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Written by Trappist   
Wednesday, 07 May 2014

Hopeful evolutions in the Ypres region!
This news was initially published at Flemish newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.

See: http://www.nieuwsblad.be/article/detail.aspx?articleid=OI3KNHFK

And initially posted here inside the BBB-Forum at

In the mean time, the new brewery has been installed inside the historical "Kazematten" at Ypres.

                                                          De Kazematten - Ypres

The City of Ypres has hired the 3 historical Kazematten to brewery De Kazematten bvba, which in fact is a co-operation between bry. Rodenbach and bry. Sint-Bernardus.
"Kazematten" are large underground spaces under the fortress, which at that time were used as workshop, bakeries and refuge during the wars.
Visitors will have the chance to closely follow the brewing process on site.

I visited the Kazematten brewery last Saturday.
This was done with the people from the Bruges' Autonomous Beer Tasters, as part of the annual "Surprise Trip" they organize for all the volunteers Bruges' Beer Fest .
The whole trip was one big surprise, so you actually do not know what will happen during the day ! Quite some fun really.


Here is the actual entrance to the brewery and tasting room.

                                                             The brewery

On a small side note.
When carefully looking at the brewing equipment, and comparing this equipment with the ones from defunct house brewery Old Bailey, published on William Roelens excellent beer blog - http://blog.seniorennet.be/bierblog/archief.php?ID=162, we can clearly see that those are identical !
See also the thread: Public Sale Microbrewery Old Bailey - Sint-Eloois-Winkel 
Indeed, the copper brewing kettles are from Old Bailey and in fact the original kettles from bry. Sterkens !




Two beers are brewed at this moment at De Kazematten.
Wipers Times 14, which is a refreshing coreander flavoured blond beer at 6.5 vol%, is their first beer !
There's the intention to make a stronger beer called Wipers Times 18 !
Wipers Times 14 is a special blond top fermented beer, made ​​from four grains, only hopped with region-hops and also contains four herbs, incl. thistle !!!
The beer has its name from the "Tranche gazette" which was printed during the first world war in the underground shelters for their comrades at the front, made by English soldiers.

           The book with all the copies of the "Tranche gazette" - The Wipers Times

Because the English name Ypres was pronounce difficult by the Englishmen, they translated this to Wipers and so is the name of the newspaper and also the name of the beer!
The logo of the paper shows a Maria thistle leaf (Blessed Thistle), and this is as said also one of the herbs used in the beer.

The second beer that is brewed at Kazematten is the Grottenbier dark.
Made with the same ingredients and recipe as the one that is brewed at bry. Sint-Bernardus.
A beer brewed with a recipe from deceased brewmaster Pierre Celis, containing that special secret herb ingredient from which alot of people (incl. me) think it is actually juniper berries.

                                                  Brewmaster Koen Hugelier

The brewmaster at bry De Kazematten is Koen Hugelier from well-known brew-firm Hugel - www.zevenzonden.be
Here's a shot I took from Koen.
Koen is pouring the blond Wipers Times 14 here.
Brew-firm Hugel makes the delicious (I can tell you) Zeven Zonden beers (the Seven Sins), from which already 3 sins are made, i.e. Gula, Invidia, and Luxuria.



From left to right: brewmaster De Kazematten Koen Hugelier, CEO Rodenbach Rudi Ghequire, chairman BAB Marc Vandepitte,.


Clicking the image here above will lead you to my last picture report, covering that really wonderful BAB Surprise trip, including a load of pictures from new Ypres based brewery De Kazematten, incl. their brand new tasting room.
Have some fun watching the show....


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