An Impression of the Annual Memberfest
Local Ostend Zythos branch the "Oostendse Bierjutters"

Saturday 12 February, the annual "De Oostendse Bierjutters" memberfest was held at Beerpub/Restaurant De Vlasschaard, Oudstrijdersplein 5 at Ostend (Stene-Dorp). The fest began at 19.30.

De Oostendse Bierjutters

The Location:
De Vlasschaard
Oud Strijdersplein 5
8400 Stene Dorp (Oostende)
Tel: 059 80 38 01
Number of beers:

Closed Monday evening and Tuesday

First, there was some Keyte beer as aperitif. The beer was accompanied with delicious bites.

Complete Info Keyte


A scallop filled with a rich amount of clams. the whole shell parfumed with Watou's Wit from bry. Van Eecke.

Ofcourse the scallop was accompanied with the Watou's Wit.
One of the better Belgian wheat beers.

The owners of "De Vlasschaard" suddenly came up with a a strange Keyte-glass. In fact it's a bad manufactured one.

The lettering showed some bad inaccuracies, and looking at it made you think you're already drunk. This glass is a real collectors item and has to be taken cared for not to break it.

The "Hors d'Oeuvre" was exceptional delicious and finished by now. Time for the main dish. But first some glance towards the beer we will drink with it. Kapittel Prior - Bry. Van Eecke.

Poured out gave a nice creamy and longlasting head. Tasting gave some iron. Iron which was never experienced in those formerly old Kapittel Prior. We all presumed this beer is brewed nowadays at bry. Leroy. The iron taste is a characteristic of Leroy. The co-operation Van Eecke/Leroy could vouch this hypothesis.

About 25 DOB-members were present. This is a nice view of the group. In front you can see Katrien, my wife.

This picture is taken more on the right side. So, everybody is on the picture now. In front, my wife Katrien. Next to her is Wacho.
"Black Beasty" in licht blue shirt was sitting opposite Katrien. In the back we can spot Chairman DOB Rik Vernack standing up there, and Francis De Smet seemingly uncorking a 75cl bottle with the tooth !?!?.shirt was sitting opposti

The main dish: Ragout of "Deer" prepared with Kapittel Prior. Succory enfolded with bacon, baked sweet small pears and croquettes. Perfect beer cuisine this is !!

Chairman of the Oostendse Bierjutters Rik Vernack having some Kapittel Prior tasting.

Looking carefully at the picture did notice the glass was extremely full !

A diagonal picture shot.

Savouring is the keyword here. In the back you can see Francis De Smet having some great taste evening. Francis is the webmaster from the DOB website.

After the main dish, it was time for a speech. Chairman Rik Vernack taking care of this job.

In the mean time the new info sheets of the upcoming 10th Bierjutterij was showed to the participants. Look at the pride in Rik's eyes when he showed the paper.

The 10th Bierjutterij will be held on Saturday 9th of July, and this from 14.00 till 01.00. Try to be there !!

Time to hand over the certificates/muniments towards the "Honorary Oostendse Bierjutters" members. Here you can see Johan van Ryckeghem aka "Black Beasty" being handed over his "Honorary Oostendse Bierjutters" certificate.

Time to reveal the next Open Brewday at bry. Strubbe.

This exclusive Open Brew Day will be held Saturday 7 May 2005.
I visited last year. A picture report I made can give some impression of what to expect:
Open Brewday Bry. Strubbe - Ichtegem - 22 May 2004

Time for handing over the "Super Keyte Promotor Trophy 2004". This Trophy is a nice reward for the person who made the best promotion in 2004 for the new Keyte beer. This year Luc Opsomer received this beautiful trophy. Very well earned !!

The first picture was not that succeeded as Rik was standing somewhat too much on the left side. A second try was much better.

This is how the "Honorary Members Card" looks alike. This one ready to be handed over to beer pub Dickie's Beer- & Grill House from Bruges.

"Super Keyte Promotor Trophy 2004"
Due to the wrapping paper, it's not clear what the trophy presents. It is a nice copper figurine representing a tap-installation ! Beautiful !

More closer.

The dessert (final course). Vanilla ice cream with "krieken" flambed with Liefmans Kriek, this ofcourse accompanied with a Liefmans Kriek.

Somehow I didn't manage to take a picture from the Liefmans Kriek. Sorry for that..

And much more catastrophic, the precious bad manufactured and most valuable Keyte glass felt on the ground ! Broken this means and in one shot.....worthless. Pity...........

Over and out !
A nice member fest has come to an end again.
I want to thanks everybody for this great gastronomic evening. The beery food and beers were marvelous.
The people participating even more.

Many thanks to all of the organizers and also to the staff of "De Vlasschaard" for their great hospitality and great food.


Filip Geerts