect sweetness.
Quite woody too, and the mellow lactic notes gives that typical back throat stimulation.
That beer doesn't get bored till that last sip. Such a joy  t_u
By the pint, one can age this beer for EVER !!!

I tasted this beauty at Daverlo, Sport-, Lees- en Eetcafé here in Assebroek (
Paired with some comfort food makes it a complete FEAST !  :animated-cheers:


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