Belgian Aged Big Bottle Beer Tasting pushed to the Extreme @ Dickie's - Brugge
22 Jan. 2005

Tasters: Katrien, my wife; Maxim, colleague from work; Homer; Josť, bartender Dickie's; Sabrina, José's wife; Rita & Jacky; Regine & Eric; Werner; and Filip Geerts aka Trappistbier (me, this is).

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......ready for pouring out........

......and finally the pouring out.

Every movement was done with great respect towards that beer. The pouring out was done with great knowledge. I may confess here that I personally would not have done this job better than Homer did. He's undoubtedly the PERFECT man for this job ! Thanks Homer.

Magnum Tripel Karmeliet 2000 from bry. Bosteels. The Millennium Edition ! (w.flash)

w/o flash

Maxim taking the first steps for a taste. This beer is 5 years old. It has aged without any problems. Spices have diminished but were still detectable. This beer was very mellow. Nice maltiness and somewhat fruity. This is a great full-bodied beer and clearly much better than recent Karmeliet try-outs !

Homer carefully inspecting the bottle inscriptions. There were NO labels. All info was painted straight onto the bottle.

Suddenly Jacky was holding a 75cl. Marckloff 1998 from FERME AU CHENE : MICROBROUWERIJ "MARCKLOFF"

Eh no, the bottle of Karmeliet Tripel was already finished........

....and indeed the Marckloff was the next try-out.

My wife Katrien holding a beautiful small Kasteelbier taste glass. A taste glass which will contain some aged Marckloff soon.

José opening with great enthusiasm the Marckloff bottle.

Homer pouring out again.

Amber blond beer (6.5vol%) with nice creamy head.

Frog persective.It makes it all that more impressive. On the other hand the beer itself didn't impress us at all. Not bad but not excellent too. At some point we thought we already had tasted that beer somewhere else. A lack of originality and a mainstream flavor made it a mediocre beer. Still, not bad at all......

Rita and Jacky enjoying themselves. the mean time we already can spot the next magnum bottle.

Grand Mc Chouffe 1998! Bry. La Chouffe (8.5 vol%)

José occupying the bottle opening. There was a cap and a cork. Me holding the cap there.


Bottling date: May 1998 !

Homer pouring out. Yes, Mc Chouffe is indeed a dark beer.

Great creamy head too.

7 years old and such a great look. Incredible. Some Port ageing flavors could be detected already. Spices, fruitiness again and this in perfect harmony with some roasted malt flavors. The Ardens spring water was again one of the major characteristics. A masterpiece this is !!

Homer pouring out the last glasses.

Off Topic: An "extremely" economic Liefmans cork !! Hilarious isn't it :-)

The final Mc Chouffe drops.......

O.T. again: Regular cork and Liefmans dwarf cork side by side.

Werner clearly impressed by the Mc. Chouffe magnum bottle.

We all had a great taste evening and everything went smoothly.............

.........and suddenly it was time for some great SIGARS !

Homer enjoying with extreme a valuable Robaina Double Corona Alejandros.
Sorry, I'm not a sigar specialist but it seemes this sigar was quite something special.........

Needless to say Homer enjoyed that sigar with upper satisfaction.

I can stress that the sigar smoke didn't interfere the beer tasting in any ways as the smoke wasn't that parfumy !!

A sigar that lasted the whole evening.

Mostly impressive.
To be precise: I personally am a non-smoker.......but watching Homer enjoying his sigar did convince sigar smoking is really enjoying life.

Next bottle: 75cl Grimbergen Dubbel 2003

First removing the "muselet" and then uncorking. All done by José.

Grimbergen Dubbel 6.5 vol% brewed by Brasserie Union (Alken-Maes / Scottish & Newcastle)

Empty taste glasses waiting to be filled.

Homer did the pouring out.