Belgian Aged Big Bottle Beer Tasting pushed to the Extreme @ Dickie's - Brugge
22 Jan. 2005

Tasters: Katrien, my wife; Maxim, colleague from work; Homer; Josť, bartender Dickie's; Sabrina, José's wife; Rita & Jacky; Regine & Eric; Werner; and Filip Geerts aka Trappistbier (me, this is).

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Starting with a Gueuze "3 Fonteinen" bottled anno 2002 ! Homer pouring out.

The aged Gueuze had a nice looking orange color.

All done with great knowledge and respect towards that magnificent beer.

Gueuze "3 fonteinen". 3 years old. Tasting didn't reveal any aging yet. We really tasted what to expect from an artisanal "Oude Gueuze": 'Horse stable' aroma !!! Great as ever..

Ofcourse between every beer the necessary bread is indispensabel. It cleans the mouth from previous tastings.
Second beer of the evening: Slagersbier (7.5 vol%) from microbrewery "De Glazen Toren". A microbrewery run by Jef van den Steen in person.

José uncapping. This is wheatbeer on it's upper best.

Accompanying food: Fresh home made Curry. Extremely tasty and made by Homer himself. The spicyness was remarkable. First tasting and finding out there's nothing hot about it. Surprise, the hot spices came after some seconds exploding within minutes !!! This WAS some kind of HOT appetizer folks !!

Slagersbier. Blond hazy "withbier". Good starters beer and refreshing/softening the hot Curry.

Time for magnums !

Big Chouffe 1999 from bry. La Chouffe

Big Chouffe uncorked

The cork clearly mentioned 1999

Homer pouring out the Big Chouffe with Big gestures.

Poured out Big Chouffe. This is in fact the same beer as La Chouffe. Magnum bottles carrying the name Big referring to the big bottle ofcourse.

Big Chouffe is an extremely natural product. Alot of spices are used which is immediatley noticed in the flavor and aroma. The natural soft spring water from the Ardennes can clearly be recognised. A true delight. Be aware that this beer is still 8 vol% strong. Handling with care is the message ! Although this beer was already 6 years old, we didn't notice that much ageing yet. Picture w/o flash.

Picture with flash light. The Duchesse de Bourgogne was a nice side drink !

José holding the small Moinette taste glass containing the Big Chouffe in front of the light. Great orange color.

At that point some Paté was presented. The Paté was accompanied with sweet onion confit. A nice marriage...and very tasty !

Sabrina enjoyed every second of that evening. The big smile proofs I'm right here :-))

A final close-up of Big Chouffe

Next magnum: Tripel Karmeliet anno 2000. 8 vol%

The pre-bottle opening phase made us happy !

The time of opening even more !!!