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Written by Trappist   
Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What a great "beery" weekend has been experienced here in Bruges, during the 7th. Bruges' Beer Fest that was held the 1st. and 2nd. of February 2014.
The weekend started with an International Beer Swap at Bruges' better beer shop/bar De Bierboom, run by Rudy Vossen and his lovely wife Christine .
This International Beer Swap has already been done for the second time, and what a Beer Swap this has become.
Such a marvelous collection of international quality beers for our beery enjoyment.
The idea is that every participant brings a good quality beer (or a couple and more) to the event.
As such, it is the intention to savour the beers with great pleasure. A most wonderful idea and all at NO charge. Hardly beatable !
This time, I also suggested to bring some local delicious food to pair with the beers.
This was done on a massive scale, which made the tasting that more DELICIOUS !!


                                      Pictorial Impression 2nd. International Beer Swap

Pictures were made by the BBB-webmaster, and published to bring you all iinto the fantastic world of International Beer Swap sensations.

It is the intention to make this an annual event! With upper thanks to Rudy and Christine !
Is there a better way to start the Bruges' Beer Fest? I don't think so.

Pictures first edition:


                                              Pictorial Impression 4th. Vintage Tasting

During the Bruges' Beer Fest (Sunday noon-time), I also organized the annual Vintage Tasting.
That's already the 4th. time that this has been organized, and this on a yearly basis.
For this tasting, a special tent needed to be installed.
The previous years, this was done on the second floor of the belfry tower, But because the belfry tower was not an option anymore, a tent indeed needed to be installed inside the new venue De Beurshalle.
This asks for SPECIAL thanks towards the Bruges' Autonomous Beer Tasters to actually have done those wonderful efforts !
The 4th. Vintage Tasting was a joy to have done, and this with the truely fantastic help of Vacas from De Bierloods !
A lot of old beers were savoured, and there simply was too much vintage beer to handle.
This means that I returned home with more vintage beers than I brought!
VERY hopeful for the 5th. edition. Quite a marvelous experience, and the international attendance was phenomenal!
Definitely a highlight during the 7th. Bruges' Beer Fest!

Here's the picture sets from the previous editions:

                                             Pictorial Impression 7th. Bruges' Beer Fest

And ofcourse there was also the 7th. edition of the wonderful Bruges' Beer Fest.
This time held at De Beurshalle, which made the fest completely different, compared to all previous editions that were held at the medieval belfry tower.
This beer fest has become very professional! A lot of hard work has been done to make it cozy, warming, and highly enjoyable.
Much bigger booths, and the walking space between the booths wass much wider too. This made it all looking much more attractive, and above all less compact, more enjoyable.
Still, with an attendance of about 20.000 people (!!!), the venue became already too small. Especially around 4pm (as usual).
No doubt that this beer fest ihas become Belgium's number one !!
For this year, a brand new BAB-beer was launched, called Mystère, brewed by bry. Strubbe.
The beer BAB Mystère is named after, and a tribute to André de Meulemeester, former owner and Director of the United Breweries Aigle-Belgica.
With the francization, his family name was pronounced as Demeulemystère, hence ...Mystère.
He was also a gifted fighter pilot from World War I and cartoonist. No less than 7 different works were listed for the label of the 33 cl bottles (see picture).
More details abou André de Meulemeester at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andr%C3%A9_de_Meulemeester

As said, BAB Mystère is brewed at Strubbe brewery.
Brewed with 4 types of malt: munich malt pilsmout 70%-15%-8% pale ale malt and 2% biscuit malt.
It's a high amber coloured top fermented beer with refermentation in the bottle, addition of white and dark candy sugar.
During the brewing process Belgian Styrian Golding and Hallertau Herzbrucker hop are used.
During the final week of lagering a dry hopping with Cascade, Nelson Sauvin and Amarillo was achieved.
The beer has an alcohol volume of 7.4% by vol.

There were 367 different beers available !!!
About 60 new beers (created during the last year) from which 29 scoops (available for the ever first time during the BAB-festival 2014).

As usual, there's also the competition Best Beer of the Festival.
In the mean time, this already has been revealed.
Here's the outcome:

Best Beer 2014

Beste bier 2014

5 Den Triest TRIPA 
4 Gouden Carolus Expo 58
3 Westvleteren 12
2 Den Triest IPA (winner 2013)
1 Waardamse Tripel

With massive felicitations towards new brewery Stokhove from nearby Waardamme. Qiuite some surprise really, but after having tasted that beer myself, very well deserved !

Well, that's a bit of a brief description.
For more impressions, I suggest to click the picture to enter the magic beery world of Bruges' Beer Fets !
Be aware that the picture report needs some while to load and watch.
As such, I suggest to grab a couple of good Belgian beers when enjoying the pictures.

Picture reports previous editions:

More quality pictures can be seen at the www.babbierproevers.be wesbsite, made by Snorry. A terrific job!!!

MASSIVE thanks to BAB an the whole crew for everyting! TOP this was!!!
Also, MASSIVE thanks to all BBB-members who participated and made everything highly enjoyable...

Up to next year folks......


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