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Always in for a Burgundian treat at brewer Sint-Canarus  t_u
That's what we've done last Sunday afternoon.
Actually, the brewpub opens only on Sundays.
The brewing equipment isn't there anymore, and has been moved a 500 metres further at Oude Heirbaan, formerly "Raadhuis".

Their new location for the brewery.

The brewpub is still at Polderweg 2 though.

Two great beers to start with.
Their always excellent Tripel, and for me this new Straffe Piet at 10 vol%.
Note that all beers are brewed in Gottem now. Contract brewing with Proef has been finished.

Brewmaster Piet Meirhaeghe on the label there as "Doctor Canarus"  :)


It's quite a strong beer at 10 vol%, hence the name Straffe Piet (Strong Piet)
Pours very lively, forming this amazing frothy head, similar to that mighty rocky Duvel head.
This beer really got my vote! Such a dense and sweet beer with such a full body and mellow caramel maltiness.
Feels like a barley wine. Well OK, consider as a barley wine. Highly recommended !!

Time for another 10 vol% beauty now. :Manger:

A strong Belgian stout with he name STOUTE PIETOU. (Naughty Pietou)
Stout in Dutch language also means "naughty or bad", hence the wordplay.

Brewmaster Piet was a bit naughty with using the same font style as the well known beer FILOU from Van Honsebrouck.
A "filou" is a Flemish word for a naughty boy. Pietou/Filou/naughty label ------ "Brave ten is geen gave" ----- love that concept all the way folks :)
Actually that old saying "Brave ten is geen gave" means: Being good is not a gift  .... even a pig can be good.

The beer is a typical Belgian stout. This means not that dry, but rather sweet, powered with a perfect dose of alcohol.
The malt roastiness is there but not the overwhelming factor. It drinks very smooth with alot of body and taste bud satisfactions.
Yes folks, call this Stout a real top quality product.

It was very busy last Sunday late afternoon. Makes it all that much more cosy ofcourse.

To make the Burgundian treat complete, we ordered the cheese and two dried sausages.
Katrien went for the ever delicious dark 9 vol% Père Canard, one of their best beers IMHO.

Cheers folks,

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